Sector Alpha

Sector α (Alpha)

Sector α (Alpha) is one of four nebulae that inhabit the Lylat System.

Overview Edit

The Sector α nebula is a large pinkish-violet nebula that is shaped like an 'α', a letter in the Grecian Alphabet. In terms of astrological positioning, Sector α is locate between Corneria and the Area 3 Space Colony.


During the Lylat Wars, Sector α became the site of battle between the Cornerian Fleet and Andross' Army. Despite putting up a fierce fight, the Cornerian Fleet was suffering heavy causalities from the enemy assault. It wasn't until the timely arrival of Star Fox that the tide soon turned in Corneria's favor. Fresh from their mission at Corneria, Fox and his team breaks through the enemy lines until they reached the enemy's command ship; the Salvadora, in which Fox infiltrates and destroys from the inside.

In GamesEdit

Star Fox ZeroEdit

Nintendo WorldEdit

Sector α is the second stage in Medium Route in Star Fox 64 3D in Nintendo World. It is located between Corneria and the Area 3 Space Colony. Sector α can only be approached from Corneria by defeating the Attack Carrier.

Mission No 2. Sector α: Combat Zone; Frenzied FirefightEdit

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