Silvana Greone
Silvana Greone

English Name Silvana Greone
Romanized Name Shiruvana Gureōne
Japanese Name  シルヴァーナ・グレオーネ
Hair purple
Eyes purple
Gender Female
Voice Actors
Japanese Yumi Touma
English Heather LeMaster

The Princess of the Costra Nostra, who met Mireille Bouquet at a young age during a meeting between their families on Mireille's father's Cicilian manor. During this encounter Silvana Greone performed an act to prove her ruthlessness by crowning Mireille with a crown of flowers and then cutting it off her head with a ritual dagger. This event would traumatize Mireille when the two met again on a Noir assignment.


Sylvana has long purple hair and purple eyes. She is only ever seen in her special robes even in her youth when she first me Mireille


Like Chloe, Sylvana prefers to fights with edged weapons. The only weapon she has is her huge traditional dagger that she used to kill her father.

CONNECTION- Sylvana is Mirielle's counter part or other half like Chloe is for Kirika despite not being a Noir Candidate. Sylvana kissed Mirelle in a similar manner that Chloe did to Kirika during the purification ritual. Thir last confrontation mirrors Chloe's as both take place on sacred ground and in both situations Kirika uses her gun to half the blade that almost kills Mirielle; Sylvanna's huge dagger was halved by Kirika and Chloe's huge knife was halved in the exact same manner.

Sylvanna's appearance basically foreshadow Chloe and her in evitable end.