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Magi's Secrets (Titles)/Moon Pride[]

[Screen shows shows 20th Century Fox logo and it fades black. Toei Animation with thunder rumbling and rain pattering and it fades black. It shows the words like, "FAI Films," "Rosen Harper Entertainment", "In association with Youngheart Productions," "A Young and Faiman Production," and "In association with Wild Brain present." The birds are chirping and the didgeridoo sounds. It shows a series of aboriginal paintings.]

Magi Lune: (narrating) Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted, and Hexxus, the very spirit of destruction, rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed. Many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most think, they didn't survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature that I was able to trap Hexxus inside an enchanted tree and saved FernGully.

[The prologue starts when human beings and fairies coincided together. In that time, Hexxus rose up from Mount Warning after causing it to erupt, and attempted to destroy the forests and all life within them. He was defeated by Magi and imprisoned in an enchanted tree, where he remained for hundreds of years.]

(Magi was done narrating from the art. The opening Sailor Moon Crystal theme song, "Moon Pride". At the camping site in the rainforest near Mount Warning, Australia. At Usagi's mobile home, Usagi wakes up to the alarm clock at 7:00. Chibiusa wakes up as well.)

(Based on the manga "Sailor Moon" by Naoko Takeuchi)

(Based on the book "FernGully" by Diana Young)

Chibiusa: (VO) We're on the three-week vacation in Australia. Since Tokyo was the only place Usagi knows. She gets tired of it sometimes. She needs a vacation as Mommy Ikuko said. (flashback to Makoto playing a game of chance) Makoto won 7 tickets to Australia. Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru are going to Australia too. Hotaru, I hope you're in your adulthood self again.

[The title shows, "Sailor Moon Crystal: FernGully" with a flower growing on the side of the F.]

(Usagi meets Mamoru. He looks at his watch.)

Mamoru: It's 8:00. You made it, Usagi.

Usagi: I know. Give me my morning kiss.

(Chibiusa flings her arms around Mamoru.)

Chibiusa: Mamo!

Usagi: Ami! Rei! Mako! Minako!

Ami: Hi, Usagi.

Rei: Hotaru is growing up fast.

Usagi: She is?

Makoto: Hotaru is growing up fast than the average baby.

Minako: Haruka said that her apartment was undergo repairs.

Ami: This is a rainforest in Australia, tropical near Mount Warning.

Makoto: This is a perfect camp in our vacation.

Chibiusa: Guys, have you hear about fairies?

Usagi: Fairies?

Mamoru: Fairies?

Chibiusa: The fairies are tiny people who live in the rainforests. Mommy told me about the fairies in the bedtime stories. They have a crystal in the forest.

Usagi: A crystal? In the forest?

(A series of aboriginal paintings of the Crystal Coconut.)

Chibiusa: This is no ordinary crystal. This is the Crystal Coconut. It's a fortune-teller! A teleporter! A time-traveler! A power supplier and a wish fulfiller! In other words… whoever's got the coconut rules the forest.

Rei: The Crystal Coconut?

Chibiusa: Rumors say that the Crystal Coconut was hidden in the forest.

Usagi: (thinking) Hotaru is growing up fast. She's back to her adulthood self again. She was Sailor Saturn, the tenth Sailor Guardian. She will be in our side when she awakens.

Life Is A Magic Thing/Above the Canopy[]

(Scene changes to Magi.)

Magi Lune: Which is why it is so important for you to learn to use these powers. I won't be around forever and you'll have to-- (Magi saw Crysta looking outside.) Crysta?

Crysta: (looks at Magi) Yes.

Magi Lune: That is why it is so important for you to learn the secrets of--

(The song, "Life Is A Magic Thing" starts from the beginning and Crysta looks outside again.)

Magi Lune: (talk quietly) Crysta!

Crysta: Magi, yes. The secrets. I know, uh, but I mean it's all right, now. That was so long ago and you trapped Hexxus in that tree and everything's so... (backs up) I really have to go now, but I'll see you later, okay? Bye!

(Crysta flew away outside and she flew through the lake, the trees, and the waterfall. But, the pipe music plays from the nature and she flew right up through the trees. She flew up outside of the forest and she saw Pips.)

Pips: Hey!

Crysta: Pips!

(Pips plays his pipes and she flew to the flowers to get one. He continued playing it and she didn't like that noise. Crysta blocked inside Pips' pipes with flowers when he tries to play it. He gets the flowers off.)

Pips: You know, you're spending more time with Magi than you do with me.

Crysta: Oh well, what can I learn from you?

(Pips holds her hands and then she flew away.)

Pips: Hey!

(He flew with her around the forest.)

(Song: Life Is A Magic Thing)

When a sleepy planet comes alive

And I wake up in the warm sunlight

There's a simple harmony to life

A magic thing

(Ock and Rock walks to the butterflies from the clean pond and checks.)

Then I walk among the flowers and trees

(Crysta flies up to Ock and Rock to greet for a tiny while.)

Crysta: Hi, Ock. Hi, Rock. (giggles)

(Ock and Rock were squawking.)

And I feel the earth beneath my feet

And I remember that the air we breathe

Is a magic thing

Everybody, now!

Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah

(The Beetle Boys were eating grapes, but Crysta flew right to them and she continues flying.)

Life is a magic thing

(The Beetle Boys were getting ready to ride and they flew after Crysta.)

Stump: (yelling for action)

Root: (laugh) Comin' through! Watch out! Here I come!

(Pips flew right to them and the Beetle Boys were messed up by riding the beetles. They accidentally sticked into the very juicy fruits.)

Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah


Life is a magic thing

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

(Crysta and Pips were flying together and they flew inside the log with holes. The Beetle Boys returned and they catch up to Crysta and Pips.)

Root: There she goes. Come on, don't lose her. (Crysta and Pips flew out of the log and they kept flying.) Whoa, whoa!

(Crysta flew up first and Pips and the Beetle Boys stopped flying. She looks down and she keeps flying up.)

Crysta: Okay.

(Pips and the Beetle Boys looks up and they saw Crysta.)

Pips: Crysta, stop!

Beetle Boys: Whoa!

(She flew up and she was outside of FernGully. The sun shines and she closed her eyes. She hides behind the leaf, she looks up and she goes outside of FernGully with a leaf. She slowly looked around outside of FernGully. But she saw a volcano and she can still see the volcano. The bird flew far away. Tenohmaru and Kaiohmaru arrive and the bird looks shocked and squawks. Pips and the Beetle Boys were still looking at Crysta. But they saw Tenohmaru and Kaiohmaru flying.)

Bark: Never, never go above the canopy. Never go above the canopy.

(Pips sees a dangerous bird coming.)

Pips: Crysta! (She looks at Pips far away.) Crysta!

(She looks at the bird coming.)

Crysta: (gasps)

(The bird flew after Crysta faster and they were in the forest. The bird flew right to the beetle boys. The Beetle Boys scream and they were dodged by flying away. The bird was after Crysta and Pips got Crysta. The bird almost got her.)

Pips: I got ya.

(Crysta and Pips hugged each other for protection and they saw the bird flying away. The bird was flying up to go outside of FernGully to stay out.)

Stump: Are you crazy, going above the canopy?!

Root: Yeah, we was almost falcon fodder!

(Crysta is confused and gets an idea.)

Crysta: I've got to tell Magi.

Pips: Tell Magi what?

(Crysta flies away.)

Pips: Hey, wait! Wha-What'd you see... up there?

In the cockpit of Kaiohmaru, Michiru and Ami looking at the rain forest.)

Michiru: Ami, this rain forest is magnificent.

Ami: Very impressive.

(In the cockpit of Tenohmaru, Haruka and Minako looking at the rain forest.)

Haruka: You never been seen a rain forest from above before, Minako.

Minako: I know.

The Web of Life[]

(Crysta is flying by herself to go see Magi far away and she saw Magi's giant tree. She tries to get there, but Ock and Rock blocks Crysta in the way like a guard.)

Ock: Halt! Who goes there?

Rock: Hi, Crysta!

Ock: Okay, what's the password?

Crysta: Oh, come on, you guys.

Ock: Is that the password? It sounds good.

(Crysta flies to Magi's giant tree.)

Crysta: Bye!

Rock: "Bye." That's it! That's the password!

Ock: Well, I don't know if that's the password or not. I'm so confused, you nincompoop.

(Screen skips into Crysta getting in Magi's beautiful garden and she flies to look for Magi.)

Crysta: Magi? Magi. (She looks around and she saw Magi beautiful giant flower.) Oh, Magi, I just saw the most incredible thing above the canopy. A whole other world. The sky went on forever. And way over in the distance as far as I could see, there was this enormous rock like a...

Magi Lune: Mountain. That was Mount Warning.

(Magi growing plants with her magic.)

Crysta: And next to it was a...a... I don't know. It looked like a strange black cloud rising out of the earth.

Magi Lune: Smoke, I should think.

Crysta: What's smoke?

Magi Lune: Oh, there are many things in our world you don't yet know about, Crysta. (Magi grabs the magic seed and does magic with the seed.) There are worlds within worlds, Crysta. (Magi flies with the seed with magic and Crysta follows Magi. The flower grows from Magi's magic.) Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is balanced between forces of destruction... (The tree cracks a little bit and they go on top of the broken tree.) ...and the magic forces of creation. (Magi puts the seed on the broken tree.) Help it grow.

(Magi gently puts Crysta's hand on the seed to make it grow. Crysta was worried and she does her magic to make it grow. The vines come out and it gets a little bigger. It hides inside the tree and the vines come out from inside the broken tree.)

Crysta: Why can't I do it?

(Magi helps the broken tree grow with her magic powers, and all the vines touch the inside ground and it attached the broken tree. The small tree grew on top of the fixed tree.)

Magi Lune: Everyone can call on the magic powers of the web of life. You have to find it in yourself.

Crysta: I want to, Magi. You know I do. But I was thinking about that smoke. Do you think it could be... Hexxus?

Magi Lune: No, there isn't a force in nature that could release him, and there are no poisons here on which he can feed. Hexxus is trapped for all time. Now, that's enough for today.

Crysta: But, what could have caused the smoke?

Magi Lune: Now, now, now, off you go.

Crysta: But, Magi--

(Crysta hangs her head and flies away. Magi sees something happening, but she can't see it. She uses her magic to open all of the trees way on the other to see outside. She saw a volcano with black smoke.)

Magi Lune: Hexxus. (looked back and looked forward.)

(Back at the camping site in the rainforest.)

Rei: I sense something.

Minako: What is it, Rei?

Rei: That rainforest is filled with some kind of magic.

Usagi: Might be the fairies.

Mamoru: You think the fairies are real, Usagi?

Haruka: (laughs) Fairies? They only exist in stories.

Michiru: We're old to believe in fairy tales.

Usagi: (with frown in her face) But I want see fairies!

Chibiusa: I want see fairies too! Luna-P, locate fairy.

Diana: I'm with you, Chibiusa.

Luna: Usagi, we're follow Chibiusa.

Artemis: Luna, be careful.

Luna: I will.

(Usagi and Luna enter the forest, following Chibiusa and Diana.)

Batty Koda/Batty Rap[]

(Screen skips into the forest, Crysta flew through the pond, she heard Pip's pipe music and flew up to the tree with holes. She went to talk with Pips on the one hole of the tree.)

Pips: So, what'd the Mag have to say, huh?

Crysta: She said I should get serious.

Pips: 'Bout time.

Crysta: Oh, and stop hanging around with bug-brained layabouts like you.

(Batty Koda, a large fruit bat, flies into a tree.)

Batty Koda: OOOHHH, NOOOO! (Batty accidentally bumps Pips' tree and Crysta and Pips fell off and they floats outside that see Batty hitting those trees.) Red light. (bumps another tree) Red light again. Immediate clearance requested! Immediate clearance! OOOHHH, NOOOO!

(Crysta carefully flew after Batty.)

Pips: Where you goin'? Crysta!

(Batty accidentally bumps inside the giant multiple holed tree and the two fairies came out. Crysta goes inside.)

Crysta: Hello?

(She heard Batty scream and his noises. She looks up but there's no Batty. She looked down and she saw Batty going crazy by flying. Batty flew up to her and he was going insane and continues yelling. She was scared and she tries to do her first magic.)

Crysta: Bless your heart with magic light. I give the gift of fairy sight.

(Crysta uses her magical powers to calm Batty down and Batty stopped yelling and not going insane. The magic circles around Batty's face. Batty shakes his face and his eyes were swirly. He saw the fairy with his blury eyes and his eyes were clear and clean. He saw the real Crysta and he was clean and quiet. He was very normal now.)

Batty Koda: (sighs) Oh, what a strange little bug.

Crysta: I did it, I did it!

(Batty begins to fall.)

Batty Koda: Oh! Gravity works.

(Batty fell down, Goofy hollers and hits it on the ground. Crysta saw Batty being unconscious on the ground, and the fairies saw him too. Crysta flew down to Batty and gently hold Batty's head.)

Crysta: Ohhhh. Poor guy.

(Batty's electric channel turns on and he wakes up. He looks at Crysta.)

Batty Koda: Oh! (Crysta smiles, and Batty is controlled and he was hyper. He gets up.) Primary testing laboratory. (electrified) NNO! Pass the probe. Graduate students all gather forward. (electrified) NO!

Pips: Love the haircut.

Batty Koda: (high-pitched screams)

Crysta: (to Batty) It's alright. We won't hurt you. (to Pips) He's still a little confused.

Pips: Clearly.

Batty Koda: Hello, I'm an nocturnal placental flying mammal, a member of the family of pteropodidae of Ptero-didn't I. (laughing) If you can't tell, (electrified) I'M A BAT! (chuckles) Yes, I am. And they used to call me "Batty," Batty Koda. (to Crysta) Pleased to meet you. (kissed Crysta's hand.) Bonjour.

Crysta: (giggles)

Ash: And where are you from?

Batty Koda: I just blew in from a biology lab. I'm back, and I'm flappin' free. Let me tell you a story that's all about--

(Batty get electrocuted and plays the techno horror out of his mouth and closed his mouth and kept playing.)

(Song: Batty Rap)

Batty Koda: Yo, the name is Batty, the logic is erratic

Potato in a jacket, toys in the attic

I rock and I ramble, my brain is scrambled

Wrapped like an animal, but I'm a mammal

All of our cosmetics are noncarcinogenic. (electrified and screamed)

I've been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified

Vivisectified and fed pesticide

My face is all cut up 'cause my radar's all shut up

Nurse, I need a checkup from my neck up, I'm Batty

Seems to have no effect, Doctor Get me another one. Get me another animal! (screams)

They used and abused me, battered and bruised me

Red wires, green wires stuck 'em right through me

So hear my batty word and exercise a little prudence

We're dealing with... (record needle scratches) humans

Crysta: Humans?

Batty Koda: [Screaming] WHERE?! (crouched) No, no, no, no! (intimating Ricky) Lucy!

Crysta: No, no, there are no humans.

Pips: Yeah. There are no humans in FernGully.

Elder #1: They're long gone.

Elder #2: Vanished

Elder #3: Definitely extinct.

Ash: They only exist in stories.

(Batty munches on a fig and burps.)

Batty Koda: Excuse me.

Pips: (annoyed) Oh, charming.

Batty Koda: It's been lovely, but I gotta hoon. ¡Adios, amigos! Ding! Check, please.

(As he walks off, he unknowingly leaves Crysta's Father dangling on the leaf that Batty used as a napkin. The leaf jolts up, with Crysta's Father hanging tight to it, just as Crysta flies up.)

Crysta's Father: Whoa!

Crysta: Oh, Father, do you think it's possible? Could humans still exist?

Crysta's Father: Now, Crysta. (The leaf rips) Ooh! Don't you think you're a little old to believe in human tales?

Batty Koda: Human tails? Humans don't have tails. They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts. They walk around going, "Hi, Helen!"

(Usagi, Chibiusa, Luna and Diana arrive at FernGully and spot the giant multiple holed tree.)

Usagi: A giant tree.

Chibiusa: I never seen a giant tree before.

(Luna-P comes out of the brush with Usagi, Chibiusa, Luna and Diana follow. Batty faints.)

Fairies: [All Gasp and Chattering]

(Ock and Rock were squawking.)

Chibiusa: This is the home where the fairies live.

Usagi: (notices Crysta for the first time.) You're are a real fairy, aren't you?

Crysta: You're are a real human. I'm Crysta.

Usagi: I'm Usagi Tsukino. This is my cat Luna.

Luna: Hello, Crysta.

Chibiusa: I'm Chibiusa Tsukino. This is my kitten Diana.

Diana: Hello.

Crysta: Everyone thought the humans were long gone, vanished and extinct.

Usagi: They're still exist on Earth.

Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Mamoru: (calling out) Usagi! Chibiusa!

Usagi: (calling out) Right there!

(Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Mamoru arrive at FernGully. Batty drops his jaw. Goanna promptly closes Batty's jaw.)

Usagi: These guys are my friends, Crysta. Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, and Mamoru Chiba.

Rei: A real fairy. Fascinating.

Pips: The human tales were true, huh?

Minako: The fairy tales were true.

Pips: My name's Pips.

Minako: I'm Minako Aino. That's my cat Artemis.

Artemis: Hi, Pips.

Ami: (holding her FinePad) Rei sensed magic originated from the rainforest.

Crysta: You have magic, Rei?

Rei: Of course I do.

Crysta's Father: I thought humans didn't have magic like us.

A Special Place[]

Chibiusa: Crysta, this is your world? Our world was bigger.

Crysta: Chibiusa, this is FernGully. It's the most beautiful, wonderful place in the forest.

Usagi: FernGully?

Crysta: FernGully is a special place. A place where great things meet little things. A place of secrets. A place of magic.

(Song: Here in FernGully)

We got lots of sunshine applying high and laughing and then

La la la la

La la la la

Always bringing flowers to bring a smile back at him

Feel the magic in the breeze, sweeping through the trees

Here in FernGully

We're all in perfect harmony, joining in the jamborine

Here in FernGully

Working hard and playing, jumping through the rest and swinging

Always something new to see, turning every leaf to see

Here in FernGully

Every color underneath, under nature's canopy

Here in FernGully

Feel the magic in the breeze, sweeping through the trees

Here in FernGully

We're all in perfect harmony, joining in the jamborine,

Here in FernGully ♪♪

Ami: FernGully. So, Usagi found a new world.

Mamoru: Hey, Alice. Your boyfriend in Wonderland.

Rock: Alice had a boyfriend?

Ock: Of course not. Alice chased the white rabbit to the rabbit hole.

(The Beetle Boys zoom up on their beetles.)

Stump: Whoa! Hey!

(Stump shoves his friends back in line with his arm.)

Knotty: Pips, what kind of the weird creatures in the forest?

Pips: These weird creatures are the humans.

Stump: (confused) The hoo-mans? (He shifts his lower jaw and bulges his eyes.)

Batty Koda: (corrects Stump) Two words - hu... mans!

Makoto: A talking bat?

Crysta: That's Batty Koda, Makoto. He's a little afraid of humans.

Minako: What's with that guy?

Pips: Stump is a little confused. You're meet the Beetle Boys, Minako. That's Knotty, Root, and Bark. (Crysta looks at Minako with jealous look)

Mamoru: Jealous of Minako, Crysta? (Crysta hugs Mamoru's thumb, causing him to receive a vision of Magi's art.) (thinking) I have a vision.

Pips: Minako, I found something. (He shows a mysterious device.) An ancient machine. The Beetle Boys discovered it while flying.

Ami: This is the symbol of Mars. I'll examine it. It appears structure-wise to be similar to a 3D copy machine that we are familiar with.

Crysta's Father: Uh, a copy machine? You tell us about Pips' strange treasure?

Usagi: A copy machine? What's that supposed to be?

Ami: Test it.

(Chibiusa presses a button which activates a device. It scans Luna-P and creates a copy of it.)

