Telekinetic Amplifier

Andross' Telekinetic Amplifier

The Telekinetic Amplifier is a machine that Andross created in Star Fox, its remake Star Fox DS and Star Fox Pentalogy to brainwash the lizard-like species on Venom.

It may also be Andross' base because that where his controlling Core Brain is.

Unlike Star Fox SNES, the Telekinetic Amplifier is the penultimate boss of Star Fox Zero in Star Fox Pentalogy. It has the subtitle of: Psychic Energy Core.


Fox will fly his Arwing into the last stronghold, a dome-like structure. The doors will welcome him as Andross talks to him. At the end of the tunnel, Fox will come across a strange green void. From behind, tiles come to the front individually to arrange itself into a textureless, rectangular wall. Suddenly, it comes to life, forming a human-like face with a mouth and flashing blue and orange eyes and laughs at the player.

Phase 1Edit

Its primary method of defense is telekinetic-based; it will also periodically take a deep inhale (stopping before it can touch the Arwing), and then spit out a barrage of tiles. Each eye will also often generate another tile in the Arwing's direction, splitting into two if shot.

To defeat it, Fox must shoot both of the eyes until they turn black. When they do, there will be some explosions and then its body will shatter, revealing the Core Brain, a cube-like core with a blue point at the top and bottom that has Andross's face on four sides. After enough hits, the blue portion of the construct will turn orange. If not completely harmed, the tiles will reform on it and the body will have to be destroyed again.

Phase 2Edit

Once the portion were destroyed, the core will spin around until the tiles will take on a bull or demon-like appearance at this point, constantly throwing up tiles and shooting beam balls out of its eyes. Once defeated, the core will spin out of control and fall apart, started to explode thus destroying the power base as explosions chase the Arwing close behind.


General Pepper told Fox that the Andross that was fought was only a decoy as he had come up with an idea on how to access Venom's moon that managed to disappear at Venom Orbital in order to battle Andross for the first time.


  • Like Robot Andross, the Telekinetic Amplifier will not give out any Hit Points at all.
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