Sol System Center

The Sol System Center

The Sol System Center (ソルシステムセンター Soru Shisutemu Sentā) is a scientific installation, part of a Autobot-human initiative to harness the energy of the Sun. It works in conjunction with the solar-absorbing satellite Sol 1, converting the energy that Sol 1 gathers with the Energy Conversion Device.


The Headmasters cartoonEdit

The Autobots and associated human personnel watched as Sol 1 prepared to launch at the Sol System Center. Also in attendance was an invisible Ratbat, who Chromedome detected and fired at. But the wily bat already gathered all the data he needed and fled to report on the satellite to Scorponok. Eager to impress interim Emperor Scorponok, Cyclonus and Scourge convinced the Predacons to attack the Sol System Center together and destroy the satellite. At the Center, Raiden and the Autobot Headmasters defended the satellite against Predaking and the other two Decepticons. Sol 1 launched off without a hitch and the Decepticons retreated in embarrassment.

In space, Sol 1 immediately went to work in transferring energy to the Energy Conversion Device. At the Center, Chromedome was interview by an excited press on the success of the mission. However, Scorponok soon had the Decepticons steal the satellite while Sixshot distracted the Headmasters at the Sol System Center, wounding Chromedome in the process. To prevent the Decepticons from exploiting Sol 1, it was destroyed. Spike Witwicky assured the guilty Autobots that they would build a Sol 2.

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