Chibiusa: Two Luna-Ps! Can I borrow your pocket watch, Mamo? Your FinePad, Ami?

(The Copy Machine scans the Orgel and the FinePad and creates a copy of them.)

Rei: I wonder if the copy machine really works on humans.

Luna: We had better be careful, everyone. No matter how I think of it, it's strange that a useful machine like this invented by the Martians.

Chibiusa: You're a little too late, Luna. I've already switched it on.

(The Copy Machine scans Chibiusa, creating a monochromatic copy right aside her.)

Root: Hey! It's a spitting image of Chibiusa, except she's black and white.

Chibiusa: Same as me.

Copy Chibiusa: Same as me.

Makoto: Copy Chibiusa is like the reflection in the mirror.

(Copy Chibiusa, however, activates the Copy Machine.)

Usagi: Hey, Copy Chibiusa...

(The Copy Machine scans Usagi, creating a dark copy of Usagi.)

Crysta: She looks just like Usagi!

Usagi: Hi, Copy Usagi. I'm the original Usagi.

Copy Usagi: You're my original? Don't make me laugh. I am the original!

Usagi: No, I am the original! You're the copy!

(Usagi and Copy Usagi start fighting until Usagi's friends break them apart. Rei uses Akuryo Taisan order on Copy Usagi.)

Rei: Their personalities seem to be the complete opposite, but their abilities seem to be the same.

Usagi: Thanks, guys.

(Crysta holds a fig to Batty in a brush.)

Crysta: Did you really see humans in FernGully? Were the others at Mount Warning?

Batty Koda: Oh, masses of Homo sapiens. (eats a fig)

Chibiusa: Where's Crysta? (Crysta flies off, forcing Batty to catch up with her.)

Batty Koda: Hey! Where are you going?

Minako: Let's follow them! (Usagi and her friends follow Batty and Crysta. Copy Usagi and Copy Chibiusa watch.)

Batty Koda: Yeah, this territory looks kinda familiar. Fabulous dayy in the canopy, isn't it? Where do you think you're goin'?

Crysta: Mount Warning. (Batty goes stunned and knocks into a tree)

Batty Koda: D'oh! (groggy) I know where I am. I know where I am. Hey! You scared me there. For a minute I thought you said you were going to Mount Warning.

Crysta: Well, I did.

Batty Koda: (panicked) But, there are other humans on Mount Warning!

Crysta: Exactly.

Batty Koda: Fractured fig, fairy bug! Come on! Mount Warning is the last place in the world a little bug like you wants to go. Look at these! You think nature did this? Do you think I put this in to get better reception? No! Humans did this. We should stay here. It's nice here. Come on! You got a great set of wings. Let's just flutter for a while.

Usagi: Crysta! I heard you were going to Mount Warning.

Makoto: There's smoke near the mountain.

(Crysta, Usagi and her friends see a plume of black smoke rising on a barren land, outside of FernGully rainforest, near Mount Warning.)

Minako: That’s strange… I wonder what could have caused the smoke.

Ami: (using her FinePad) According to my research, Mount Warning was once a volcano in ancient times when it erupted. This mountain has been dormant ever since.

Chibiusa: Where's Batty? (Crysta sees Batty whimpering on a tree branch.)

Crysta: Batty? Batty. Well, come on!

Batty Koda: My heart! Oh, my heart! I can't go on. Help me! My little wings can't make it.

Crysta: Maybe you should wait here for me.

Batty Koda: This is a fabulous idea. I really think we should fly with that. Only, why don't you stay here with me?

Crysta: It's okay, really. I'll be right back.

Batty Koda: (doubtfully) Why do I not believe you?

Rei: I suppose we’d better investigate.

Usagi: Let's go. To Mount Warning.

The Painted Tree/Black Sailor Moon[]

(Crysta, Usagi and her friends head to Mount Warning and pass through the field of brush trees. A flock of birds fly pass Crysta, causing her to fly faster. As she catches her breath, she had her hand painted red. The Sailor Guardians find dead trees all marked with red aerosol paint exes and crosses.)

Minako: Some sort of those red marks.

Ami: I look for the source of the smoke. (Crysta checks out the area.)

Rei: Crysta, it's dangerous to go alone.

Usagi: Chibiusa, look after Crysta.

Chibiusa: Okay.

(As Chibiusa follows Crysta, the camera zooms through the brush and follows Ami to figure out where a smoke coming from. She arrives at a leveled plain of tree stumps, where she sees a massive logging machine standing in the background. It is known as the Leveler, and inside the Leveler, the camera cuts to the cab, where Ami enters. She looks around and sees two operators, Tony and Ralph, who are in charge of running the Leveler.)

Ami: (Thinking) Mother Earth will upset about illegal cutting. (Out loud) You guys. What is this machine?

Tony: This is the Leveler, young lady.

Ralph: The Leveler cut down the woods that were marked with a red spray.

Ami: The leveler? Very incredible.

(Ami sees food scraps, old pizza boxes, empty soda cans, torn up candy wrappers, and used cigarette butts litter the control panel. Ralph presses a button, causing a camera to focus on a logger.)

Ralph: How're you comin' in your quadrant, Pete?

Pete: All done here.

(Ralph presses the next camera button, while Tony relaxingly dunks his donut in his coffee mug and eats his donut.)

Ralph: How 'bout you, Willie?

Willie: Finito, good buddy.

Ralph: How 'bout you, Zak? (He waits a beat, as the camera focuses on an empty wooded area.) Zak? (over the loudspeaker, turning the camera in both directions) Zak? Zak? (shouting) ZAK!

(As Crysta continues exploring, Ralph shouts for Zak's attention. Zak himself, a 16-year old teenage boy, is listening to his walkman until he's forced to turn it off.)

Zak: (annoyed) Yeah, yeah! What's the big deal?

Ralph: (over the loudspeaker) You finished marking those trees yet?

Zak: (annoyed) I'm gettin' to it. Don't have a cow. Sheesh! (Zak gets back to work.)

(Back inside the Leveler's cab, Tony and Ralph start criticizing Zak's laziness.)

Tony: This city kid comes up here for a summer job.

Ralph: He doesn't take it seriously.

Tony: Tell you one thing: That kid don't belong in the woods. (He wolfs down an entire strawberry cake and burps.)

(Ami presses a button and the camera focuses on Usagi.)

Ami (over the loudspeaker): That's where the smoke came from. The leveler.

Usagi: The leveler?

Ami: The Leveler cut down the dead trees that were marked with a red spray. Stay away from the falling trees.

(Meanwhile, Crysta flies with Chibiusa trailing behind to catch up on Zak, who is painting red "X" marks on trees, marking them for cutting while listening to his walkman. Usagi's Cosmic Heart Compact glows because the Silver Crystal resonates. She sees Copy Usagi and Copy Chibiusa arrive.)

Usagi: Is that my copy? What is she doing here?

Copy Usagi: Hey, Usagi, sorry about earlier. Let's shake hands to make up for it, Usagi. (Usagi moves) Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up! (Copy Usagi transforms into Black Sailor Moon.)

Copy Chibiusa: Moon Prism Power, Make Up! (Copy Chibiusa transforms into Copy Sailor Chibi Moon.)

Usagi: The copy can transform also?

Copy Sailor Chibi Moon: You're a copy.

Black Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Boomerang! (Black Sailor Moon throws her tiara at Usagi, who dodges the attack.)

Crysta: Are you okay, Usagi?

Usagi: I'm fine.

Luna: Usagi. It's your copy, so you will defeat it!

Usagi: Right. Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!

(A full moon appears. The Cosmic Heart Compact appears and it opened revealing a heart-shaped pink crystal. Usagi puts her hand and her nails turn light pink. The brooch appears on her chest sparkling a heart and Usagi's body turns a green against a purple background. Ribbons wrap around Usagi's body, forming her leotard and choker. The bow on her leotard appears as well. After the bow forms, ribbons wrap around Usagi's hands and feet to form her gloves, then her skirt appears, and boots. Her earrings then appear on her ears, a crescent moon then appears on her forehead, her odango covers and barrettes appear. After the tiara is formed, Sailor Moon turn around and then poses, finishing the transformation sequence with red roses against a crescent moon.)

Sailor Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!

Crysta: Usagi? You're Sailor Moon?

Makoto: Hurry up and delete that copy!

Black Sailor Moon: I'm getting fed up of hearing you all repeat copy, copy, over and over. I'll make sure that I shut those mouths of yours!

(Black Sailor Moon is about to attack Usagi's friends when Sailor Moon stops her. They fighting)

Ami: It appears that Black Sailor Moon has the exact same abilities as Sailor Moon.

Minako: Let's help Sailor Moon.

Chibiusa: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

(The Prism Heart Compact appears and it opened revealing a Silver Crystal. The brooch appears on her chest sparkling a heart and Chibiusa's body turns a green against a pink background. Ribbons wrap around Chibiusa's body, forming her leotard and choker. The bow on her leotard appears as well. After the bow forms, ribbons wrap around Chibiusa's hands and feet to form her gloves, then her skirt appears, and boots. A crescent moon then appears on her forehead, her odango covers and barrettes appear. After the tiara is formed, Sailor Chibi Moon turn around and then poses, finishing the transformation sequence with red roses against a crescent moon.)

Ami: Mercury Planet Power, Make Up!

(The planet Mercury appears and Ami puts her hand in the air. Her fingernails sparkle light blue and her Star Power Stick comes to her hand and as she takes a hold of it the Mercury symbol in the center of the star begins to spin. Ami's body turns into a dark blue silhouette colour against the light blue and green background. Water comes out of the pen as she twirls around. It covers her body and her Sailor fuku is formed and she turns around, the Mercury symbol forming on her forehead turning into her tiara. Sailor Mercury makes a final pose in front of the planet Mercury with the Mercury symbol on top of her.)

Rei: Mars Planet Power, Make Up!

(The planet Mars appears and Rei puts her hand in the air. Her fingernails sparkle bright red, her Star Power Stick comes to her hand and as she takes a hold of it the Mars symbol in the center of the star begins to spin. Rei's body turns a into purple silhouette colour against the red background and she holds the pen up. Fire swirls around her and her back is turn and she is already clothes in her Sailor Mars uniform. She turns around and the Mars symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara appears and then she strikes her ending pose.)

Makoto: Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up!

(The planet Jupiter appears and Makoto puts her hand in the air. Her fingernails sparkle bright green, her Star Power Stick comes to her hand and as she takes a hold of it the Jupiter symbol in the center of the star begins to spin. Makoto's body turns a into green silhouette color against the dark green background and she holds the pen up. Blue-colored lightning swirls around her and her back is turned and she is already clothed in her Sailor Jupiter uniform. She turns around and the Jupiter symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara forms and the Jupiter symbols behind her she assumes her finishing pose against the planet Jupiter.)

Minako: Venus Planet Power, Make Up!

(The planet Venus appears and Minako puts her hand in the air. Her fingernails sparkle bright gold, her Star Power Stick comes to her hand and as she takes a hold of it the Venus symbol in the center of the star begins to spin. Her fingernails sparkle bright gold, her Star Power Stick comes to her hand. Minako's body turns a into gold silhouette color against the gold background and she holds the pen up. Gold stars swirl around her and her back is turned and she is already clothed in her Sailor Venus uniform. She turns around and the Venus symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara forms and the Venus symbols behind her she assumes her finishing pose against the planet Venus.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian trainee who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Chibi Moon. And now in the name of the future moon I'll punish you.

Sailor Mercury: Protected by Mercury, the planet of water. The Guardian of Wisdom. I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!

Sailor Mars: Protected by Mars, the planet of fire. The Guardian of War. I am Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you.

Sailor Jupiter: Protected by Jupiter, the planet of thunder. The Guardian of Protection. I am Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!

Sailor Venus: Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty. The Guardian of Love. I am Sailor Venus! Allow me to punish you with love.

Luna: Crysta, Usagi and her friends were the Sailor Guardians who protected Earth from evil.

(The Sailor Guardians battle Black Sailor Moon and Copy Sailor Chibi Moon. Copy Sailor Chibi Moon dodges Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunderbolt which hits nearby tree.)

Black Sailor Moon: I need backup! We'll be back.

(Black Sailor Moon and Copy Sailor Chibi Moon flee.)

Crysta: Sailor Moon. You're fast learner!

Artemis: Yes, Crysta, she is.

(Suddenly, a bright light appears from a hole on a tree created by the explosion. The Sailor Guardians see the Crystal Coconut inside a tree.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: That's the Crystal Coconut!

(Sailor Mercury takes the crystal out of the tree and uses her visor to examine it more closely.)

Crysta: Sailor Moon, you found the crystal. It's called the Rainforest Crystal.

Sailor Venus: The Rainforest Crystal?

Crysta: Our treasure. It's been hidden for centuries until you found it. A crystal possessed the power. (flashback starts with the fairy clan hiding the Rainforest Crystal in the tree. The roots grows, sealing a hole.) We hid the crystal. So it was hidden inside the tree where no one would ever find it. (flashback ends)

Sailor Jupiter: So you're saying, we found the Rainforest Crystal?

Sailor Mars: No. I'm saying. It found us.

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Moon, the Rainforest Crystal have the power like the Legendary Silver Crystal.

(Black Sailor Moon and Copy Sailor Chibi Moon return.)

Black Sailor Moon: I knew we're back, Sailor Moon. It's all yours, copy machine!

(Copy Sailor Chibi Moon steps aside to reveal the Copy Machine that scans Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, creating black copies of the Inner Sailor Guardians.)

Black Sailor Moon: What I'm doing is taking the Sailor Guardians' work in your work.

Sailor Moon: That's your plan?!

Black Sailor Moon: Inner Sailor Guardians, clear these distractions!

(The Sailor Guardians fight their copies. When the copies attack, the Sailor Guardians use their protective shields.)

Sailor Mercury (uses her Mercury Goggles to scan): The copies are copying our movements also. If we attack once, the copies will attack back all at once. Moreover, the copy of Sailor Moon knows all of our abilities.

Black Sailor Moon: You can't defeat us! (The Copy Sailor Guardians laugh evilly)

(Tuxedo Mask arrives)

Crysta: Mamoru?

Tuxedo Mask: I am Tuxedo Mask.

Black Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask, are you trying to make fools of us?!

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask is a brave man, but he sometimes does things on his own without my knowledge.

Black Sailor Moon: Are you saying there's things that you don't know?!

Sailor Moon: I am a type that values one's independence. It's all to you, Tuxedo Mask!

Tuxedo Mask: Right. Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber! (Tuxedo Mask sends an orbicular blast of energy at his target that fires from his hands. This knocks the Copy Sailor Guardians out.)

Black Sailor Moon: Sh--[bleep]! I have to use the copy machine on Tuxedo Mask! (runs to the Copy Machine)

Sailor Venus: Not so fast! Venus Love-Me Chain! (Sailor Venus uses her chain to grab the Copy Machine) I won't be letting you get your hands on this! (tosses the Copy Machine into the sky) Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon: (raises her Spiral Heart Moon Rod) (calling out) Neo-Queen Serenity lend your power to my rod. Heart moon rod. Moon Spiral Heart Attack! (Sailor Moon twirls around gets down on to her knees, holds the rod high above her head and a large pink heart emanates from the rod and spins to the Copy Machine, destroying it.)

Black Sailor Moon: The copy machine has been destroyed. (Copy Sailor Chibi Moon's Pink Moon Stick disappear and so does Black Sailor Moon's Spiral Heart Moon Rod.) What's happening? (Black Sailor Moon looks at her hands disappearing in shock. The Copy Sailor Guardians scream in agony as they vanish into nothing.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: They vanished.

Sailor Mercury: It's because the copy machine was destroyed.

(Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus notice the Rainforest Crystal glowing. The Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask are standing in front of the the large, dead baobab tree; the same tree where Magi Lune and her people locked Hexxus away all those thousands of years ago.)

Tuxedo Mask: The black tree. This one I saw in a vision.

Sailor Mars: I sense a strange entity trapped in the tree.

Sailor Jupiter: This tree has no leaves since many seasons. It completely rotten.

(The wolf arrives and urinates on the tree. As it walks away, the urine sizzles on the stump.)

Hexxus: (demonic whispering) Hexxus.

Sailor Moon: (thinking) This crystal lighted up and started making a sound after we defeated our evil copies. Was the Rainforest Crystal feeling evil within that tree?

Magi Lune: (voiceover) There isn't a force in nature that could release him, and there are no poisons here on which he can feed. Hexxus is trapped for all time.

Crysta: I've got a bad feeling about this, Sailor Moon. This tree is where Hexxus was trapped.

Sailor Moon: Hexxus?

Crysta: He's the spirit of destruction who tried to destroy the forest.

Sailor Venus: That's a name of a new evil?

Sailor Mars: A new evil destroying the forest?

Crysta: You know what happened to the original humans who came to FernGully? Long time ago, Hexxus rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. Magi Lune called upon the magic powers of nature to trap Hexxus in the enchanted tree.

Sailor Chibi Moon: I heard eruption of Mount Warning long time ago. Hexxus emerged from that mountain?

Sailor Jupiter: Crysta, you mean Hexxus came from Earth's core? (Crysta nods yes)

Sailor Moon: The original humans came to FernGully.

Sailor Mercury: I want to know about the magic powers of nature.

Sailor Mars: Crysta, I want to see Magi Lune.

Sailor Venus: Let's hope one of the loggers won't cut down the black tree and release Hexxus. (to Zak) Good day, sir!

(Zak comes across the tree that Hexxus was imprisoned in. While he is looking at the tree, Sailor Chibi Moon, Crysta and Diana follow him.)

Zak: Freaky. (A bug flies around Zak's space, which annoys him. He shakes his spray can to focus on it and sprays the bug dead, while Crysta looks on from a leaf.) [Chuckles] Gotcha! (But as he walks away, he has accidentally made a red 'X' on the tree.)

(Diana begins meowing loudly as she sees a red 'X' on Hexxus' tree.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Quiet, Diana. He might hear you.

(However, Zak hears Diana's meow. Crysta notices Zak is coming in Sailor Chibi Moon's direction and flies away to avoid being spotted.)

Crysta: (panicked) Whoa-oh-oh!

(Zak bursts his face through the brush, scaring Sailor Chibi Moon.)

Zak: Yah! (Sailor Chibi Moon screams) Huh?

Sailor Chibi Moon: Crysta!

Zak: (trips on Luna-P and loses his walkman) Aw, man!

(Back inside the Leveler's cab.)

Ralph: You want to try it? What is your name?

Sailor Mercury: I'm Ami Mizuno. I've happy to. (Sailor Mercury uses the Leveler's camera to lock a tree on target.)

(Sailor Chibi Moon follows Zak chasing Crysta. He gets stuck by the vines.)

[Machinery Whirring]

Crysta: [Gasping]

Zak: Yah! (He finally catches Crysta in his hands.) Huh?

(The Leveler has cut down a tree that slowly topples toward Zak's direction.)

Sailor Jupiter: (seeing a tree falling on Zak) Holy sh--[bleep]!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Look out!

Crysta: Look out for that tree! (She prepares to use her magic powers.) Bless your eyes with magic light, I give the gift of fairy size... Oh, sight! (She accidentally shrinks Zak.)

(As soon as the tree hits the ground while Sailor Chibi Moon backs away to avoid being crushed, the two of them wind up on a spider web on the bark. Then, the Leveler grabs the tree with its arms and brings it in toward the grinders.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Jupiter, Crysta needs me!

Sailor Jupiter: You got it! (Moves Sailor Chibi Moon up to the tree.)

(Sailor Mercury sees Sailor Chibi Moon on the tree on the Leveler's camera. Crysta sees an unconscious Zak stuck on a spiderweb on the tree that's just about to go through a tree shredder! She tries to get him off but can't and get stuck. Crysta looks at the impending fate ahead of her, until Batty flies in. Sailor Chibi Moon grabs Zak and Crysta and pulls them away from the grinders. She then reaches to Batty, who grabs them both with his claws. Sailor Chibi Moon jumps off the tree.)

