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Weather-Altering Laser
General information
Feature films Recess: School's Out
Television programs
Video games
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Background information
Other names
User(s) Dr. Phillium Benedict
Purpose To modify the Moon's orbit ever so slightly, thus altering the weather in the U.S.
Location 3rd Street Elementary School
Powers and abilities
Final Fate Destroyed after Vince tossed T.J.'s old baseball at the Photon Channeler.

The Weather-Altering Laser is a giant laser that Dr. Benedict and his minions used to shift the Moon's orbit. Dr. Benedict and his agents stole this laser from a U.S. Military Base in the Southwestern United States. They then did various tests on both the laser concept via a miniaturized version (one of which was witnessed by T.J. Dettwiler) and on the device itself after installing the latter into Third Street Elementary School when it was out during the summer. However, glitches occurred that caused the laser dish to malfunction and prematurely deactivate, the second time preventing the dish from being removed.

Presumably, they managed to cancel out most, if not all of the bugs by the time Lunar Perogee took place, although Vince barely stopped it using T.J.'s old baseball to stop it, due to the lever being jammed once it was activated (which Prickly had unintentionally activated when punching Benedict in the face, after the latter, while slunking down, pushed down the lever with his reverse elbow).