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Walter Beckett

Walter Beckett is the deuteragonist from Spies in Disguise. He is a young adult making weapons and gadgets for the U.S. government.



Walter graduated college when he was fifteen at the M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


Walter has brown hair with white skin and blue eyes. He wears a zip-up hoodie on top of an untucked plaid green long-sleeved shirt. He also wears grey pants and dark red shoes.

Role in the film[]

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  • Walter's nose is extremely similar to Tom Holland's other character, Ian Lightfoot.
  • Walter has similarities to Tony Stark:
    • Both are inventors.
    • Both are graduated at MIT at a young age.
    • Meta Sense: Walter's VA, Tom Holland portrayed Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which Tony Stark is a mentor to Spider-Man.
  • His ID mentions he was born February 12th 1999, making him 20 years old.