Batty Koda: Lift! I need lift!

(Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon fist bump. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask, however, glare angrily at Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon.)

Sailor Jupiter: Guys, why are you very cross at us?

Sailor Moon: {Stern} Let's go back to FernGully.

(They all start walking back to FernGully.)

The Fairy Size[]

(Soon, the Sailor Guardians and Batty passes through the field of brush trees they first came to earlier.)

Sailor Moon: {Stern} Mercury, take Chibi Moon. I've got to teach Sailor Jupiter a lesson.

Sailor Mercury: Come, Chibi Moon. Jupiter... {puts her hands on Sailor Jupiter's shoulders, gives a heavy sigh, and then a reassuring pat} Good luck.

(Sailor Jupiter looks at Sailor Moon, who thinks silently for a few moments, not looking at her. She turns to Sailor Jupiter.)

Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter, I'm very disappointed in you.

Sailor Jupiter: {Very quietly and sadly} I know.

Sailor Moon: I told you to stay away from the leveler. You disobeyed me. You could have been killed. And what's worse, you put Chibi Moon in danger!

Sailor Jupiter: I was trying to save the man.

Sailor Chibi Moon: A man? (remembers Ralph shouting Zak's name)

Sailor Venus: We will tell Magi Lune tomorrow.

Sailor Moon: I look for Crysta and Batty.

Batty Koda: (ranting) "Don't go!" I said. "Bad idea." I said. But would you listen? No. Don't listen to Batty. (He then notices Zak for the first time.) Hmm-mm. Well, what have we here? Shoes! Animals don't wear shoes. (does a take) A HUMAN!

Crysta: (alert) A tree!

Batty Koda: Whoa!

(The three of them crash land into the tree, as Crysta falls first but regains her flight. Zak, on the other hand, lands on a branch.)

Sailor Moon: Crysta, are you OK?

Crysta: I'm fine.

Sailor Moon: A man. What happened?

Crysta: Oh. I shrank him.

Sailor Moon: You shrank him? Can you do it again? Shrink me.

Crysta: OK. Bless your eyes with magic light, I give the gift of fairy size. (Shrinks Sailor Moon like Zak.)

Sailor Moon: (remembering Luna's advise) "Follow 3 basic rules or lost the protection of the power. First, never use your power for personal gain, second, never escalate a battle unless evil forces you, and finally, keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Sailor Guardian."

(Sailor Moon transforms back into her civilian identity. Crysta carries Usagi and reaches Zak. They look into his wallet and pocket knife. Usagi looks at his pictures in his wallet with curiosity. Zak then wakes up and thinks that Crysta's ready to jump him.)

Zak: Take anything you want. You won't hurt that girl before I tell the cops. Huh?

Crysta: Are you all right?

Zak: (yelps) I'm fine. (Usagi gives wallet and pocket knife back to Zak) What is going on here?

Crysta: The monster... it tried to eat you.

Zak: Monster?

Crysta: My friends and I saved you. Oh, Batty. Wait here, Usagi. Batty?

Zak: Huh?

Usagi: Let me help you.

Batty Koda: Oh, sonic interference. What a nightmare. I thought I saw a human. (Yells) HUMAN!

Usagi: That's a human?

Crysta: (gasps) A human!

Batty Koda: Yes! Kill it! Restrain it! Medicate it! Something! (Batty shakes Crysta. Zak sees Batty and believes he's trying to kill Crysta.)

Usagi: (holds out her right hand like a stop sign) Relax! He's a just friendly bat.

Batty Koda: (He puffs up his chest.) Puff up. They hate that.

(Zak pulls out his pocket knife, runs past Usagi and charges towards Batty, who screams and backs against the tree trunk. Zak slashes his knife, almost reaching Batty's neck. Usagi runs to Crysta.)

Zak: Back! Back! Get back! Don't worry! I've got it scared.

Crysta: No! Stop!

Usagi: Don't hurt him!

Batty Koda: I have but one claw, but beware.

Both Usagi and Crysta: Will you both just calm down?

Both Batty and Zak: He tried to kill you! I did not! You did!

Crysta: Hold on! The only thing that tried to kill anybody was that horrible monster in the forest.

Zak: (confused) Monster? What monster?

Crysta: The one that ate the tree. It was terrible.

Zak: Tree? The leveler. Hey, am-am I dead?

Crysta: No.

Usagi: You're alive!

Batty Koda: We could fix that for ya.

Zak: Then I must be dreaming.

Crysta: Nope.

Usagi: It wasn't a dream. It was real.

Zak: Aw, sure. And what are you supposed to be some kind of fairy?

Crysta: Of course I am. What about you? Are you really a human like my friend?

Zak: Last time I checked. Hey, kid. What Sailor V is said to be wearing. It was a sailor uniform, a white shirt with a blue collar, a red bow and blue skirt. Sound familiar? (Usagi looks at her uniform.) Listen, fairy, it's been weird, but I'm outta here, this dream is history.

Usagi: Dude, watch your first step!

(However, Zak, ignoring Usagi's warning, steps on a leaf and falls through the canopy. Luckily, he is able to use the leaf as a surfboard using his feet. He glides through a branch and past a Rough-Scaled snake. He laughs confidently, until his leaf crash-lands on the forest floor, launching Zak to the ground and right in front of Goanna.)

Goanna: Check this out.

Zak: Huh?!

(Song: If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might as Well Be You))

Goanna:  I've a basic inclination...  

Zak: No, no!

Goanna:  A very primal need.  

(Zak runs away, yelling)

 To inspect the vegetation,  

 For an egg or centipede.  

(Zak climbs up a tree

 I just can't control this hunger,  

 I just can't seem to cut it back. 

 On my ravenous consumption, (grunts)  

 You're a welcome little snack. (eats a snail and belches)   

 If I'm gonna eat somebody,  

 It might as well be you.  

Zak: Uh-oh.

 Can you dig it? 

 I can see you as a sandwich,  

 Or a strange exotic stew. 

Leech Chorus:  Floating down the river,  

 Like an oyster in a stew.  

Goanna: Get funky one time.  

Leech Chorus: He's gonna eat somebody!  

Goanna:  It might as well be you!  

 You know it,  

 Kick it one time.  

 Welcome to the food chain!  ♪♪

(The goanna swallows Zak alive, as Usagi, Crysta and Batty watch him nearby.) 

Crysta: No! You can't eat him. He's a human.

Usagi: Yeah, he's not even a bug!

(Zak screams and struggles inside the Goanna's mouth.)

Goanna: Uh, what's a human?

Batty Koda: (convincing Goanna) Delicious and nutritious. Tastes just like chicken.

(Crysta and Usagi glare at Batty)

Usagi (to Batty): Shut up, Batty!

(Crysta flutters down to Goanna.)

Crysta: Wait! He's my friend.

Goanna: Well, any friend of a fairy... (He spits out Zak for Crysta.) a friend of mine.

Crysta: Thanks a lot.

Goanna: Oh, man. You owe me a free dinner after this one. (The goanna then leaves as Crysta checks up on Zak.)

Crysta: Are you okay?

Zak: (screaming like a girl) What happened to me?! I mean her?! I-I-I'm... We're three inches tall!

Crysta: Oh. I shrank you and the girl.

Zak: You what?

Crysta: Well, it was the most amazing thing. (She walks upside under the tree.) Of course, it's not what the spell is really supposed to do. But Magi Lune will fix you.

Zak: You shrank me and the girl?

Crysta: (leans up) Yeah.

Batty Koda: Catches on quick, doesn't he?

Crysta: We better buzz off. It's getting late.

Usagi: It's still afternoon.

Zak: (angrily) Buzz off? I'm not buzzing anywhere. Now, unshrink me and that girl, and I mean now!

Crysta: Well, I guess I could take a bash at it.

Zak: Take a bash?

Usagi: Yes, take a bash.

Crysta: (innocently) Actually, I'm just sort of learning.

Zak: (annoyed, face palming) Great! I've been shrunk by an amateur. I don't believe this. Okay, come on. Bash away.

Crysta: (hassled) Okay! (She lowers her arms, as she recites a spell.) What was done, now undo. Return you to the form that's true.

(Crysta tries using her powers to enlarge Zak back to size, only for Zak to hit his head on a tree branch. His ears then grow to a large size.)

Batty Koda: Oh, oh, oh, big ears. (Zak's ears, nose, and lips extend downward.) Elephant! (Zak's ears shrink, as his lips turn into that of an anteater) No, no, no. Anteater! (Zak's arms grow large as he swings from side to side.) Orangutan! (Crysta keeps using her magic to get Zak's size right while Usagi face palms.) Okay, okay, don't tell me, let me guess. (Zak's mouth extends into a duckbill-like formation.) A duck! A duck! (Zak's body grows larger, as Zak loses patience.) Oh, it's Darwin's grab bag!

Usagi: Crysta, that's enough!

(Crysta stops using her magic to let Zak turn back into normal.)

Crysta: Uh, let me try again.

Batty Koda: (eagerly) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Zak: No, no, no! Thank you, but I think maybe we better go see this Magi. (He extends his arm to shake Crysta's hand.) I'm Zak.

Crysta: I'm Crysta. (She extends her arm to shake Zak's hand, but she obliviously misses it anyway.)

Zak: Nice to meet you. (He extends his arm to shake Usagi's hand.) I'm Zak.

Usagi: I'm Usagi Tsukino. (She extends her arm to shake Zak's hand, but she obliviously misses it anyway like Crysta.)

Zak: Very nice to meet you.

Crysta: You're going to love FernGully; it's the most beautiful, wonderful place in the forest. Well, come on. Batty can carry you. (She then leads Zak to FernGully with Usagi and Batty trailing behind.)

Batty Koda: (doubtfully) Moi? Uh-uh. Not this little mammal. Fly a human? I'd rather suck wax fruit.

(The camera fades from the scene and jump cuts to the Leveler at the castle-shaped tree.)

Ralph: Hey, Ton'?

Tony: What?

Ralph: You see Zak anywhere?

Tony: No, his shift's about over. He probably cut out early.

Ralph: That's the problem with the world today. People are lazy.

Tony: I heard that with my bad ear.

(On the camera, the Leveler has its right arm holding the tree in place and brings the saw to cut it down. At Hexxus' tree, the red spray paint 'X' sizzles on the bark.)

Hexxus: (demonic whispering) Hexxus.

Camping Out in the Rainforest[]

(Meanwhile, Batty munches on a fig, while Crysta and Zak get to know each other with Usagi follows.)

Crysta: I've got so many things I want to ask you. Like, why have humans returned to the forest?

Usagi: That's because I wanted to see the fairies.

Crysta: What was that monster that tried to eat you?

Zak: That wasn't a monster. That was a machine.

Crysta: What's a machine?

Zak: It's a... a thing for cutting down trees.

Crysta: That's terrible.

Zak: [Chuckling] Only if you live in a tree.

Crysta: I do live in a tree.

Usagi: She's right!

Zak: Oh.

Crysta: You didn't have anything to do with that "machine", did you?

Zak: Uh, what, me? (lying) No. No, no. No, of course not. [Grunts] (Zak jumps on the mushroom and accidentally breaks it.) Oops. (fixes a mushroom) How could I have anything to do with something that eats trees?

Crysta: Could it come to FernGully?

Zak: Oh, no, no. Of course not. You've got nothing to worry about.

Crysta: Why?

Zak: Because, um, it's trapped. [Chuckles Nervously]

Crysta: Oh, I know. By those red marks. It can't go past them. Well, they must be magic.

Zak: Yeah! [Laughs Nervously] You know, you're pretty smart, fairy.

Usagi: (knowing the truth) What are he talking about, Crysta? I know a machine and those red marks for cutting down trees. (Crysta covers Usagi's mouth.) Mmm?!

Crysta: I want to learn magic like Usagi.

Zak: Yeah? Uh, w-well, here. Come here. (He leads Crysta and Usagi inside a flower petal, where he lights a lighter.)

Crysta: (gasps) (curiously) What is it?

Zak: It's fire.

Crysta: That's fire?

Usagi: Crysta, careful. If you play with fire, you may get burned. (Crysta burns her hands by accident without Usagi's warning.)

Crysta: Ow!

Zak: Careful! [closes the lighter]

(Zak clasps Crysta's hands to heal her injury, which glow a shade of blue. Zak becomes confused yet curious at the sight of this.)

(In Haruka's mobile home, Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka see the full-grown Hotaru.)

Hotaru: Michiru, what have you heard?

Michiru: The lumberjacks at Mount Warning. They came to cut down the dead trees every day. Everybody are replanting 500,000 trees in that area.

Haruka: (Holding her smart phone) Look at that black tree, Hotaru. (shows a picture of the tree that Hexxus was imprisoned in.) We sensed a strange entity inside the tree.

Setsuna: It seems Usagi is trying to prove Haruka that the fairies are real.

Hotaru: By morning, we see if Usagi was right.

(Later, Crysta, Usagi and Zak see Chibiusa.)

Chibiusa: Usagi. What happened?

Usagi: Crysta shrank Zak by accident. I'm taking him to meet my friends.

Crysta: Usagi. What was done, now undo. Return you to the form that's true. (Enlarges Usagi back to her normal size.)

Usagi: It's good to back in my human size.

(Usagi, Crysta and Chibiusa arrive Usagi's friends' mobile homes.)

Usagi: Sorry I'm late!

Minako: Where have you been, Usagi?

Ami: We're been waiting for you all day. Luna got something very interesting that I want to show you.

(Ami sets up a device that becomes a portable headquarters. Usagi's friends enter.)

Luna: Welcome to our another secret headquarters.

Artemis: This is the greatest invention ever—a portable headquarters.

Usagi: A portable headquarters! Ami, Rei, Mako, Minako, you won't believe what Crysta found. (Chibiusa points to Zak, who was in her skirt pocket.)

Makoto: A man. He's small.

Crysta: I shrank him, Mako.

Zak: Mamoru!

Mamoru: Zak?

Usagi: Mamo, you know this guy?

Mamoru: Zak Young is my friend in Australia.

Zak: It's been a while.

Usagi: This is Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino and Chibiusa Tsukino.

Luna: Is the viewer ready?

Artemis: All set up.

Zak: Usagi, your cat talks.

Usagi: That's Luna, Artemis and Diana.

Minako: We'll bring you up to date on our adventure at Mount Warning.

(Luna runs a tape of the Copy Machine creating Copy Usagi and Copy Chibiusa, who transform into Black Sailor Moon and Copy Sailor Chibi Moon.)

Zak: She calls that a adventure?

Makoto: Pips and the Beetle Boys found the copy machine. It created the evil copies of the Sailor Guardians.

Minako: The Sailor Guardians found the Rainforest Crystal, defeated the copies and destroyed the copy machine.

Rei: Zak, Makoto's foolishness nearly killed Chibiusa to the Leveler at Mount Warning.

Zak: Are you OK, Chibiusa?

Chibiusa: I'm fine.

Zak: What about Ami?

Makoto: She's researching the Rainforest Crystal.

(Ami analyzes the Rainforest Crystal and the Silver Crystal.)

(Back at FernGully, Pips is looking for Crysta.)

Pips: (calling for her) Crysta! Crysta! Minako!

(The Beetle Boys zoom up on their beetles.)

Stump: Whoa! Hey!

(Stump shoves his friends back in line with his arm again.)

Pips: Any sign of her?

Stump: Let's go back. She's probably just back home havin' dinner.

Root: Yeah, or she's somebody else's dinner. (laughs)

Pips: Look, boys. She's fine. Now, keep looking.

(The Beetle Boys fly through the rainforest to look for Crysta with Pips following behind them.)

Stump: We're looking, we're looking.

Bark: Okay, yeah, we're looking.

Knotty: We're looking. What are we looking for?

Root: Look at us look. We're looking.

Stump: Oh, look!

(Pips and the Beetle Boys come across Zak's stereo that he lost recently.)

Root: (curious) Oh, is that what we're looking for?


(Later that night, Usagi and her friends are in a portable headquarters. Luna and Artemis study images of the black tree that Hexxus is imprisoned in.)

Makoto: Now all we need are marshmallows and a ghost story.

Rei: We have no marshmallows, but I do have a story from Magi Lune. Long time ago, the fairies of FernGully once lived in harmony with humans, but they had been driven away by the evil spirit of destruction. His name is Hexxus. Magi used the magic powers of nature, a powerful spell that imprisoned Hexxus in a tree.

Usagi: A baobab tree we saw at Mount Warning.

Chibiusa: (gasps) What if the lumberjacks cut down an enchanted tree and release Hexxus?

Minako: Don't worry, Chibiusa. The loggers ignore the forbidden tree.

Ami: Usagi, you're watch after our guest.

Usagi: Okay.

(Usagi leaves a portable HQ to see Crysta and Zak. Crysta rests on a tree mushroom, while Zak leaps onto each mushroom to get to Crysta. The camera pans out to see the full view of the tree mushrooms.)

Zak: This is so incredible!

Crysta: What are the trees like where you live?

Zak: Not like this. I live in a city.

Crysta: City?

Zak: Yeah, buildings, traffic, roads, lights... a city. Most humans live in cities. There's not many trees there.

Crysta: But how can you live without trees?

Zak: Easy.

Crysta: But trees give life, they make the clouds, the rain, the air.

Zak: We've got air.

Batty Koda: Yeah, if you don't mind getting all your minerals in one breath. (coughs)

Crysta: Don't you miss talking to the forest?

Zak: Can't say I've actually talked with a forest before.

Crysta: I do all the time.

Zak: What does it say?

Crysta: Well, listen.

Usagi: Okay, I'm listening.

(The camera pans through the tree tops, where it catches the variety of animals living in them: A tree lemur, numbat, a pair of possums who embrace each other and then run away from an owl, a gecko, a pair of tree frogs who croak as they off up their chests, a snail who yawns as it slithers up a tree branch, and a flock of butterflies flying past.)

(Song: Raining Like Magic)

Raffi: ♪ It's raining like magic, ♪

♪ It's falling like starlight, ♪

♪ It's raining like magic, ♪

♪ It's raining life. ♪

♪ The forest is breathing, ♪

♪ And ferns are rejoicing, ♪

♪ The trees are all singing, ♪

♪ Hey, it's raining life! ♪

Chorus: ♪ Raining like magic, ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, ♪

♪ It's raining life. ♪

(The camera stops back at the mushroom with Crysta and Zak sitting there.)

Zak: So what about you, Crysta? I mean, what do fairies do anyway?

Crysta: Do?

Zak: Yeah, I mean, do you have jobs or anything?

Crysta: What-What's a job?

Zak: Guess that answers that question. Look, um, what do you do all day?

Crysta: Mm, help things grow.

Zak: Yeah? That sounds cool.

Crysta: No. Usually, it's warm.

Zak: No, no. Cool means hot.

Crysta: What?

Zak: Yeah. You know... bodacious, bad, tubular.

Batty Koda: (sarcastically) Awesome use of the language, dude.

Zak: As in, You are one bodacious babe.

Crysta: And that's good. I mean cool.

Zak: Yeah. We're communicating now.

Crysta: Tubular.

Batty: (snoring)

(Chibiusa writes in her diary in her room at Usagi's mobile home.)

Chibiusa (thinking): Usagi discovered a new world. It was FernGully, home of the fairies. Crysta found a human at Mount Warning. His name is Zak, Mamoru's good friend.

(Rei's nightmare: Rei looks at Old High Rise. She looks over and with horror as the Leveler arrives with Hexxus on the cab.)

Rei: Hexxus!

(Rei watches in horror as the Leveler brings the saw to cut down Old High Rise. Hexxus cackles menacingly and slides his finger, symbolizing the death of FernGully. Rei wakes up from her nightmare.)

Minako: Nightmare, Rei?

Rei: Yeah.

