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"The Titan is a special spaceship."
Titan (starship).png

Faction Earth
Name The Titan
Class Spaceship
Status Active
Weapons and Defense
Armament Laser Turrets
Ships and Crew

Titan is a terraforming seed ship capable of creating an entire planet similar to Earth.

Features []


The ship consists of a giant hollow ball topped by a bridge module. This bridge module houses the control deck, and weapons control.

The ship also has a number of exterior docks for smaller spacecraft.

The exterior of the ship has four nacelles at the bottom; three shorter sublight jets are arranged in a triangular formation around a longer supralight engine.


The Titan is equipped with three gun turrets, which are controlled by holographic targeting systems in the ship's control deck. These were used by Akima and Stith in attempt to defend the Titan from the Drej, after its rediscovery.

The turrets were eventually destroyed by the Drej, leaving the Titan weaponless and the E-frames taking a job.

History []

The Titan was built by Samuel Tucker during the time between 2100 and 2106 as a hope for restoring the human species.

In the early 22nd century, Sam had initially envisioned a terraforming project as a solution to Earth's overpopulation. His original idea was to terraform an existing inhospitable planet, such as Mars, to suitable livable conditions. However, this initial idea was abandoned since the growing colonies on Mars served as an obstacle because of the Neosapiens.

After the first sighting of the Drej, Sam changed his tactics and developed what would become the Titan Project, a ship capable of building an entire world from scratch.

After the ship's implementation, Sam hid the ship within an underground layer under a barn in Pierce, Colorado. Shortly before was destroyed by the Neosapiens, Sam sent his creation on a journey to a new hiding place, and died during the trip. Before his demise, Sam recorded a holographic message for Cale, explaining that he would die before he could return to him, and how to activate the ship's engines.

Planetary Creation Process []

The Titan makes a planet by shooting out three beams of powerful energy. These beams sweep all material around the ship inward, creating a gravity well.

All of the material gets pulled into a central point, causing it to coalesce into a hot clump of molten matter. Then enough of the material gathers up, and a new planet is born.

Before the material solidifies, the Titan then flies out of the central point, bringing its crew, the Exofleet and the Pirate Clans to safety.

The entire terraforming process takes approximately seven days.