Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station

Exterior view of the relay station

The Sea of the Morning Star Relay Station (うみのあけほし中継ステーション, Uminoakehoshi Chūkei Sutēshon) is a space station in orbit above Sea of the Morning Star. It acts as a spaceport and a control and information point for shipping in the region.


The relay station is highly automated - it can automatically reply to docking requests and send out warning messages to the space ships that go faster than the speed limit. The new air shielded port, port A, is located above Odette II's C-68 port. The interior design is mainly split into the uptown area and the downtown area.


The relay station originally was constructed over 200 years ago by attaching the hulls of scrapped long distance spaceships together, and celebrated its 200th anniversary when Marika Kato was still a child. It only did flight controls for ships that were docking with it before and during the War of Independence, slowly evolving to controlling all ships within the inner planets after the war. During the War of Independence, the relay station was used as a resupply point for the Colony Federation's fleet and privateers. It did not use automated messages but voice communication for flight control during this period.


  • Port A
  • Docking bay C68 (Odette II)
  • D-Block Docking Port
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