A Human in FernGully[]

(The next morning, Crysta wakes up to hear chopping. Zak is using his pocket knife to carve Crysta's name on the bark.)

Zak: Morning!

Crysta: What are you doing?

Zak: Carving your name. See? C-R-Y-S...

Crysta: No, no, you mustn't do that. Here. Can't you feel its pain?

Zak: Its pain?

Crysta: Yes.

Batty Koda: Humans can't feel anything, they're numb from the brain down.

Crysta: Oh, Zak. (to Batty Koda) He doesn't understand.

Zak: Did I say something wrong? So, uh, which way to FernGully?

Crysta: Oh! (Zak pushes a leaf boat into the river.)

Zak: Isn't this great? Wow! What is this place?

Crysta: This is FernGully.

(However, their boat passes over a waterfall, leaving Crysta hovering in mid-air with her wings and Zak falling down the waterfall, until a hand catches Zak's arm, as the hand belongs to Stump.)

Stump: Hey, Crysta, what's this? (Zak yells)

Crysta: Careful, Stump. He's a human.

Zak: Hey!

(Knotty tickles Zak's belly with his long tongue.)

Root: Hey, hey! How does it taste?

(Knotty then blows a raspberry, and Zak falls into the mouth of Root, who munches on Zak's hair and paws on his head, making Zak uncomfortable.)

Zak: Hey!

Stump: (confused) A hoo-man? (He shifts his lower jaw and bulges his eyes.)

Knotty: Is this what we're lookin' for?

Zak: Let go of me!

Stump: (shouting unintelligibly)

(The Beetle Boys take him to FernGully.)

Zak: Crysta!

Crysta: Hey, that's my human!

Zak: Hey!

(Fortunately, Zak escapes them by grabbing on a vine. He does a somersault and lands on the ground, dusting off his arm. Batty then swoops in.)

Batty Koda: Oh, no! (He crashes into a tree root and falls down, believing he's blind.) I'm blind! Oh, no! (waits a beat) I can see! It's a miracle! Another perfect landing. No worries. I'm okay. Thank you for caring. (A couple of fairy kids pass him by.) It's just a few bruises. (becomes sad) Nobody cares about me.

Zak: I do, bat man.

Batty Koda: You sure?

Zak: I'm positive.

Batty Koda: (doubtful) Only fools are positive.

Zak: Are you sure?

Batty Koda: I'm positive. (waits another beat) I fell for it! I should have known!

Crysta: Come on, Zak! (grabs Zak)

Usagi: Here's Crysta, Elder. She's safe and sound.

Crysta's Father: Crysta, we were so worried about you. What the heck is that?

Crysta: Father, I'd like you to meet Zak.

Zak: Hi.

Crysta: He's a bodacious babe.

Crysta's Father: A what?

Crysta: He's a human!

Crysta's Father: Somehow I thought they'd be bigger like Usagi.

Crysta: Well, I had a little accident, and he sort of shrank. But just think, humans back in the forest.

Batty Koda: Yep, there goes the neighborhood.

Crysta: Be nice, Batty.

Batty Koda: First thing, all these trees go. Then come your highways, then come your shopping malls and your parking lots and your convenience stores, and then come...

Makoto: Batty, FernGully is perfectly safe.

Batty: FernGully safe? Survey says, uh-uh, wrong answer. (Zak turns on Batty's electric channel to quiet him) Price check on prune juice, Bob. Price check on prune juice.

(Chibiusa sees Ami painting a picture of Old High Rise on her sketch book.)

Chibiusa: Ami, you sketching this rain forest, home to the fairies?

Ami: Yes, Chibiusa.

Minako: Pips!

Pips: Minako! Crysta! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for ya.

Crysta: Pips, you won't believe what I found. Isn't he amazing?

Zak: Shouldn't we be charging admission for this?

Pips: That's all you've got to say? I've been out all night, and you want to show me this weird creature here?

Crysta: This weird creature is a human.

Mamoru: Zak is a friend of mine.

Pips: Hmm. He's kinda small, ain't he? (Whistles)

All: Look out! (Fairies flee as a kangaroo arrives. Its baby pulls Zak's lost stereo out of its mother's pouch.)

Usagi: A walkman. I wonder who belonged it.

Crysta's Father: Uh, Pips, why don't you tell us about your strange treasure?

Pips: Oh. Well, it's simple, really. It's hard like stone, yet, uh... yet it's hollow. And, uh, yeah, it has this, uh, it has this little vine coming out of it and... and...

Zak: It's my stereo.

Rei: That's your walkman, Zak?

Pips: Look, I found it, so I'll explain it, all right?

Zak: Okay. Then what is it?

Pips: Well, it's obviously, um...

Fairies: Yeah?

Pips: Obviously, it's, uh...

Usagi: It's what? (Zak pushes a button, causing a stereo to play a music. The fairies flee. Luna, Artemis and Diana yowl.)

Zak: Where are you going?

Crysta's Father: It's alive!

Fairy 1: And it's noisy!

Zak: It's a recording of music.

Crysta's Father: Well, I don't know what a recording is, but I know what music is, and that is not music.

(Song: Land of a Thousand Dances)

Zak (Singing): ♪ Come on, everybody, gather 'round! ♪

(Speaking) Come on!

(Speaking): ♪ Na, na-na-na-na na-na-na-na, ♪

♪ Na-na-na na-na-na, ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na! ♪

Zak: I need somebody to help me! Come on!

Recording: ♪ Na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na! ♪

Zak: Rock out, fairies! Come on! Move, move, move! Get the beat!

Recording: ♪ You gotta know how to pony, ♪

♪ Like Bony Maronie! ♪

Batty Koda: (complaining) Audio pollution! Oh! Oh! (He grabs two fairies and plugs them in his ears to block out the music.)

Recording: ♪ Hot potato, ♪

♪ Do the alligator, ♪

♪ Put your hands on your hips, yeah! ♪

♪ Let the backbone slip, ♪

♪ Do the Watusi, ♪

♪ With my little Lucy, ♪

♪ Come on! ♪

Zak: Whoo-hoo!

Recording: ♪ Na, na-na-na-na na-na-na-na, ♪

♪ Na-na-na na-na-na! ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na, ♪

♪ Na, na-na-na-na na-na-na-na, ♪

♪ Na-na-na na-na-na! ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ♪

(Zak and Crysta dance, much to Pips' jealous.)

♪ It sure feels good, yeah! ♪

♪ Like I knew it would, ♪

♪ Feel all right, yeah, ♪

♪ You know, way down in the alley, ♪

♪ Long, tall Sally, ♪

♪ Whoo! ♪

♪ Twistin' with the new thing, ♪

(Luna sees Magi Lune watching Zak from a tree)

♪ Doin' the Watusi, ♪

♪ Roll over on your back, yeah, ♪

♪ I like it like that, ♪

♪ Push it through the jerk, ♪

♪ And then watch me! ♪

♪ Watch me work! ♪ (Pips grabs Zak)

Pips: Hey! (slams Zak into Stump) Come with me and the boys! We'll give you a taste of real FernGully wildlife. Unless, of course, you're not up to it, Zap.

Zak: (brushes Pips aside) I'm up to anything you can dish out, bud.

(Stump grabs Zak by the shoulders and throws him into the air, where Zak lands on Knotty's beetle. Just as Knotty takes Zak for a ride, Crysta stops him in his tracks.)

Crysta: Not now, Pips.

Root: (bummed out) Nuts!

(Makoto picks up Zak's stereo and tucks it in her skirt.)

Crysta: Come on, Zak.

(Crysta takes Zak somewhere private.)

Usagi: Crysta, where are you taking Zak? (follows Crysta with her friends.)

Knotty: Hey! Hey, where they goin'?

Pips: (jealously) See you around, Zag.

(Ami shows her picture to her friends.)

Usagi: Ami, your painting is very distinctive!

Ami: It's very unique.

Makoto: We found Zak's stereo he lost at Mount Warning. (Mamoru reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Zune.)

Mamoru: Zak, I have a Zune. It’s got 300 songs on it.

Zak: 300 songs?

Mamoru: Usagi, want to listen to this?

Usagi: Sure.

(Usagi plays Mamoru's Zune to listen to "Moonlight Legend", the title theme of Sailor Moon.)

Usagi: This song is classic.

Artemis: Minako, we're got to tell Magi Lune about Usagi and her friends in FernGully.

Minako: Right. Well, Crysta, I guess you better go find Magi and get Zak unshrunk.

Zak: There's no hurry, Minako.

Crysta: No, I promised.

Zak: Let it wait 'til tomorrow. Come here.

Crysta: No, I've got to tell her about you anyway. Wait here with Usagi. I'll be back as soon as I can find her.

Usagi: Chibiusa, I have to see Magi. I need you to watch the little man. Okay?

Chibiusa: Okay.

(Chibiusa sees Zak attempting to catch up with Crysta. She picks him up.)


(Crysta is back at Magi Lune's home and explains her adventure to Magi.)

Crysta: Oh, Magi, I've got so much to tell you. I went to Mount Warning, and I found a human. Well, come on. I want you to meet him. (Usagi arrives at Magi Lune's home.) Usagi!

Usagi: That's Magi Lune. (Usagi and her friends all curtsy to Magi.)

Rei: You're Magi Lune.

Makoto: Humans are back in the forest.

Ami: We humans came to FernGully.

Minako: Magi, we are the Sailor Guardians, who came to protect the forest.

Chibiusa: (holds the Rainforest Crystal) Magi, you're been waiting forever to find the Rainforest Crystal.

Diana: Crysta, my parents and I told Magi about Usagi and her friends are humans in FernGully.

Magi Lune: Usagi Tsukino, you have the Legendary Silver Crystal. It guided you to found the Rainforest Crystal.

Luna: Crysta, you are learning magic. Artemis and I will help you. (Crysta is surprised to hear Luna and Artemis are here to help her learn her powers.)

(Later, Crysta taking care of the baby animals)

Crysta: Come on, follow me. Your turn, Nugget. Come on, Wal, one more time. Bandy, you're next.

Usagi: Crysta, you babysitting the baby animals?

Crysta: Yes. The reason the forest is cool and green below...

(The Beetle Boys flyby)

Crysta: It's all right. It's just those Beetle Boys up to their tricks again. The canopy keeps us safe from the harsh rays of the sun...

Knotty: Hey, Stump, what are we gonna do today?

Stump: Duh, what are we doing today, Pips?

Pips: Well, let's see. We could... Ah, who knows? Same as yesterday, I guess. Same as any old day in the forest.

Root: I thought you liked FernGully, Pips.

Pips: Yeah, FernGully is the most beautiful place I know. But let's face it, boys, it's the only place I know. And I get tired of it sometimes.

Minako: I know you get tired of this place, Pips, but you must behave Zak.

(Chibiusa sees Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru arrive with four baby trees planted in a pots written "Mugenzu", "Tenohzu", "Kaiohzu" and "Meiohzu".)

Chibiusa: Hey! Hotaru! Setsuna!

Usagi: Crysta, I'd like you to meet Haruka Tenou, Michiru Kaiou, Setsuna Meiou and Hotaru Tomoe.

Crysta: Nice to meet you, Haruka.

Haruka: A real fairy, huh?

Michiru: That's a real fairy.

Crysta: Very nice to meet you, Michiru. Setsuna and Hotaru, nice to meet you.

Hotaru: Usagi, you're discovered a new world called FernGully. Chibiusa told me.

Setsuna: This world is full of fairies.

Rei: You plant these baby trees in the rainforest to match a map of Sankakusu back at Tokyo.

Crysta: (to baby animals) We can keep dry, hiding underneath leaves. We can keep ourselves safe, hiding inside of trees.

Pips: Down.

Crysta: Oh, you need some water. (Pips blows a cherry out of his pipes at Crysta.) Oh! Hey... Pips!

(Crysta pulls a vines and Pips gains his flight.)

Pips: Whoa!

Crysta: Nice of you to drop in, Pips. I know you can't resist a gardening lesson. (gives a plant the water.)

Beetle Boys: Cor! Wow!

Pips: Down here, Miss Smarty-pants. Let the legend show you how to do it. (Plays his pipes and flowers grow but quickly wilt. Usagi giggles.)

Root: Way to go, Pips.

Pips: Beat that, Crysta.

Crysta: Magi Lune taught me that magic is too precious to waste on silly games.

Wal and Bandy: Ah...

Nugget: Oh...

Crysta: Well... just this once, then. (uses her magic to grow a seed. Pips claps his hands.)

Pips: Oh, yeah. Real impressive.

Wal: Go on, Crysta.

Nugget: Yeah, show him.

Luna: Concentrate, Crysta. Help it grow. (Crysta uses her magic and grows a tree)

Usagi: Wow! Whoa!

Ami: (surprised) Crysta, you manage to call on the magic powers of the web of life? (Crysta nods yes)

Pips: Just what we need - another tree. Big deal. The forest is full of them. Personally, I'd like to see something new. Come on, boys.

Stump: Hey!

Bark: Wow... She grew a tree. A whole tree.

Crysta: You can try one too, Bark. But remember- magic is not just for fun and games.

Bark: I'll remember. (Bark tries to grow a seed but fails.) Oh...

Crysta: You'll learn to do it someday, Bark. Watch. I'll show you how to start a sprout.

Pips: Don't waste your time on that boring stuff, Bark. Come on, boys. Let's go find a little action.

Batty: Emergency! Incoming! Run for your lives!

Crysta: Did you hear that, Pips?

Makoto: Sounds like Batty.

Batty: They're coming. Women and bats first! Out of my way. I'm an endangered species. (bumps a tree) Ooof!

Crysta: Batty, calm down. What is it?

Batty: Mayday. We're going down. This is Chopper One. We're going down. Help.

Crysta: I'm sorry, Batty. I don't understand.

Batty: Two words - hu... man! (slides down a tree)

Crysta: Humans?

Batty: Hu, hu, hu, hu...

Crysta: Where are the humans, Batty?

Batty: Where are the humans? I'll tell you. They're right behind me. Run for it!

Pips: Batty, Haruka Tenou, Michiru Kaiou, Setsuna Meiou and Hotaru Tomoe just came in FernGully.

Batty: Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru are the humans? The other humans are coming. Lounge around all you want in your fungal furniture. I'm outta here. I'm a ghost. I'm history. You can't see me. Bye-bye now. (crashes into a branches.) No way, Jos. You won't find old Batty hanging around.

Michiru: (holding the Deep Aqua Mirror) Those humans behind Batty Koda were the poachers.

Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Chibiusa: The poachers? (A dogs growl.)

Crysta: What's that? (a dogs bark.) What's happening?

Minako: What the hell?

(Slasher and Boof jump and bark at the animals. Luna, Artemis and Diana meow in terror. A poacher truck arrives, knocking a trees down. A branches fall.)

Pips: Crysta, look out! (knocks Crysta out of a falling branch. Mac exits a truck.)

Crysta: A human!

Zak: A poacher!

Batty: Yeesh! And an ugly one at that.

(Mac uses a whip.)

Mac: Go, Slasher. Go, Boof. (Slasher and Boof chase the animals)

Nugget: Yikes! (skids a stop and jumps over Boof, who bumps into a fallen tree.)

(Bandy is caught in a net. Wal is also caught in a net. Nugget hits Boof in the face with his feet. He tries to run away, but Slasher catches on him and so is Boof. Nugget is caught in a bag.)

Mac: Gotcha! (Boof shakes a spikes off his mouth) Pathetic animal. Let's see what we have got today. Don't ruin his fur, you stupid mutt. (Slaps Slasher with a whip) Oh, another wombat. Ooh, a little bandicoot. Cute. Oh, just a joey kangaroo. You'll make a nice pair of slippers. (chuckles evilly)

(Boss, tangled with seat-belts, exits)

Boss: Why'd they have to make these things so complicated?

Mac: Beats me, Boss.

Boss: Well, what did we get?

Mac: Three more, Boss.

Boss: Splendid.

(A poachers left. The group watch.)

Batty: There's three animals we'll never see again.

Crysta: No, this can't be happening!

Batty: Maybe it's a terrible dream. Maybe I'll pinch myself and wake up. (pinches himself) Ouch! I'm awake! So those animals are really gone. And humans will buy them or sell them or eat them or wear them! Oh, and experiment with them.

Crysta: But they're only babies. Their parents... Oh, what will I tell them?

Luna: Usagi, you must stop the poachers.

Artemis: Minako, you have to save the baby animals. (Minako nods determined.)

Poacher Camp[]

(In the poacher camp, Boss is looking in the trunk while humming.)

Boss: (thinks a bug) Agh, a bug! (pulls out a cellphone and uses it to stomp a bug. He looks a broken phone) Just a bit of dirt! (Wolf howls) What was that?

Mac: Relax, Boss. Just think of all the money we'll make when we sell those baby animals.

Boss: Huh? I'm trying to relax. I tell ya, Mac, I don't know how you put up with this outdoorsy life.

Mac: You're doing all right, Boss. Roughing it will put hair on your chest.

Boss: Maybe so... I still prefer bubble baths and room service.

Mac: Hmm... I'm with you there. (Boss shoos a bug, almost knocking a lantern) Careful, Boss. Don't wanna burn down a thousand years of rain forest, do we?

Boss: What do I care? Wait a minute. Rain forest? How can you set fire to a rain forest?

Mac: Trust me, Boss, it'll go up. And if it does, it'll be the end of your little hunting trip.

Boss: It won't just be the end of my little hunting trip. Blasted bugs. I'll get you! (Mac throws a knife at the bug, killing it) Nice shot. (Mac snickers)

(Rei and Michiru watch from a tree.)

Rei: You doing a mirror divination for new information we need?

Michiru: The poachers have names. One is Mac and another is Boss. They have two dogs. Their names were Slasher and Boof.

Boof: Boof, boof!

Mac: What are you looking at? Get over there and guard the animals. And don't let me catch you sleeping on the job.

Boss: That gives me a real creepy feeling, right down my spine. (A spider bites Boss in the butt. He jumps screaming in pain and lands on the ground. Mac chuckles.)

(That night, Boof falls asleep. Minako watches from the brush. She runs back to the group.)

Minako: The poachers were asleep. Let's transform.

Usagi: Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!

Chibiusa: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

Ami: Mercury Planet Power, Make Up!

Rei: Mars Planet Power, Make Up!

Makoto: Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up!

Minako: Venus Planet Power, Make Up!

Setsuna: Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!

(The Pluto planet symbol appears. Setsuna raises her hand in the air, shouts the phrase and her fingernails turn red. Setsuna's body turns into a red silhouette against a purple background. Storm of sand (aka the sands of time/an hourglass) stir up around her. She then twirls around in the midst of it before the sand comes down on her and the Garnet Rod is shown to be held by Sailor Pluto who had the Pluto Symbol appears on her forehead and her tiara is formed. She twirls around before striking a pose in front of the dwarf planet Pluto in the background against a purple sky.)

Haruka: Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!

(The Uranus planet symbol appears. Haruka raises her hand in the air, shouts the phrase and her fingernails turn gold. White rose petals fly by, followed by red rose petals. Haruka's body turns into a gold silhouette against a green background. Gold energy spreads all over her with her back turned creating her Sailor Fuku. Then her gloves and boots are created. She turns around, flips her hair and the Uranus Symbol appears on her forehead and her tiara is formed. The Uranus Symbol appears one more time and Sailor Uranus makes a final pose in front of the planet Uranus in the background against a purple sky.)

Michiru: Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!

(The Neptune planet symbol appears. Michiru raises her hand in the air, shouts the phrase and her fingernails turn green. Michiru's body turns into a dark-green silhouette against a dark blue background. Michiru then spins around, which creates a thin circle outline of water around her before outstretching her arms and the seawater rises up, submerging her. Once the water is gone she flips her hair and the Neptune Symbol appears on her forehead and her tiara is formed. She twirls around and strikes her final pose in front of the planet Neptune in the background against a green sky.)

Hotaru: Saturn Planet Power, Make Up!

