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Venom's moon

Venom has a very small one moon that orbits around it. It is a very small dwarf planet or asteroid that has been converted into a giant teleportation device.

Star Fox Collection[]

In Star Fox Collection, Venom has a much smaller moon, and when Fox and General Pepper go through a portal there, it's revealed to have been modified into a moon-sized teleportation device, with large portions of the moon having machinery built directly into its surface and interior. A single large teleporter on the moon provides a path into the mysterious Corridor of Illusions, which itself leads to Andross's secret lair in a pocket dimension.

General Pepper had used the teleportation technology to exile Andross to Venom. Andross was able to build a teleporter of his own into Venom's moon, allowing him to remotely deploy his forces on Venom anywhere and even warp the entire moon out of normal space-time as he saw fit.

Venom's moon was part of final stage on Venom in Star Fox Zero after defeating the Telekinetic Amplifier, although it also had a brief appearance in the second-to-last mission Venom Orbital. With the help of General Pepper, it would be here where Fox would fight Star Wolf for one last time, and then come face to face with Andross in their first battle.

During the Aparoid Invasion, after the Cornerian Army and Andross's army reached a historic peace agreement and the alliance was formalized to exterminate the Aparoids, Andross used his teleporter to warp his forces to the Aparoid Homeworld.

Satellite Mission No. 7: Moonbase: Venom's Mechanized Moon; Showdown in Space[]

Venom's moon appeared as the seventh and last satellite mission in Star Fox: Assault.


  • Originally, Venom is a much smaller planet in Star Fox Zero.
  • Coincidentally, Venom's moon has a similar appearance to Starkiller Base from Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.
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