Tiger Moss

The Tiger Moss

Tiger Moss is an airship who use by Captain Dola and her gang. It is mostly made from metal, wood and fabric, like all airships. The shape of the Tiger Moss resembles a bird.

In filmEdit

Tigermoth (Tiger Moss) appears begin at the film when Dola and her pirate tried chase Sheeta. And then after when rescue to Sheeta and start with Tigermoth (Tiger Moss) again to the Laputa.

The Tiger Moss is the ship that appears in the beginning of the film when Dola and her pirates raid Muska's ship. The airship holds an hangar that carries 4 flapsters (the dragonfly-like flying machines that Dola uses). The Tiger Moss also features a lookout that is detachable into a glider, the one that Pazu and Sheet was on when the glider broke loose. The Tiger Moss gets destroyed in the end when Laputa self-destructed.



Tiger Moth (Tiger Moss) is 600 meter long (please confirm). Designed by CGI

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