(The Saturn planet symbol appears. Hotaru raises her hand in the air, shouts the phrase and her fingernails turn purple. Hotaru's body turns into a purple silhouette against a dark purple background. The Saturn Symbol appears on her forehead and she transformed instantly into Sailor Saturn after her tiara is formed. She sweeps down into her finishing pose, holding her Silence Glaive in front of the planet Saturn in the background against a purple sky.)

(Nugget sticks his head out of the bag.)

Nugget: (to baby ostriches) Shh. (Nugget frees himself. He chews a bag holding Wal. Slasher wakes up.) Yikes! (Nugget hides as Slasher looks at the animals and went to sleep. Nugget frees Wal.)

Wal: Nugget!

Nugget: Quiet. (Nugget and Wal free Bandy. Nugget tries to open a cage holding baby ostriches to no anvil) I need your help. (uses ostrich's beck to unlock a cage.)

Mrs. K: Nugget! Nugget!

Nugget: Hi, Mom. How ya doin'?

Mrs. K: Shh. (Nugget, Wal and the animals slide down on Mrs. K. Slasher starts to wake up.)

Wal: You can do it, Bandy.

Nugget: Come on, Bandy. It's easy.

(Slasher growls and the animals run.)

Crysta: Mrs. K, look out! (starts taunting Slasher) You're not so tough. (Slasher bumps into a tree) Or fast.

(Bandy jumps onto Boof, waking him up. Mrs. K beats him up. Mac wakes up.)

Mac: Huh? What the...? (Bandy runs under Mac's hat) My hat!

Pips: Boys, we've found ourselves some action. (Blows a cherries out of his pipes and Boss wakes up, yelping.)

Root: Nice shot.

Knotty: Yeah, yeah!

Stump: Get him!

Boss: Bugs! We're surrounded by bugs! I'll get you...

Stump: That guy could lose some weight.

Root: You should talk.

Boss: (accidentally steps on a porcupine) Yowwww! (The Beetle Boys throw a cherries at Boss.)

Root: Word up!

Mac: (gets his hat back) Who are you?

Sailor Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I'll punish you!

Sailor Chibi Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian trainee who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Chibi Moon. And now in the name of the future moon I'll punish you.

Sailor Mercury: Protected by Mercury, the planet of water. The Guardian of Wisdom. I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!

Sailor Mars: Protected by Mars, the planet of fire. The Guardian of War. I am Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you.

Sailor Jupiter: Protected by Jupiter, the planet of thunder. The Guardian of Protection. I am Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!

Sailor Venus: Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty. The Guardian of Love. I am Sailor Venus! Allow me to punish you with love.

Sailor Pluto: Protected by Pluto the Planet of Underworld. Guardian of Space and Time. I am Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Neptune: Protected by Neptune, the Planet of Oceans. Guardian of Deep Sea. I am Sailor Neptune!

Sailor Uranus: Protected by Uranus, the Planet of the Wind. Guardian of Heavens. I am Sailor Uranus!

Sailor Saturn: Protected by Saturn the Planet of Ruin, Guardian of Silence, I am Sailor Saturn!

Sailor Moon: Poaching is against the law.

(Slasher chases Crysta)

Crysta: Can't you do better than that?

Goanna: Hmm... Dog food... (Slasher runs away, yelping. Goanna and Crysta both laugh.) I like that. What's next?

Crysta: Come on. Let's get back and help the others.

Pips: (plays his pipes) Over here. Hurry. Let's go.

Boss: I hate bugs! (using a torch.)

Pips: Look out!

Boss: I'll squash you like a... Like a bug!

(While Boss is swinging, he sets a fire on a grass. Sailor Neptune begins to play her violin, forcing the poachers to cover their ears in pain. Boss falls down and torch lands on a grass.)

Pips: Follow me!

Sailor Moon: (seeing fire) Fire!

Sailor Uranus: (seeing fire as well while using the World Shaking) Fu--[bleep]!

Mac: (seeing fire and recaptures a animals) Get in the truck - now!

Boss: Let's go! Step on it! Let's get out of here. Leave the dogs.

Mrs. K. My baby... Nugget! My Nugget! (Slasher jumps into a truck, leaving Boof behind.)

Mac: Stupid dog.

Mrs. K: My baby! (starts crying)

Sailor Venus: We have to stop a fire before it spreads in FernGully!

Sailor Mars: I'm afraid my attacks were fire.

Sailor Mercury: My attack was water. Mercury Aqua Mirage! (Mercury summons a globe of water, which is then split into several streams that are shot toward her target; when the streams make contact, the target is engulfed by a larger globe of water, which then extinguishes fire.)

Sailor Neptune: You won't put out fire yourself, Mercury.

Sailor Mercury: Neptune!

Sailor Neptune: Deep Submerge! (To perform the attack, she lifts her arms above her head and brings them down, sending a ball of blue energy shaped like the planet Neptune towards fire.)

(Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune use their water-type attacks to extinguish fire.)

The Rescuers/We Belong[]

(Pips sees a large part of the rainforest was destroyed by a fire.)

Tuxedo Mask: (shaking his fist) Fire had destroyed large part of this forest. Damn!

Crysta: Oh, Father, there's so much healing needed. I don't know where to start.

Crysta's Father: There are many of us to help. It will take all of our love and care. But some things, my dear, even with all our magic, do not mend quickly.

(Crysta flies to Pips and hold their hands. Sailor Moon sees Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus carrying an exhausted Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune.)

Fairy Girl 1: Crysta!

(Crysta and Pips fly to the cave where Mother Kangaroo is scarred by fire.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Poor Mrs. K.

Sailor Jupiter: Mrs. K is hurt!

Pips: How's Mrs. K?

Fairy Girl 2: She needs more water.

Pips: I'll get it.

Crysta: I'm so sorry, Mother. They were in my care and were my responsibility.

Mrs K: No, Crysta. There is no way to prepare for humans which Sailor Venus called the poachers. I only hope he knows I love him.

Pips: I'll bring him back so he can tell you himself.

Crysta: Pips!

Pips: Me, the Beetle Boys and the Sailor Guardians will go after those humans and rescue the babies. Well, someone has to do it.

Crysta: Pips, none of us has been outside the forest.

Sailor Mars: Crysta, you're been outside the forest by going to Mount Warning.

Batty: And they're probably in the town by now.

Pips: What's "the town"?

Tuxedo Mask: I know the town. One of a human settlements.

Batty: Yes, Tuxedo Mask. The town is no place for little bugs like you. It's full of weedkiller, television, tax attorneys. It's a horrible place.

Pips: You mean we should give up, without trying to find the babies?

Batty: In a word, yes.

Sailor Venus: We can't give up.

Pips: Well, I'm not afraid of any old weedkiller.

Stump: And if a television tries any funny business with me, whammo!

Stump, Knotty and Pips: Yeah!

Batty: I'm surrounded by idiots! Except this one, I like her. The girl can stay.

Pips: To the town!

Beetle Boys: Yeah!

Root: Uh... which way do we go, Pips?

Pips: Hmm... Batty?

Batty: I'm not telling.

Pips: Batty...

Batty: No, no, no.

Pips: You know better than any of us the terrible things humans do to animals. That's what'll happen to those babies unless we rescue them.

Batty: So true. (wears a military helmet) I'm coming with you. You wouldn't last two minutes without me leading the way.

Pips: I thought you were scared of humans.

Batty: Scared? Huh! Moi? Course I am. You gotta be batty not to be afraid of humans. I mean, have you ever seen one eat an oyster? It's terrible.

Sailor Moon: You're coming with us, Zak.

Zak: These poachers in the town, right, Sailor Moon?

Sailor Mercury: Zak, Magi said that she promised she get you unshrunk if we're rescue the baby animals.

Magi Lune: You must go after those humans and rescue the babies. We're counting on you, Sailor Moon!

Bark: We'll miss you, Crysta.

Crysta: (gives a bag) I want you to take this with you.

Bark: Oops! Fairy dust!

Crysta: Look after it. And remember what I told you.

Bark: You bet I will.

Pips: Good luck, Crysta.

Crysta: Good luck to you, Pips. Good luck, Sailor Moon.

(Song: We Belong)

Sailor Uranus: Let's go, Sailor Moon!

Pips: Don't worry, Crysta. We won't let FernGully down.

(The Sailor Guardians, Pips, the Beetle Boys and Batty leave while Crysta and the fairies fly to their home to do healing.)

I'm into the great unknown,

The ones we love are so far from home

On them we are depending,

For our happy ending

When everything is going wrong,

Stick together we must be strong

Hope it's something to live for,

That's not too much to ask for

Remember, we have each other

They can't take that away

Soon we will be together we will say

We belong

Up against our lives to be strong

A dream is something to live for

And that's all we ask for

We will be strong

Because we belong

We belong


We belong

We belong

We belong

Hexxus Taking Over[]

(Back at Mount Warning, Hexxus' tree is being locked on target by Ralph using the Leveler's camera.)

Ralph: Hey, Ton', still no sign of Zak?

Tony: He had day off, Ralph.

(The Leveler has its right arm holding the tree in place and brings the saw to cut it down. However, it causes the entire machine to shake, triggering its alarm, catching Tony by surprise. He stammers in tune with the shaking.)

Tony: What is that?!

Ralph: Hey, Ton', you think the Leveler can handle this baby?

Tony: Sure, the Leveler eats everything.

Ralph: Kinda like you.

(Tony raises the throttle to keep the arms steady, turns off the blaring alarm and then grabs Ralph by the collar.)

Tony: How many times a day I gotta threaten your life?

(As Tony dumps Ralph back in his seat, the tree has been cut down and is being carried by a series of saw blade conveyors. It then passes through the grinders that strip the tree of its bark. Next, a conveyor belt then carries the tree through a circular saw that cuts the tree in half. Next, the tree halves are cut into sheets of lumber by overhead saw blades. Finally, the sheets of lumber slide down the chute and land in a robotic arm that sets the sheets down on a table. That's when Hexxus emerges from the remains of the tree.)

Hexxus: (demonic whispering) Hexxus.

(He emerges from the pile of sheets as a sludge blob-like being as he slithers on a pipe and kisses it to taste the oil. He laughs evilly as slithers up the pipe past the Leveler's machinery as a cloud of steam obscures him. Hexxus keeps climbing and kissing the pipe to taste the oil. He then travels inside an open pipe and closes the hatch. Meanwhile, the Sailor Guardians, Pips, the Beetle Boys and Batty fly after the poachers.)

Stump: (yelling for action)

Root: (laugh) We're coming for you, babies!

Sailor Jupiter: Those poachers cannot hide forever.

Sailor Chibi Moon: The fairies are counting on us.

Sailor Mercury: We won't let FernGully down.

(The Sailor Guardians, Pips, the Beetle Boys and Batty come to an old windmill being rebuilt.)

Sailor Moon: The old mill.

Zak: Humans rebuilt the old mill. The wood will be put to good use. (Sailor Mars feels something and looks back.)

Sailor Moon: What is it, Mars?

Sailor Mars: (thinking) Something's wrong. Is Hexxus escaped from the enchanted tree?

Sailor Venus: Is something wrong?

Sailor Mars: No. Everything's all right.

(Sailor Saturn feels a disturbance.)

Sailor Uranus: What is it, Saturn?

Sailor Neptune: (holding the Deep Aqua Mirror) I getting something.

Sailor Saturn: (thinking) The great evil had been released.

(Meanwhile, as the Leveler continues its rampage of destruction, Hexxus slithers out of an exhaust stack and smacks his lips.)

Hexxus: Mmm, delicious. A first-class smoke. (breathes a plume of smoke) Mother's milk. (He then looks at the Leveler for the first time in over a thousand years.) Oh, what is this delightful thing, and how did I get out of that tree? (He slithers to the front of the machine and extends his neck.) Of course, humans. What wonderful creatures. So clever, so helpful. (The camera pans down to focus on Tony and Ralph, who ogle at a pin-up poster. Hexxus brings his neck back and comes up with a evil plan.) I must have the legendary Rainforest Crystal which means taking this wonderful human thing to... FernGully!

(As the two friends chill out in the cab, Hexxus grabs their attention over the loudspeaker.)

Hexxus: (over the PA system) New orders, boys: You're going to FernGully, and you have three days. I want you there by morning on the third day.

Tony: (doubtfully) By morning on the third day? Oh, I don't know if we can do that.

(The camera cuts inside the air vent, where Hexxus speaks into the loudspeaker.)

Hexxus: You'll just have to work harder, then. Double shifts. No breaks.

Tony: No breaks?

Hexxus: And make sure you got lots of... oil.

Tony: (presses the intercom button) Roger that. We'll give her the gas.

Ralph: Hey, Ton', you know what this means.

Tony: Yeah. (snickering) Beaucoup overtime. (He then raises the throttle to power up the Leveler.)

Hexxus: Oh, what a miraculous device. (snickering) I'm really getting the hang of this. (He slithers deep within the bowels of the machine.) I do believe we are destined to be soul mates. (He slithers onto a pipe and grabs onto a pair of cables.)

(Song: Toxic Love)

Hexxus: ♪ Hit me one time! ♪

♪ Hit me twice! ♪

(As Hexxus grabs onto the cables, his skeleton form appears. Then, the electricity shocks him and turns him into a bodacious, smog-like being as he was before.)

♪ Oh, ah! ♪

♪ Oh, that's rather nice. ♪

♪ Oil and grime, ♪

♪ Poison sludge. ♪

(He flings a wad of sludge onto a pipe, where it evaporates into steam.)

♪ Diesel clouds and noxious muck. ♪

(He then floats through a square-patterned row of pipes.)

♪ Slime beneath me, mmm, ♪

♪ Slime up above. ♪

(He rises out of the engine room and through another air vent.)

♪ Ooh, you'll love my, ♪

♪ Oh, ah, oh, Toxic love! ♪

(Four different heads of Hexxus appear, as each head eats one another, until the last head of Hexxus is left, cackling, until he burps out a bubble.)

♪ I see the world, ♪

♪ And all the creatures in it. ♪

(Hexxus magically creates a vision of the world and the creatures living in Australia that are sucked into Hexxus' mouth, until he spits them out as goo.)

♪ I suck 'em dry, ♪

♪ And spit 'em out like spinach. ♪

♪ 'Cause greedy human beings, ♪

♪ Will always lend a hand, ♪

♪ With the destruction of this, ♪

♪ Worthless jungle land. ♪

♪ And what a beautiful machine, ♪

♪ They have provided, ♪

♪ To slice a patch of doom, ♪

♪ With my sweet breath to guide it! ♪

[Laughing Hysterically]

♪ Filthy brown acid rain, ♪

♪ Pouring down like egg chow mein, ♪

♪ Slime beneath me, ♪

♪ Mmm, slime up above. ♪

(Hexxus rises up to the Leveler's nuclear reactor. He spins the door lock wheel, opening the chamber door, as he shuffles inside and closes the door.)

♪ Ooh, you'll love my, ♪

♪ Oh, ah, oh, Toxic love! ♪

(The reactor powers up as Hexxus laughs evilly. Outside the Leveler, Hexxus appears out of the exhaust stacks and becomes a towering giant as he looks at his new form.)

Out on the Town/No Escape[]

(The Sailor Guardians, Pips, the Beetle Boys and Batty arrive at a town amusement park.)

Bark: Wow! Is that the town, Pips?

Pips: I don't think so. Batty says the town is really ugly. But that's beautiful.

Sailor Chibi Moon: A amusement park!

Knotty: Hey! (points a lights)

Stump: Pretty lights.

Knotty: Looks like all the fireflies are out tonight.

Root: Yeah. Maybe they heard we was coming to town.

Knotty: Come on. Let's introduce ourselves.

Root: Yeah. Uh... you first, Stump.

Stump: No, no, you first.

Knotty: It was your idea.

Root: Was not.

Batty: That buzzing noise means something bad, but I can't recall...

Root: Biggest first.

Stump: No, smallest first.

Bark: Hi there, little glow-worm. What's your name, cutie?

Batty: I remember! Don't touch it! It's... (accidentally plugs his finger into socket, electrocuting him) (screaming) Electricity! Dangerous. (coughs)

Pips: Batty, will you cut it out? Take a look at this, fellas.

Stump: I never knew there were so many humans in all the world.

Knotty: Those humans don't look so tough.

(The Sailor Guardians transform from their Sailor Guardian forms into their civilian forms.)

Pips: Let's take a closer look. Come on, Minako!

Minako: Sure.

Batty: Ooh, bad idea. I see disaster, ruin, peptic ulcers. Years of therapy!

Pips: Don't worry, Batty. This looks like fun.

Minako: We're coming, Pips!

(Song: Funner than the Funnest Fun)

♪Hey, hey, so much shine♪

♪Shine, shine, what a noise♪

♪So much shout and joy♪

♪So many people so happy♪

♪Go up, go down♪


♪This is good♪

♪More than good♪

♪Ah, there is no better, because there♪

Stump: This is really fun! I love this ride!

♪This is good♪

Pips: Watch out, Stump!

Knotty: Look out, Stump!

♪More than good♪

♪Here we want to stay♪

♪Play the tour, never stopping What madness, so much adventure♪

♪You will once again♪

♪One, two or three♪

♪Wheel, wheel, turn, turn♪


Man: Hey! Shoo, fly!

Root: Yum! (eats a cherry and burps)

♪This is good♪

♪More than good Oh, there is no better, because there♪

♪This is good♪

♪More than good♪

♪Here we want to stay♪

♪This is good♪

♪More than good♪

♪Oh, there is no better, because there♪

♪This is good♪

♪More than good♪

♪Here we want to stay♪♪

Batty: Hey, boy, fly. Why should I bother? They are completely out of control!

Usagi: This is fun! (Chibiusa dances around while holding her skirt) What's wrong?

Chibiusa: Where's the bathroom?

Ami: It's over there.

Chibiusa: Thank you, Ami! (rushes to the bathroom)

Minako: Let's meet up with Pips.

(Usagi and her friends follow Pips and the Beetle Boys.)

Stump: I can't get enough of this human world.

Root: Yeah, yeah. Sure is fun.

Batty: Oh, yes! Having fun, are we?

Knotty: That's right, pal.

Batty: Well, I've got a joke for you.

Knotty: Yeah!

Root: What? What? (Chibiusa runs back to the group.)

Batty: It's about some fairies brave and strong who volunteered to go to the scary, mean, human world of the human girls with super powers to rescue some poor, defenseless little...

Pips: Babies!

Usagi: Baby animals!

Batty: Oh, you've heard this one!

Pips: We don't know where to look, Batty.

Batty: They don't know where to look! Big surprise! I ain't afraid of no weedkiller. I'll find your little babies.

Pips: But this place is so big. And there are so many humans.

Stump: And they all look the same.

Pips: Those babies could be anywhere.

Makoto: (stretches her arms and yawns) This traveling gives a gal tired.

Rei: Let's get some sleep.

Ami: Let's set up the tents.

(Usagi and her friends set up a tents and a portable HQ.)

Batty: Better get some sleep. Human fun takes it outta you, let me tell you.

(Batty and the Beetle Boys were asleep.)

Minako: Don't worry, Pips. We're look for the babies.

(While Usagi and her friends are sleeping in their tents, Chibiusa writes in her diary in her tent.)

Chibiusa: (thinking) It's been last night since fire destroyed part of the rain forest. These heartless poachers had kidnapped the poor baby animals. We still have to save them.

(In the old warehouse, Mac and Boss were looking at the animals.)

Mac: You're not going anywhere tonight, little fella. (Slasher whimpers) Heel, Slasher, heel! You gotta smarten up, dog. No use pining for your pal. You got work to do. (closes a door) All those animals are tucked in and sound asleep, Boss.

Boss: (using a gun at the bugs) I don't know how anyone could sleep here. There are creepy-crawlies everywhere.

