Winnie (Titanic The Legend Goes On)


Winnie is one of the main characters in the animated Titanic movie, Titanic: The Legend Goes On.


Winnie was an elderly, rich and wealthy Flopsy's owner, and Jeremy's eventual lover. However, she went bankrupt, and became a gold digger and used fake jewelry and Flopsy's help to infatuate wealthy men, hoping that they'll help her. She went to Titanic with Flopsy, hoping to find someone there. She exited the room along with Flopsy and met two brother thieves, Kirk and Dirk, in the corridor, who saw her jewelry and decide to rob her. She and Flopsy then go on a deck, where she sees and tries to trip Gaston, but Flopsy wakes up too late and Gaston walks away. She then reprimands Flopsy for being late. Eventually, Flopsy trips Jeremy and he falls on her. She meets Jeremy thanks to Flopsy, and thinks that he's rich, while he sees her jewelry, and thinks that she's rich too. They both think that the other is rich and will help them. Winnie attends the ball with Jeremy, and Flopsy. During ball, Dirk again tries to rob her, but is again foiled by Flopsy. After Kirk and Dirk finally manage to steal her jewelry, she notices it sometime after the act and tells Jeremy about it. Sam overhears them and tells them that he saw everything. She then reveals to them that her jewelry is fake and asks Jeremy if he knew about it, while Sam loses interest and walks away. In the end, when ship hits iceberg, and begins sinking, she loses Flopsy, and meets Jeremy on the deck. He tells her not to sacrifice herself for him and reveals to her that he's a failure and a loser and not the rich man she thought he was. She tells him that she's the same and used fake jewelry and Flopsy's help to get him. Winnie and Jeremy reveal to each other that they both lied, they are both bankrupt and have nothing of value. Despite learning this, they still love each other. Winnie tells Jeremy that now when she even lost Flopsy, she has only him and chooses to stay with him. They then embrace each other, and decide to stay together to the end. They remain on ship until the end, and die together when it sinks.

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