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Takahiro (たかひろ, Takahiro) is a supporting character in the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas series and the ex-boyfriend of Sakura Yamauchi.


Takahiro is a handsome young man with evenly structured muscles and dark brown hair and eyes. In the manga, he also wears square-framed glasses. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.

In the anime, Takahiro usually wears a calm and positive look on his face, whilst in the manga he usually wears a serious expression.


Being the class representative, Takahiro has a good reputation. He may appear nice, caring and respectful, but is shown to be the exact opposite. Being jealous of Haruki Shiga‘s good relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sakura Yamauchi, Takahiro physically beats him up outside of Sakura’s house as he is leaving, thinking what he did would help Sakura.


Takahiro is first seen giving Sakura a ‘super rare CD.’ He is watched by Haruki Shiga as Sakura’s friends chat about his popularity among girls.

Takahiro is next seen approaching Haruki as he’s leaving Sakura’s house. He asks him why Sakura fell for him. Haruki, being unable to answer, says that their relationship isn’t what he thought it was. Takahiro unhesitatingly punches Haruki in the face, thinking it would help Sakura. However, Sakura suddenly arrives. Noticing Haruki sprawled across the floor, she asks Takahiro who hurt him. Takahiro pridefully admits to performing the act, and Sakura gets angry, telling him that she hates him. Dumbfounded, Takahiro turns around to leave.


It is unknown about what happens to Takahiro at the end of the story, but he does not end up with Sakura like he hopes due to her death and her relationship with Haruki.


Love Interests[]

Sakura Yamauchi[]

Sakura is Takahiro’s ex-boyfriend, and the two remained on friendly terms even after being broken up. However, this stops when Takahiro eventually grew jealous of Haruki’s good relationship with Sakura and found reasons to physically harm him.


Haruki Shiga[]

Haruki and Takahiro have a terrible relationship with each other, as both have or have been in a relationship with Sakura. Takahiro also beat Haruki out of jealousy.