Mac: You just have to get used to 'em, Boss. Yeah. (chuckles) Those overseas buyers will pay a fortune for those little critters. I'm gonna get me a penthouse apartment in the mountains with a pool hanging off the back. It'll have air conditioning, pool table, electronic everything.

Boss: Things are definitely looking... up! (Boss struggles to get up a hammock until get tangled up.)

Mac: That's all right, Boss. You'll get the hang of it. Good night. (turns off a light)

(While the poachers asleep, Nugget uses a lock pick to unlock his cage. He looks a window, jumps and grabs a rope and kicks a window, shattering it. A shards hit a ground, waking up the poachers.)

Mac: Huh?

Wal: Oh?

Boss: What's going on?

Mac: I don't know. (steps on a shards and looks at Nugget) I don't believe... It's that blasted little kangaroo again.

Boss: Where? (Nugget crashes into Boss and Slasher)

Mac: There. (To Slasher) You call yourself a guard dog? I don't know why I bother with you, I really don't.

(Mac recaptures Nugget and throws him back to the cage.)

Mac: Sleep tight, Boss. Mind the bugs don't bite. (turns off a light)

Gone Batty[]

(The next morning, Crysta is healing a tree using her magic.)

Crysta's Father: Wonderful work, Crysta.

Crysta: Thanks, Father. I can't believe the carelessness of those humans.

Crysta's Father: I afraid that humans have forgotten they used to live here with us long time ago.

Crysta: Remember, Father, not all humans have forgotten. Not even Zak. As long as Usagi and her friends remembered. (sees a flowers) Wait there, little flowers. I'll get you some water. (Dog howls) What was that? Hmm, what the...? (Boof pokes his head out of brush. Crysta flies away.) Oh my! It's the humans' monster which Sailor Mars called a dog. (skids to stop and hears Boof yelping in pain as his paw caught in a bear trap) Are you hurt? Oh, you poor creature. (Boof growls) It's all right. I just wanna help you. (Crysta tries to open a trap but it is heavy) It's no good. I'm not strong enough. What an awful machine!

Goanna: Serves him right.

Crysta: But he's helpless. He'll die if we just leave him here. Please help him.

Goanna: You're lucky I can't refuse a fairy request. (Goanna knocks a trap open and throws it into the water.)

Boof: Boof, boof!

Crysta: I beg your pardon?

Boof: Boof, boof.

Crysta: That's your name? Boof? Pleased to meet you, Boof. Oh, you want me to see your paw It'll be fine. (Crysta puts a leaf on Boof's paw.) There. Does that feel better? Ooh! (Boof licks Crysta.)

Goanna: (growls at Boof) Grrr!

Crysta: It's all right. Boof's just being friendly.

Goanna: He don't belong in FernGully. He's just a pet. A toy for humans.

Crysta: This is a living creature who is lost and scared, and he needs help getting home.

Goanna: Something tells me you're not gonna just fix his leg and send him on his way.

Crysta: No. I've got to take him home somehow.

Boof: Ruff, ruff!

Crysta: That's right. But where is your home? Of course. Down the river, in the town. Come on, Goanna. We're gonna need your help getting started. It'll be all right, Boof. We'll get you home. Just hang on tight. Come on. (Boof jumps on a log floating in the stream and loses his balance. Goanna takes a log) OK, Goanna, if you would be so kind.

(Crysta and Boof ride on a log down the river.)

(Meanwhile, at a town amusement park. Budgie and her grandfather are practicing for the clown act while Usagi and her friends, Pips, Batty, and the Beetle Boys watch.)

Mr. Chuckles: This time we're gonna get it right, Budgie. Keep your eyes up at all times. Keep counting the beats in your head. One, two, three, four... Feel the rhythm.

Budgie: Well, I'll try. Okay. Now? Wait a minute!

Batty: Oh no! No, no, no, Pips. No, bad idea.

Pips: Batty, we don't know which way to go. We need help. I'm gonna ask someone.

Batty: Why can't we look separately? Not entirely separately. We should stick together, especially round me! Huh!

Stump: Those don't look like regular humans.

Knotty: She looks like one of us.

Root: Kinda big, though.

Rei: It's a costume.

Stump: What's a costume?

Ami: Clothes the humans dressed like.

Budgie: (begins to lose her balance) I'm gonna fall, Grandpa. I know I'm gonna fall.

Mr. Chuckles: Concentrate, Budgie, concentrate! (Budgie falls) Oh, Budgie, you've got no sense of balance. I don't think you'll ever be ready for the clown act.

(As Mr. Chuckles leaves, Budgie starts crying.)

Chibiusa: Poor girl. (Minako and Pips confront her.)

Minako: Are you crying? Here, dry your eyes. (she hands her handkerchief to Budgie.)

Budgie: Yeah. (takes the handkerchief and blows her nose. She gives it back to Minako.)

Pips: Did that human hurt you?

Budgie: (gasps) Who... who...?

Pips: That funny-looking guy with the big nose. Did he hurt you?

Budgie: Hurt me? No! That's my grandpa. What are you?

Pips: A fairy, of course. I guess you've never seen one. That's OK. I won't hold it against you. I've never seen a human like you before, so I guess were kind of even. This is my first time out of FernGully.

Budgie: FernGully?

Pips: Where I'm from. The place I live.

(The Beetle Boys flyby)

Root: It's in the forest.

Knotty: Don't tell her that!

Budgie: (Shocked by the insects) Aagh! Horrible bugs!

Pips: No, it's all right. They're my friends.

Budgie: Get 'em away from me.

Rei: You hurting them! (Budgie tries to swat the Beetle Boys away, accidentally slapping Rei across the face and hitting Pips into a pole)

Budgie: Oh, my gosh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. (She picks Pips up with her hands)

Pips: I'm OK, I think. You humans sure pack some punch.

Budgie: I really hurt you.

Pips: No, I'm fine. Really. (He groans)

Budgie: You need to rest.

Batty: Can you say personal injury attorney?

Budgie: (taking Pips to her trailer) You and your friends should come inside. I have to practice but you'll be safe in here.

Pips: My name's Pips.

Budgie: I'm Budgie. Pleased to meet you. (The Beetle Boys flyby)

Usagi: You're Budgie, right? I'm Usagi Tsukino. This is my friends, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, Chibiusa Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. This is Zak Young, Mamoru's friend.

Budgie: Zak. What happened to him?

Ami: Usagi's fairy friend Crysta accidentally shrunk him four days ago.

Chibiusa: Budgie, you're give Zak shelter like Minako's friends. (Budgie takes Zak to her trailer.)

Batty: Mayday! Batty to FernGully. Do you read me? Usagi let Pips and Zak captured by human. Mission a disaster. Come in, FernGully. Do you copy? Come on back, big buddy. My handle is Roadkill. Looking for signs of little baby animal life. Looking, looking... (bumps into a door) Ooof! Just a minute, what's this? Oddly familiar. It's a clue! Joy and hallelujah, I found a clue! (Mac opens a door, slamming Batty) Bleurgh! It's clear to me now. I've got to find the others. (flies away.)

(Batty flies to find Usagi and her friends playing with the trains. He lands a landscape and hears a train whistle. A black 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler engine No. 7 appears from around a bend and crosses a high railroad trestle. Batty notices an 4-4-0 engine or an American type steam locomotive No. 2 coming out of the tunnel and is heading for him.)

Batty Koda: This is gonna hurt.

(The train hits Batty, topples over.)

Usagi: (shaking her fist) Batty, you wrecked my train! You making mail late!

Batty: Your train? I found the babies!

Ami: (thinking) Batty found the baby animals?

Makoto: I'll fix it for you, Usagi.

(Makoto picks up Train No. 2 back on the rails. Usagi resets the train, blowing its whistle and leaves.)

Batty: (as Tony the Tiger) Gr-r-reat! I've got to find Pips. (flies away.)

Rei: Wait. I feel a disturbance in the force of nature.

Usagi: Disturbance in the force of nature?

(Batty flies to Budgie's trailer)

Batty: (hits a window) Ooof! (yelling)

Pips: Hey, it's Batty. Let him in, guys.

Stump: Yeah! (Pips opens a window)

Batty: Fellas, fellas! Hey, I found the...

Pips: Batty, check this out. (turns on the faucet) River on, river off. River on, river off. Can you beat that?

Knotty: (turns on the lamp) Sun on, sun off. Sun on, sun off.

Zak: This is the faucet. It's a lamp, dude.

Root: Ha ha ha! Whoo-hoo! (jumps into the toaster) Waaah! (lands on ice cream) Aaah... You gotta try this icy creamy stuff.

Stump: (seeing a television) What's this?

Batty: Yee! I insist that you steer clear of that sinister square.

Zak: It's a TV, Batty.

Pips: Don't be such a spoilsport, Batty. This is our friend Minako's world.

Batty: Exactamundo! We don't belong here. We... (Pips blows a popcorn out of his pipes to turn on a TV)

Pips: Whoa!

Batty: (gets angry) D'oh! I found the babies! The forest, the humans, the fire, the truck. The babies!

Pips: Budgie's gonna take us on some rides later.

Batty: Oh, no. You're turning into humans like Zak. I'm going to rescue the babies. Is anybody coming with me? (Bark flies to Batty) Just you, huh?

Bark: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Batty: (as cowboy) OK, partner, it's just you and me.

Diana: You hear that, Mama?

Luna: Batty found the baby animals.

Artemis: We're follow them.

(Batty and Bark arrive at the warehouse.)

Batty: Now we're getting somewhere. Bark, you go in and I'll guard the exit. We'll both guard the exit. No, I'll go round the back. Hoss, Little Joe, the barn's on fire! Charge! (hums "Charge" trumpet)

(Batty flies into a warehouse. The fight starts.)

Mac: There he is! Grab him!

Batty: Ouch! That hurts! Is that a probe?

(Bark hears Batty yelling and flies away. Batty is caught and locked in a cage.)

Batty: Bad move with the charging.

Bandy: Never mind, Batty. It was nice of you to try.

Batty: Yeah, you can always rely on Batty. Thanks, Bandy. Yeee! (Slasher growls at Batty. Batty growls back.)

Instant DVDs[]

(Meanwhile, back at Mount Warning. At the top of the Leveler, Hexxus magically creates the image of the Sailor Guardians.)

Hexxus: Magi Lune brought a new warriors to protect the forest. She call them a warriors of nature?

Magi Lune: The Sailor Guardians came to protect our world. They are help Pips and the Beetle Boys. They're go after those humans which Sailor Mercury called the poachers and rescue the babies.

Hexxus: The Sailor Guardians! Super girls in the sailor suits! If they come to FernGully, everything will be ruined. No time to waste. I shall annihilate FernGully by morning.

(Back at a town amusement park, Usagi sees Setsuna.)

Usagi: It's Setsuna.

Rei: She's wants a meeting.

(The Beetle Boys ride in Duck Shooting Gallery)

Stump: This is the dumbest ride I ever saw.

Root: Maybe we're not doing it right, Stump.

Knotty: Sure isn't too exciting.

(Mac shoots a duck)

Stump: That's more like it.

Root: Way to go!

Knotty: Look out, boys.

Boss: Where'd you learn to shoot like that, Mac?

Mac: Lots of practice.

Ami: (notices Mac and Boss) The poachers.

(Bark meets up with the Beetle Boys)

Bark: Batty was captured, but I found the babies.

Stump: Oh...

Knotty and Root: Bark, Bark, Bark!

Stump: Way to go, Bark!

Knotty: Let's go find Pips.

Budgie: Be careful, Pips. It's so high.

Pips: Wah-hoh! (uses the leaf as a surfboard)

Budgie: How do you do that?

Pips: It's not that hard.

Budgie: I've been practicing my clown tricks for years, concentrating my brains out. But the harder I try, the worse I get.

Pips: Maybe you're trying too hard. Thinking about something and doing it are two different things. Just do it.

Budgie: Show-off. (tries to catch Pips but misses) Pips!

Pips: Of course, wings are a big help. (Budgie giggles)

(Usagi and her friends meet Setsuna, Michiru, Haruka and Hotaru in Professor Digitalus' Museum of the Weird and Bizarre.)

Usagi: Setsuna, you felt a disturbance in the force of nature, too?

Minako: Is there something more evil than the poachers?

Hotaru: The truth is Chibiusa told me about you met Magi Lune.

Setsuna: Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and I talked with Magi Lune. I believe our real enemy was not the poachers. It was FernGully's ancient enemy, the spirit of destruction, Hexxus.

Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako and Chibiusa: Hexxus?

Hotaru: The same enemy driven previous humans away long time ago.

Rei: While the fairies were busy undoing the damage that the poachers have done, we were trying to save the baby animals.

Usagi: The question is why Hexxus is released from the tree?

Ami: I had an idea, Usagi. This will be a answer.

(Ami makes her way over to a "Mr. Rental" store and starts looking through the DVDs. She finds the DVD of FernGully: The Last Rainforest.)

Minako: FernGully: The Movie!

Usagi: Is that the DVD of FernGully: The Last Rainforest? It looks classic.

Ami: There's been a new breakthrough in home-video marketing. "Instant DVDs." They're out in stores before and after every movie is finished.

(Makoto ejects the DVD that labeled Aladdin from the DVD player. Ami inserts the DVD with FernGully in the DVD player. The TV screen shows Fox Video.)

Makoto: Started much too early. Fast forward.

(Usagi works the remote control. As they watch, the TV shows the scene where Crysta meets Batty Koda for the first time, accompanied by a really fast version of the opening music followed by fast chatter. It then skips ahead to a fast forwarded version of the "Fairy Size" scene up until Batty saves Crysta and Zak from the Leveler.)

Minako: Usagi, you passed it. You passed this part. Give me the remote. (takes the remote control.)

(Minako rewinds and adjusts the DVD to a scene where where Zak had accidentally spray-painted a large red X on the enchanted tree as he was trying to repel a bug.)

Chibiusa: That's Zak. He was trying to repel a bug.

Michiru: Zak accidentally painted a red mark on the enchanted tree.

Chibiusa: (thinking) Diana was meowing that caused Zak to hear. Was she trying to warn me about a red mark on the enchanted tree?

(The monitor displays the scene where the Leveler cutting open the tree and Hexxus was released.)

Setsuna: The Leveler cut down the enchanted tree and Hexxus was released.

Hotaru: Hexxus regained his powers by feeding on pollution.

(The last scene where Hexxus tricking Tony and Ralph into taking the Leveler to FernGully, and plotted to bring about the devastation of FernGully.)

Haruka: Hexxus manipulated Tony and Ralph to drive the Leveler to FernGully by the next morning on the third day.

Usagi: The next morning? On the third day? That's tomorrow.

Michiru: Look at my talisman Deep Aqua Mirror.

(The Deep Aqua Mirror shines, then glows green and reveals Hexxus at the top of the Leveler.)

Pips: Hexxus!

Hexxus: (in the Deep Aqua Mirror) Nothing can stop me from devastating FernGully! (cackles)

Setsuna: We need to save the baby animals from the poachers and stop Hexxus before he destroys FernGully.

Pips: The fairies of FernGully thought the humans were gone long time ago because Hexxus, the spirit of destruction.

Budgie: Hexxus? It was horrible.

Pips: Magi Lune trapped Hexxus inside an enchanted tree at Mount Warning. He has somehow escaped from that tree.

(Luna, Artemis and Diana arrive at the warehouse.)

Artemis: It must be a place where Batty was captured.

Luna: Let's go tell the Sailor Guardians.

(Mac catches the cats in the sack. He puts them in the cage.)

Mac: The cats with the crescent moon on their foreheads. The RAREST animals in the world. Those cats are gonna make us rich... (chuckles) FILTHY rich. (laughs)

(Luna and Artemis hiss and growl and Diana whimpers. Nugget struggles to pull a shackle on his ankle.)

Mac: Not so easy now, is it, little fella? But don't worry, it won't be long before you're out of here. (carries Nugget's cage) One little truck ride, then onto a boat and sailing out of the country. Cheerio. (laughs)

(Slasher barks)

Bandy: I want my mommy!

(Song: Wanna Be Back Home/We'll Make It If We Try)

Bandy: ♪ I'm so small
So afraid ♪
♪ I'm so lonely and so sad
I miss my mommy
And my dad♪

Wal: ♪ I just wanna curl up in my bed ♪

Bandy: ♪ I just want ♪

Wal: ♪ I just wanna be ♪

Bandy: ♪ I just wanna be back home ♪

Wal: ♪ Back home ♪

Bandy: ♪ I just want ♪

Wal: ♪ I just wanna be ♪

Bandy: ♪ I just... ♪

Animals: ♪ Wanna be back home
I just wanna be ♪

Lizard: ♪ I wanna go home ♪

Animals: ♪ Back home ♪

Bandy: ♪ I wanna go home ♪

Nugget: ♪ But it's hopeless ♪

Animals: ♪ Hopeless ♪

Echidna: ♪ We're Helpless ♪

Animals: ♪ Helpless
We'll never get out
We'll never be free
We wanna go back home ♪

Batty: Come on, guys. It could be worse. At least we've got each other.

Batty: ♪ Come everybody
You know you're not alone ♪
♪ If we stick together, we'll find our way home ♪

♪ Take a look around you ♪
♪ Tell me what you see ♪
♪ We're all part of a great big family ♪
♪ Can you feel it? ♪

Chorus: ♪ Can you feel it? ♪

Batty: ♪ Deep inside you ♪
Chorus: ♪ Deep inside you ♪

Batty: ♪ It will guide you ♪
Chorus: ♪ It will guide you ♪

Batty: ♪ To the end ♪
Chorus: ♪ To the end ♪

Batty: ♪ It's the power ♪

Chorus: ♪ It's the power ♪

Batty: ♪ Of emotions ♪

Chorus: ♪ Of emotions ♪

Batty: ♪ It's the love of a faithful friend
Everybody ♪

Chorus: ♪ Faith can move a mountain
Faith can set you free ♪

♪ Faithful friends to the end
Forever you and me

♪ Together we will make it
We'll can make it if we try ♪

♪ Together forever you and I ♪
Batty: ♪ You and I ♪

Chorus: ♪ Together forever oh ♪

Batty: ♪ Listen to me now
We're gonna find our way
Back home ♪♪

(The big truck backs up in the warehouse)

Bandy: Agh!

Wal: What's gonna happen to us, Batty?

Batty: Oh, zoo exhibits, laboratory testing, handbags. You don't wanna know the details. You always wanted to cruise away to exotic places.

Wal: No.

Batty: Me neither, but that's what we're going to do. Bye!

(The poachers take all the cages and load them onto a big truck.)

Brave Little Budgie[]

(At the fair, Budgie and Pips come to the water shooting game.)

Man: Step right up. We need one more to play.

Pips: Let's play.

Man: Go! (The players shoot water and Budgie wins.) We have a winner. (gives Budgie a stuffed kangaroo) Here you are, little lady.

Makoto: Hey, Budgie. A stuffed kangaroo looks like...

Pips: Nugget!

Budgie: Careful, Pips. Someone might see you. What is it? What's wrong?

Pips: There's something about this place. I can't concentrate. I came here because two humans which Minako called the poachers came to FernGully and captured baby animals.

Budgie: That's horrible.

Pips: I'm supposed to find them with Minako and her friends, but this place is so distracting.

Budgie: I'm sorry, Pips. I'll help you, Minako and her friends. We'll find them together.

(The Beetle Boys arrive.)

Stump: Pips, we found 'em!

Root: We know where the babies are.

Knotty: Come on! Let's go get 'em!

Pips: OK, boys, lead the way.

Budgie: Hey! Wait for me! (Follows Pips and the Beetle Boys.)

(Pips comes to pick Zak up.)

Pips: You need a set of your own wings. Here's your first flyin' lesson, Zak. (He drops Zak into Budgie's jeans pocket.) Minako, the Beetle Boys found the babies!

Minako: Well done, Pips. (uses her communicator) Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Mamoru. Pips and the Beetle Boys found the baby animals.

(Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako arrive at the warehouse.)

Minako: It must be a place. A hideout for the poachers.

Rei: It might be where the babies are.

Ami: The old warehouse was used for storing goods. It was abandoned for long time.

Makoto: You have an idea, Usagi?

Chibiusa: Usagi, you're have the Disguise Pen.

Usagi: (uses her Disguise Pen) Moon Power! Change me into a Girl Scout! (changes into a Girl Scout.)

Minako: My turn.

Rei: What is it, Minako?

Minako: My special compact back from I was Sailor V, Rei. (uses her Sailor V Compact) Moon Power! Change me into a Girl Scout! (changes into a Girl Scout.)

(At the warehouse, Boss pacing back and forth. Mac adjusts the strap. Budgie, Pips and the Beetle Boys arrive.)

Budgie: Is that them?

Pips: That's them.

Stump: Certainly is.

Knotty: No doubt.

(Just then, a knock at the door is heard. Mac runs up to the door, and opens it. Usagi is holding a box of Girl Scout cookies.)

Usagi: Sailor Girl Scouts. Here's a box of our delicious Girl Scout cookies.

Mac: We didn't order any cookie. Go find someone else.

(Mac tries to pull the door closed, but Minako holds out her hands like stop signs.)

Minako: Hey, wait a minute! They're chocolate chip cookies. $20.

(Usagi hands a box of cookies to Mac. He takes it and opens the gate. Usagi and Minako sneak in.)

Boss: Cookies? What cookies? What are they made from... Real Girl Scouts?

(Minako giggles.)

Mac: Come on, Boss. That's the last of 'em. We're all loaded up and ready to go.

Boss: Finally!

Minako: Now's our chance.

(The poachers climb on the truck while Usagi and Minako stow away. Smoke coming out exhaust stacks, causing the group to cough.)

Pips: The animals must be in there.

Root: What do we do, Pips?

Pips: I'm thinking. I'm thinking. (Budgie jumps off a ledge.)

Budgie: Geronimo!

Pips: Budgie! (Budgie lands on the truck)

Stump: Wow!

Ami: Let's transform!

(The Sailor Guardians, Pips and the Beetle Boys chase the truck.)

Mr. Chuckles: Hey, slow down! There are kids around here! (sees Budgie on the truck) That's Budgie! (Mr. Chuckles hops into the car and follows a truck.) Hey!

Root: We'll never catch them.

Stump: It's hopeless.

Pips: We gotta catch 'em. Come on!

Sailor Jupiter: Need a lift, Pips? (Pips nods yes)

Boss: It'll be great to get back into civilization.

Mac: I have to agree with you, Boss. I can feel that Jacuzzi bath already. I'll be up to me neck in lovely, warm water.

Boss: We'll be in hot water if we miss our connection. Can't you go any faster? Put your foot on it.

Budgie: Whoa! Oh!

Mr. Chuckles: Hang on, Budgie! You can do it! (Budgie hops in) Hey, she did it!

Sailor Chibi Moon: She made it!

Budgie: Minako, Usagi, you're here already?

Sailor Venus: Budgie, I'm Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon: I'm Sailor Moon.

(Budgie sees the birds in the cages. She tries to open a cage to no anvil.)

Budgie: Oh!

(Budgie reaches in her left pocket and picks up a bobby pin. She uses it to unlock a cages, freeing a birds. Under the bridge, Crysta and Boof riding down on a log.)

Boof: Boof, boof!

Mr. Chuckles: Whoa!

Pips: Look out!

Boss: Mmm... (looks at Budgie) Pah! My birds! There's a girl on the truck. She's stealing the birds! Get rid of her.

Mac: What, me?

Boss: Yes. I'm the brains and you're the dumb one who does the dangerous stuff.

Mac: You're right. Fat lot of good you'll be anyway. Take the wheel.

Boss: I can't drive no truck!

(Mac climbs out of the truck. Budgie jumps into the trunk, avoiding being caught by Mac.)

Batty: Agh! It's you!

Budgie: I'm here to save you! (The baby animals were surprised.)

Batty: You kidnapped Pips. Usagi let you.

Budgie: Pips is coming. The Beetle Boys are on their way.

Batty: That's a relief.

(Budgie frees Batty. Mac enters and Batty flies away)

Mac: Don't take kindly to people who steal from me. (Budgie runs away from Mac) You're in big trouble. (Mac unlatches the car she, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus are on) Good luck, girlie. (laughs evilly)

(The car rolls backwards on the road.)

Mr. Chuckles: Whoa! (raises up on his car's wheels and drives over the trailer) Budgie! D'oh!

Sailor Mercury: Watch out!

Sailor Mars: (misses reaching for Budgie) Damn it!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Budgie!

Pips: Budgie!

Sailor Venus: Hang on, Sailor Moon!

(The trailer goes over the cliff and lands on another side. It stops at the edge of the cliff.)

Budgie: (screaming) Whoooooah! Help!

Mr. Chuckles: Hang on, Budgie!

Batty: That human's in trouble. But humans are trouble. What to do! It's not my business. I didn't ask her to... save my life. I'm coming! (flies in)

(As Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus jump off a trailer, Budgie loses her grip and falls)

Budgie: Aaaah!

Sailor Venus: Budgie!

Mr. Chuckle: Budgie!

(Batty catches Budgie by her pants and manages to lift her all by himself up to the top of the cliff (in spite of her being double his size))

Budgie: Oh... oh! Whoa!

Mr. Chuckles: Whoa!

(Mr. Chuckles pulls a fishing pole out of his pants and uses it to catch Budgie and Batty and brings them safely to solid ground.)

Mr. Chuckles: Oh, Budgie. I thought I'd lost you. You were so brave!

Pips: Budgie, you're OK!

Beetle Boys: Yay!

Pips: Great work, Batty. I'm proud of you! Look at you, palling around with humans.

Mr. Chuckles: Huh? I thought I was dreaming, but you're real. You're actually fair...

Sailor Jupiter: Fairies. I know.

Mr. Chuckles: You're the Sailor Guardians. Can I have your autograph?

Sailor Moon: Where's Luna?

Sailor Chibi Moon: Have you seen Diana?

Sailor Venus: Artemis, where are you?

Sailor Pluto: Budgie, look at the Orb of my Garnet Rod. I want to see in your mind. (The Garnet Orb glows. Sailor Pluto sees Luna, Artemis and Diana locked in a cage in Budgie's mind.) Sailor Moon, the poachers have captured Luna, Artemis and Diana.

Zak: Pips, you mean we're failures.

Budgie: What? Don't say that, Zak.

Pips: I blew it. I spent so much time thinking of myself that we've lost the babies.

Mr. Chuckles: Don't be so sure about giving up. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Sailor Chibi Moon: You do?

Mr. Chuckle: This thing comes with all the options.

(Mr. Chuckles drives his car off a cliff. Everybody yell and scream. Mr. Chuckles pushes a button and the tires turn into balloons. The car lands on the river. The Inner and Outer Sailor Guardians stand in a circle with their hands join)

Sailor Guardians: Sailor Teleport! (They teleport to the poachers' destination.)

Ship Ahoy[]

(Later at night, the docks.)

Captain: I was promised a shipment of birds and I don't see no birds.

Boss: We got the baby animals and the moon cats.

Captain: What about the birds?

Boss: They were, uh... stolen.

Captain: Hah! Now that's rich. The poachers got poached. And now you want $50,000 for a few crates of mangy animals?

Wal: I'm not that mangy.

Bandy: Me neither.

Captain: Get those crates loaded quick smart. (gives Boss a money)

Boss: Of course, of course. Mac, get to it.

Mac: Stupid mutt!

(The Sailor Guardians and the group arrive.)

Sailor Neptune: They are loading the animals to the ship.

(Budgie whispers to Pips. He and Knotty undo the conveyor catch causing the cage to fall onto Budgie's grandfather's car.)

Mr. Chuckles: Hey!

Budgie: Look out! (Budgie and her grandfather catch the cages.)

Mr. Chuckles: Oh... We're finally getting our act together. That's it. Brilliant.

Wal: Shhh!

Boss: What's taking so long? Where are those animals? (Mac looks at Budgie's grandfather's car.)

Mac: Blimey!

Boss: Stop them! Stop them!

Mac: If anyone tries to get on, tear 'em to pieces. (Slasher growls)

Sailor Moon: How we pass that dog?

Sailor Mercury: Allow me. Mercury Aqua Mist! (As Sailor Mercury performs this attack, blue water energy forms in her hands and creates a thick fog and mist.)

(The Sailor Guardians sneak onto the ship while Slasher looks around due to the fog. Mac uses a crane and a searchlight.)

Budgie: Faster, Grandpa. Go faster.

Mr. Chuckles: Whoa! (A crane grabs the cages.)

Budgie: Oh! Oh, no!

Sailor Uranus: (shaking her fist) Damn you, son of a bi–[bleep]!

Mr. Chuckles: Aaargh! (Budgie climbs on) Hey! This is no time to practice our act, Budgie.

Budgie: I'm not letting those monsters get away with the animals.

Mr. Chuckles: I'll take care of the situation. I've got a plan. I'll reason with them like adults. I've got everything under control.

(Crysta and Boof arrive)

Crysta: Oh, no! That girl's in trouble. Let's go, Boof!

(Slasher growls at Crysta and Boof climbs up. Boof is overjoyed to see his friend Slasher. Slasher is overjoyed as well to see his friend Boof, and the two dogs reunite with one another and lick each other affectionately.)

Pips: Crysta!

Crysta: Did you find the babies?

Pips: They're up there.

Boss: It's the Sailor Scouts again.

(Sailor Moon holds her Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Sailor Chibi Moon turns Luna-P into the Pink Moon Rod.)

Sailor Moon: Unhand the baby animals!

(Boof bites Mac's leg. He kicks Boof aside. Slasher growls.)

Mac: Heel, Slasher! (Slasher attacks Mac. Boss grabs Budgie's leg.)

Sailor Jupiter: Get away from her, you bastard! (raises her antenna that is hidden inside her tiara)

Boss: Don't hurt me. No! No! Don't hurt me!

Pips: Charge!

Boss: Help! Help!

(Pips and the Beetle Boys chase Boss while Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Sailor Chibi Moon free Luna, Artemis and Diana from the cage.)

Sailor Moon: Luna!

Luna: Sailor Moon, you came to our rescue.

Sailor Venus: Artemis!

Artemis: Sailor Venus, I knew you won't let me down.

Sailor Chibi Moon: Diana!

Diana: Thanks, Sailor Chibi Moon.

(Boof jumps into the battle, but when Slasher charges to Mac, they knock themselves out. Mac locks them away in a small room on the ship.)

Mac: Get in there!

Sailor Mars: Hang on, Mr. Chuckles! (Budgie is losing her grip)

Zak: Don't let go, Budgie!

Budgie: Whoa!

Sailor Venus: Budgie! (Crysta uses her power to save Budgie.)

Boss: Get us outta here! (Captain starts a boat.)

Sailor Moon: We're moving.

Budgie: Oh, no!

Batty: It's up to me. I've got what it takes to do the job. (flies in) I'll take him by surprise. He'll never know what hit him. (hits a window) Windows... Gotta remember those windows.

Captain: (face palms) I've been doing this too long.

(Pips and the Beetle Boys chase Boss.)

Pips: Open the doors!

(Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter open the doors so Boss enter the room. When they close the doors, Slasher and Boof growl and bark and Boss screams. Mac cuts the rope with his knife.)

Budgie: No! We can't let them get away!

Sailor Venus: (thinking) We'll might never reach and stop Hexxus in time.

Crysta: Give me the gift of fairy hopes. Turn them all into fairy ropes.

(Crysta uses her magical powers to turn the rope into the vines that growing to the boat. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus grab a vines. Mac tries to cut a vines with knife.)

Pips: Get him, boys! (The Beetle Boys fight Mac.)

(Pips plays his pipes to grow a vines. Bark tries to grow a seed.)

Bark: Please... grow!

Stump: You can do it, Bark.

Knotty: Yeah, little Beetle Boy, give it all you've got!

Mac: You little pest. (ready to crush Bark, who manages to grow a seed)

Bark: I did it!

Root: Bark, look out!

Stump: Get outta there!

(Bark grows a tree to trap Mac. Sailor Moon throws her tiara at the locks, freeing the baby animals from the cages. Boss runs away in his underwear. A vine grabs a bag with money.)

Boss: My money!

(The vines grab Boss and Captain. The gigantic tree grows at the top of the boat. The Sailor Guardians walk down a vine. Nugget is seen struggling to get out of his cage)

Nugget: Almost got it. One more...

(Nugget's cage falls in the water)

Crysta: Nugget, no! Oh!

Mr. Chuckles: Whoa!

(Sailor Chibi Moon jumps in the water to save Nugget.)

Mr. Chuckle: Sailor Chibi Moon, it's too dark down there.

Budgie: You couldn't find him, Chibi Moon.

Sailor Pluto: She knows. We wait.

Crysta: Nugget. Oh, Nugget...

(Sailor Chibi Moon rips Nugget's cage apart and grabs Nugget. She jumps out of the water. Nugget whistles. Sailor Chibi Moon holds him.)

Nugget: What's goin' on over there?

Crysta: Nugget?

Nugget: I knew I could do it. Did I miss anything?

(Everyone cheers.)

Batty: Oy!

Boss: I told you we shoulda hired a plane.

Captain: Ah, shut up.

Mac: Well, at least things couldn't get any worse.

Captain: Actually... it's low tide. (water floods below them)

Sailor Venus: Mission complete.

Crysta: It's time to go home.

Pips: Home. That sounds great.

Boof: Boof!

Crysta: Boof, you and your friend can't go with us. You belong in the human world.

(Slasher and Boof whimper sadly)

Sailor Neptune: Crysta, I don't think we could leave these dogs.

Mr. Chuckle: I know someone who's always wanted a puppy. How about two big ones?

(Slasher and Boof run over to Budgie and lick her face affectionately. Everyone laughs.)

Return Home[]

(At dawn, the Leveler is on its way to FernGully with Hexxus on the cab. Tony and Ralph watch a news while Hexxus looms in to overhear.)

Reporter: (on TV) The Sailor Guardians had saved the baby animals of the rain forest. The poachers has just been taken into custody by the police.

Boss: (on TV) The money would've been all mine...

Mac: (on TV) ...We would get away with the animals if it wasn't for these meddling kids.

Sailor Uranus: (on TV) Those meddling kids are the Sailor Guardians.

Reporter: (on TV) Sailor Moon, what are you say about these animals?

Sailor Moon: (on TV) The baby animals had the family.

Hexxus: So... the Sailor Guardians. They stopped the poachers and saved the baby animals. They think they can stop me? I'll take care of the Sailor Guardians soon. (grins menacingly)

(Later, the sun shone, Slasher and Boof are seen in Budgie's grandfather's car panting and smiling happily.)

Pips: We couldn't have done it without you.

Budgie: It was an honor, Pips.

Sailor Moon: Come on, guys!

(The Sailor Guardians lead Budgie and her grandfather to FernGully. Crysta's Father heals a tree.)

Crysta: Hey, Father, that looks great.

Crysta's Father: Crysta, Pips, you're back! But what about the baby animals? Did you find them?

(Pips plays his pipes.)

Bandy: Mom! (Bandy and Wal reunite with their family.)

Wal's Parents: Ah... ah...

Mrs. K: My baby!

Pips: Mrs. K! You're almost better.

Nugget: Hey, Mom. What's for dinner?

Mrs. K: Nugget!

Nugget: I love you, Mom.

Sailor Chibi Moon: They're back to their parents.

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah.

Crysta: Pips?

Pips: Uh-huh.

Crysta: You don't think you'll find FernGully a bit, you know... quiet, now that you've met humans and been to the town?

Pips: Oh, I don't think so. You can make your own fun. All it takes is a little imagination.

(The animals are having fun.)

Sailor Mercury: You like this place, Budgie.

Budgie: Thanks. Where's Zak?

Sailor Moon: Zak and Crysta are have fun.

(By now, Crysta had taken Zak behind the tree to a small pond underneath the tree's roots.)

Zak: (amazed) Wow.

(Zak, with his shoes off, dives headfirst into the water, followed by Crysta, who does a somersault with her wings and dives in as well. Next, they swim underwater, where Crysta leads Zak to a small underground cave with small ponds throughout. Then, they start chasing each other for fun.)

(Song: A Dream Worth Keeping)

Sheena Easton: ♪ Anytime you want to be right here, ♪

♪ Just imagine me, and all this will appear. ♪

♪ You can keep this moment, ♪

♪ All your life forever near. ♪

CRYSTA: Come on, Zak.

Sheena Easton: ♪ A dream worth keeping. ♪

♪ When you're feelin' lost, I'll be your star. ♪

♪ Just reach out and touch me, ♪

♪ No matter where you are. ♪

♪ In a world where precious things, ♪

♪ Are disappearing overnight, ♪

♪ Just keep my star in sight. ♪

♪ I believe we've found the dream, ♪

♪ That we're keeping, ♪

♪ For more than just a day, ♪

♪ And even though, ♪

♪ The winds of change may come sweeping, ♪

♪ It's still a dream worth keeping. ♪

♪ So don't let it fade away. ♪

♪ Someday you might be thinking, ♪

♪ That life has passed you by, ♪

♪ Your spirits might be sinking. ♪

♪ With hope in short supply, ♪

♪ And that's the reason why. ♪

♪ That's the reason why, ♪

♪ I know your dream's worth keeping, ♪

♪ As long as it will stay. ♪

♪ Even when you see, ♪

♪ The darkness come creeping, ♪

♪ A dream worth keeping, ♪

♪ Will never fade away. ♪♪

(After their swim is over, Zak and Crysta are back outside.)

Crysta: Well, I better go find Magi and get you unshrunk, Zak.

Zak: It's about time.

Crysta: Wait here. I'll be back as soon as I can find her.

An Unnatural Force/The Powers of Nature[]

(Zak attempts to catch up with her until he puts his hand on one spot of the bark and feels the tree's pain at last.)

Crysta's Voice: Can't you feel its pain? (Slasher and Boof bark.)

Budgie: Grandpa, look!

(Budgie sees two dead leaves fall to the forest floor and Zak then puts his hand in a muddy area of the water. He pulls his hand back out and looks at a splotch of oil mixed with the water.)

Zak: Oil. (He comes to the truth) The leveler. Oh, no.

(Both Sailor Chibi Moon's Prism Heart Compact and Sailor Moon's Cosmic Heart Compact glow.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Hexxus.

Sailor Mars: I sense him.

Sailor Mercury: He's coming.

Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon, we need to tell Crysta that the lumberjacks have released Hexxus.

Sailor Moon: Right. (Runs to catch up with Crysta.)

(Meanwhile, Hexxus is on his rampage of destruction, as dozens of birds and animals run for their lives from the Leveler. A salamander looks at the Leveler's spiked treads and resumes running.)

Hexxus: (cackling) Run, little ones. We'll catch up to you in FernGully soon enough. (continues cackling)

(One of the Leveler's blades slices through the bark where Zak almost put Crysta's name in full. Meanwhile, Crysta is back at Magi Lune's home.)

Crysta: Magi? Magi! Oh, Magi, the Sailor Guardians, Pips and the Beetle Boys rescued the baby animals from the humans which Sailor Venus called the poachers. You can unshrink Zak. You promised. (notices Magi's grave expression) Magi, what's wrong? Magi, can you heal it?

Magi Lune: A force outside of nature did this. I can't heal it, and I can't stop it.

Crysta: Zak can. I know what did this, Magi. A monster the humans fight. Humans can stop it. They have these magic red marks that... (Magi doesn't speak.)

Sailor Moon: Those red marks are not magic. That wasn't a monster.

Crysta: But Zak said...

(Magi and Sailor Moon nod their heads no, forcing Crysta to figure out Magi's claim. She flies out of Magi's home and sees a vast field of leveled trees. Her expression changes from astonishment to horror as she sees a logger adjust the strap securing a load of felled trees on a truck.)

Crysta: (sadly) Humans did it. Humans did it all.

Sailor Moon: Yes, Crysta. The lumberjacks did it all. I have to tell you. (Crysta flies to Sailor Moon.)

(Back at the Fairies' tree, Zak is trying to find Crysta.)

Zak: Crysta!

(Pips corners Zak, followed by the Sailor Guardians, Budgie, her grandfather, Crysta's father and the rest of the fairy clan.)

Pips: Hey, what's goin' on, Zak?

Zak: What are you talkin' about?

Budgie: You know exactly what Pips is talkin' about, Zak. The forest.

Pips: You know what's happening, don't you?

Zak: What?

Crysta's Father: Good idea. Ask the human. He may know.

Budgie: Sailor Moon.

(Sailor Moon appears in front of Budgie and Crysta stares at Zak with betrayal.)

Zak: Uh, Crysta...

Crysta: (hurtfully) You lied to me!

Zak: I... Crysta... (Crysta flies off. Budgie tries to stop her, but Sailor Mercury holds her back.)

Sailor Moon: Go on, Zak. Tell them the truth.

Zak: I wish... I wish the human tales were true. The poachers are not the only humans came to FernGully and captured baby animals. The lumberjacks are not here to protect the forest. They're cutting down trees. (All fairies gasp. Slasher and Boof growl) They're destroying the forest. And I was helping them do it. Batty was right.

Batty Koda: (softly) I was?

Zak: The lumberjacks are coming this way. You can't stop them. You'll have to leave.

Budgie: The fairies can't leave this place, Zak. This is their home! The Sailor Guardians can stop the lumberjacks!

Sailor Chibi Moon: (sees Magi Lune appearing) It's Magi Lune.

Magi Lune: The humans which Sailor Moon called the lumberjacks have released Hexxus. Gather everyone in the circle.

(Magi Lune leads her people back inside their tree)

Sailor Moon: Let's follow the fairies.

(The Sailor Guardians follow the fairies, leaving Zak behind. Only Budgie, her grandfather and Batty are here to comfort him.)

Batty Koda: (wisely) You know, Zak, truth doesn't always win friends, but it certainly influences people. (Zak hangs his head in shame.) You're not half bad for a hominid.

(Back inside the tree, Crysta is resting in a hole and sobbing over Zak's lie. Her father catches up with her.)

Crysta: Father? Oh, Father.

Magi Lune: Since the beginning of time, we have been the guardians and the healers of the forest. We have too long forgotten the magic powers of nature. The time has come to call on them again. Remember: All the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed.

Sailor Chibi Moon: The trees. They're glowing.

Sailor Mercury: (uses her visor) Magi is calling on the magic powers of nature.

Crysta: We must go to Magi.

Magi Lune: Look for the hero inside yourself, Crysta. Look to the good and loving heart in you and all others. For just as every seed holds the power and magic of creation, so, too, do you and every other creature in this world.

Crysta: Magi, don't leave me.

Magi Lune: I love you. I'll always be with you. We all have a power, and it grows when it is shared. Remember what you've learned, Crysta. (She then passes away and disintegrates into thin air, giving her power to the fairies and even Zak.)

Crysta: Oh, Magi.

Sailor Saturn: Fairies, you're all understood Zak's truth. I have awakened. I must kill humans who are destroying the forest.

Sailor Mercury: We have only to stop them.

Sailor Jupiter: Saturn, we're worry about Hexxus, not the lumberjacks.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Saturn, I need you. Badly! (Sailor Moon shakes Sailor Saturn's hand.)

Luna: Zak, apology to Crysta.

Zak: Crysta, I’m sorry I lied to you about the humans.

Crysta: (forgiven) I know why you did.

Sailor Moon: Fairies of FernGully, you're all sorry that Magi Lune had passed away. We are the Sailor Guardians, we came to not just saving the baby animals from the poachers, but save the forest from the lumberjacks and your ancient enemy Hexxus. Humans turn each other, we can stop them. We all work together to protect the forest!

(All fairies cheering)

Hexxus Attacks/Stopping the Leveler[]

(Just then, Sailor Mercury sees a burst of sparks appearing.)

Sailor Mercury: Look!

Sailor Mars: It's him!

(A tree is then cut and is pulled away by the Leveler, where Hexxus stares down from his perch on the cab.)

Hexxus: (laughing evilly) I'm back!

Crysta: Hexxus!

Sailor Moon: At long last, Hexxus, the spirit of destruction! I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and Justice! I am Sailor Moon!

Sailor Chibi Moon: I am the Pretty Guardian trainee. I am Sailor Chibi Moon. And now...

Sailor Moon: In the name of Moon...

Both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon: We'll punish you!

Sailor Mercury: Protected by Mercury, the planet of water. The Guardian of Wisdom. I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!

Sailor Mars: Protected by Mars, the planet of fire. The Guardian of War. I am Sailor Mars. In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you.

Sailor Jupiter: Protected by Jupiter, the planet of thunder. The Guardian of Protection. I am Sailor Jupiter! I will let you feel so much regret, it will leave you numb!

Sailor Venus: Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty. The Guardian of Love. I am Sailor Venus! Allow me to punish you with love

Sailor Pluto: Protected by Pluto the Planet of Underworld. Guardian of Space and Time. I am Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Neptune: Protected by Neptune, the Planet of Oceans. Guardian of Deep Sea. I am Sailor Neptune!

Sailor Uranus: Protected by Uranus, the Planet of the Wind. Guardian of Heavens. I am Sailor Uranus!

Sailor Saturn: Protected by Saturn the Planet of Ruin, Guardian of Silence, I am Sailor Saturn!

Hexxus: You're a fools to challenge me!

Zak: (shouting) Tony, Ralph, stop! (Tony and Ralph can't hear him, as they mind their own business without Zak's warning.)

Budgie: Tony and Ralph can't hear you, Zak!

Mr. Chuckles: Run for your life!

(Hexxus and the Leveler chase the fairies and drive them into their home tree. The Sailor Guardians dodge the Leveler's robotic arms and blades.)

Sailor Mercury: Shine Aqua Illusion! (As Sailor Mercury spins a big wave of water twirls around her, controlled by her movements spraying water in every direction. She then focuses the huge blue wave in to a single stream at her enemy.)

Sailor Mars: Burning Mandala! (Sailor Mars rotates her left arm once in a clockwise direction, with fire gushing out of her hand. The fire condenses into eight balls of fire around her, and Sailor Mars directs the balls at her enemy. The balls explode and cause great damage on impact.)

Sailor Jupiter: Sparkling Wide Pressure! (Sailor Jupiter's antenna in her tiara collects lightning from the sky which she then uses to project at her enemy from her hands.)

Sailor Venus: Rolling Heart Vibration! (As Sailor Venus raises her hand a golden heart appears on her palm. She brings down her hand and forces the heart to spin quickly. She then cries out "Rolling Heart Vibration!" and sends the heart spinning straight at the enemy.)

Sailor Uranus: World Shaking! (She performs the attack by raising her hand above her head, streaks of energy gathered in her hand from the air. Uranus then closes her hand on it and a ringed sphere began to form. When the energy sphere was fully formed, she hurls it toward the ground in the direction of the target. The sphere moves through the ground, causing an earthquake, then rose above the ground, in accordance to the position of its ring, just before hitting the target.)

Sailor Neptune: Deep Submerge! (she lifts her arms above her head and brings them down, sending a ball of blue energy shaped like the planet Neptune towards Hexxus.)

Ralph: Hey, Ton', the Sailor Guardians from the news.

Tony: The Sailor Guardians?

Bark: Help!

Zak: Come on! Let go!

Pips: Hey, it's safer in here.

Hexxus: Coming through! (Crysta uses her magic to close all of the trees) A fairy fortification! (Laughs evilly)

(The Leveler cuts the trees with its left robotic arm and knocks Crysta out.)

Sailor Moon: (hearing Crysta's screams through her glowing odango covers) Crysta!

Zak: Crysta! Come on. We gotta get everyone out of here.

Crysta: No!

Zak: Crysta! Budgie!

Budgie: We can't.

Crysta: We've got nowhere else to go. This is our home.

Luna: Crysta was right. This is the fairies' home.

Artemis: We must do whatever it takes to stop Hexxus and destroy the Leveler.

Crysta: Zak.

(Zak then runs off to help the Sailor Guardians and stop the Leveler.)

Mr. Chuckles: Zak, watch out!

Zak: Huh? (Zak sees a massive tread coming toward him, until Batty saves him from certain death.)

Batty Koda: This is the last time I save you, human.

Zak: No! No, Batty. Batty, take me back to the leveler.

Batty Koda: Are you crazy? That's lemming talk.

Zak: Wrong channel!

Batty Koda: (whistles) (as Julius) O Caesar, Emperor of Rome...

Zak: Wrong channel!

Batty Koda: (as John Wayne) Well, all right, gummy. We're goin' to war.

Zak: Yes, that's it! Back to the cab! Batty, let's go!

(Zak and Batty fly to the Leveler, whooping all the way while the Sailor Guardians attack on Hexxus. Batty then flies over the roof of the machine.)

Sailor Mercury: Cover me!

Batty Koda: (as John Lennon) Fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy night. (imitating Star Wars) We're goin' in full throttle. That oughta keep those rebel fighters off our tail. (flying past the cab) Lock and load, gentlemen! Time to rock and roll! (He mistakenly swoops above the chain blade conveyors.) Tora, tora, tora!

Zak: (correcting Batty) No, no, no! Batty, to the cab! To the cab!

Batty Koda: (swooping up) Bogey, bogey! Bogey at 3:00! Red Leader! Red Leader!

(Tony and Ralph catch a glimpse of Batty and Zak flying in front of the windshield.)

Ralph: Did you see that? It looked like some kind of flying rat.

Batty Koda: (as Scotty from Star Trek) Aye, aye, Captain. I can't get enough speed. We got no dilithium crystals!

(Hexxus sees the three friends up close and knocks some parts and a search light off the roof to kill Sailor Mercury and Batty.)

Batty Koda: Aah! No!

Sailor Jupiter: Mercury! (Sailor Jupiter grabs Sailor Mercury, dodging parts.)

Sailor Mercury: You saved me, Jupiter.

Zak: Batty, watch out!

Batty Koda: Oh, this is gonna hurt. (gets hit by the searchlight) Oh, no!

Zak: No! Aah!

Sailor Jupiter: Batty! Zak!

(Zak lands on the Leveler's windshield, sliding down. Ralph catches a glimpse of him.)

Ralph: Hey, Ton', there's a little man on the windshield here.

Zak: (shouting) Tony, Ralph, it's me! It's Zak!

Tony: Hey, Ralph!

Ralph: Tony...

(Hexxus looms in, catching Tony and Ralph by surprise.)

Hexxus: Keep it moving, boys!

Both: (panicking) AAAAHHHH!!!!

(Tony and Ralph bolt away from the cab and run for their lives while Sailor Mercury runs into the cab. Zak loses his balance on the windshield and makes a leap for the door handle. Just as he is losing his grip and is ready to fall, Pips comes to Zak's rescue as he grabs his hand and helps him up.)

Pips: I got you, Zak. (The two friends stand on the window, as Zak looks at the key in the ignition ahead.) You help Sailor Mercury. (Pips throws Zak inside.)

Zak: Thanks! (Zak lands in Tony's coffee mug.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Pink Sugar Heart Attack! (Sailor Chibi Moon uses the Pink Moon Rod and the hearts of energy hit Hexxus.)

Sailor Moon: (raises her Spiral Heart Moon Rod) (calling out) Neo-Queen Serenity lend your power to my rod. Heart moon rod. Moon Spiral Heart Attack! (Sailor Moon twirls around gets down on to her knees, holds the rod high above her head and a large pink heart emanates from the rod and spins to Hexxus.)

Hexxus: I should've sprayed for pests. Mmm. Lovely wings. So easily detached. (Hexxus flicks Crysta down onto the Leveler's left robotic arm's joint plate. He then brings the machine's left arm to secure Old High Rise into place and brings the right chainsaw to cut it down.) Yes!

Sailor Mars: (stares in shock) No!

(The fairies and animals cower in fear, as Hexxus slides his finger, symbolizing the death of FernGully. Just as all hope is lost, Zak wastes no time as he runs across the Leveler's dash board and throttle levers. Pips watches him, as Zak finally grips on the Leveler's key, trying to turn off the ignition. Sailor Venus and Sailor Uranus block a chainsaw with the Sacred Sword and the Space Sword.)'

Sailor Mercury: (sees Zak struggling) Of course. Thanks, Zak. (Sailor Mercury grabs the key and turns off the ignition, shutting down the Leveler. Hexxus becomes shocked, as the Sailor Guardians, animals and fairies become surprised.)

Hexxus: (gasping for air) What happened to the energy?

(Tony and Ralph have run to a tree stump in another part of the forest for safety, as they look around in surprise. All the while, Hexxus sucks on the exhaust stacks, but he is then pulled into the Leveler, with a few thin wisps of smoke vanishing into thin air. As the commotion settles down, everyone cheers for their home being saved. Crysta looks at Zak, who gives her two thumbs up. Budgie gives him two thumbs up)

Budgie: Zak saved the day!

Sailor Pluto: It's not over.

The Final Battle[]

(Sailor Pluto's words are confirmed when the earth rumbles, shattering the windshield and knocking Zak over. On top of the cab, a burst of flames appear, and rising from the top is Hexxus in a skeletal-form made of lava, sludge, and fire. He cackles menacingly at the fairies.)

Sailor Moon: So Hexxus, you show your true form! (summons the Holy Grail.)

Sailor Saturn: The Holy Grail.

Sailor Moon: Moon Crisis, Make Up! (The Holy Grail opens. Sailor Moon drinks from the Holy Grail and golden light envelopes her, forming a cocoon shape around her. It bursts open along with rainbow butterflies and transforms Sailor Moon's uniform into her Super uniform and then she assumes her final pose. Crysta, Zak, Budgie, her grandfather, Tony and Ralph, the animals, and the fairy clan become surprised.)

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon used the Holy Grail to transform into Super Sailor Moon.

Crysta: You're Super Sailor Moon.

Super Sailor Moon: This is it. The final battle!

(The Sailor Guardians fight Hexxus.)

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Aqua Mirage! (Sailor Mercury summons a globe of water, which is then split into several streams that are shot toward her target; when the streams make contact.)

Sailor Mars: Mars Snake Fire! (Sailor Mars summons fire and surround it herself, she then absorbed it in her hand and threw the fire from her enemy, which will later form in the shape of a snake and attack Hexxus.)

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Coconut Cyclone! (Sailor Jupiter's antenna on her tiara collects lightning and she raises her arms above her head and spins rapidly creating a blue ball of lightning. The ball of lightning enlarges and Sailor Jupiter blasts it at the opponent, sending out shock waves of high-voltage energy in a large spherical blast.)

Sailor Venus: Venus Wink Chain Sword! (Sailor Venus winks to make a heart and transforms it into the Holy Moon Sword, then she would move it around her body, until it extends and transform into multiple Sailor Venus' Chain and constrict Hexxus.)

Sailor Uranus: Space Sword Blaster! (Space Sword Blaster involves Sailor Uranus raising the sword in the air, creating a single orange orb with a ring around it; when she lowers the sword, the one orb turns into many, taking on a crescent shape and hits Hexxus.)

Sailor Neptune: Submarine Reflection! (Sailor Neptune uses her Deep Aqua Mirror to send a very strong blast of seawater and hits Hexxus.)

Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream! (Sailor Pluto sends an energy blast shot toward Hexxus.)

Sailor Saturn: Death Reborn Revolution! (Sailor Saturn charges her Silence Glaive with more destructive power, causing earthquakes and storms around Australia.)

Super Sailor Moon: Rainbow Moon Heartache! (Super Sailor Moon raises the Spiral Heart Moon Rod and then she would flip it around her body until finally striking on a pose. After this, she would spin around and once again hold the rod up again, sending several energy ribbons with hearts that hit Hexxus.)

Hexxus: You're a persistent little human, Sailor Moon.

Crysta: Super Sailor Moon needs my help.

(Crysta picks up a tree seed.)

Magi Lune: (voiceover) All the magic of creation exists within a single, tiny seed.

(Crysta realizes what must be done.)

Super Sailor Moon: (protesting) Crysta! We find another way!

(Crysta merely turns to give Super Sailor Moon a reassuring smile. She then flies into Hexxus' mouth, where he swallows her whole. This shocks Budgie, Zak, Pips, the animals, and the fairy clan.)

Pips: Crysta!

Budgie: Crysta!

All: No! No!

Zak: Crysta.

Mr. Chuckles: She's a goner!

(Super Sailor Moon watches in anger as Hexxus moves on to destroy Old High Rise again.)

Super Sailor Moon: Hexxus, I won't let you destroy FernGully!

(Super Sailor Moon blocks Hexxus, preventing him from destroying Old High Rise.)

Hexxus: You have interfered with me for the last time, Sailor Moon!

Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon needs our help!

(The Sailor Guardians fly to aid Sailor Moon.)

Sailor Chibi Moon: Moon Crisis, Make Up! (Using the Holy Grail, Sailor Chibi Moon powers up into her super form.)

Both Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Rainbow Double Moon Heartache! (Sailor Moon uses her Spiral Heart Moon Rod while Sailor Chibi Moon uses her Pink Moon Stick and together they cross over their wands. Then they point them at the enemy as pink swirling energy emanates from their wands.)

(Sailor Saturn plunges her Silence Glaive into Hexxus, which weakened and gradually damaged the evil force. As Hexxus grabs Sailor Saturn, a stem appears above his skull. He feels a sharp pain and tears off the stem. Unfortunately, several more stems appear out of his arms, forcing Hexxus to drop Sailor Saturn and desperately tear them off as best as he can. The fairies then frown in a war-like feeling, as Pips flies out of the tree.)

Pips: (confidently) Come on! Help it grow! Come on, guys! Come on!

(He leads the entire fairy clan out of the tree to help the seed grow.)

Fairy: Let's go! Follow me!

(The fairies waste no time, as they fly to aid the Sailor Guardians and use their powers to help a new tree grow.)

Sailor Uranus: The fairies are helping the seed grow.

Hexxus: No! It cannot be! Not a prisoner of nature again!

(Zak climbs down the ladder for safety. The roots of the tree burst through the spiked treads and tear off a portion of the ladder. Fortunately, Zak slides down a vine that slithers to the ground. The fairies use their powers, as the massive tree takes shape. Hexxus looks at the fairies and the Sailor Guardians one last time, before he is sealed away for good inside the trunk. Their work is done, and all of FernGully is saved.)

Super Sailor Moon: We saved FernGully.

Crysta's New Power/New Life[]

(Later, as a blue sky hangs above the canopy, the Sailor Guardians and the fairies notice that Crysta is gone.)

Fairy 1: Oh, Crysta's gone.

Fairy 2: Good-bye, Crysta. I wish you were here with us now.

Sailor Pluto: She gave her life to lead us to victory.

(Sailor Chibi Moon begins to cry. A tear lands a flower, making it grow, to the surprise of the fairies and the Sailor Guardians.)

Fairy 2: Oh, look!

(Crysta, the heroine who sacrificed her life, flies out of the flower and comes alive again. She then hugs Zak, as the crowd cheers happily.)

Sailor Venus: You're alive, Crysta!

Crysta: We did it, Zak. Thanks to you, Sailor Moon. Now Hexxus can never harm FernGully again.

Zak: But the lumberjacks still could. That's why I have to go back. There's a part of me that really wants to stay.

Crysta: There's a part of you that will always stay. (she gives Zak a seed) Remember, Zak. Remember everything.

(Pips and Zak extend their hands to shake each other.)

Pips: Keep the stereo, dude.

Zak: Thanks, dude.

Root: Hey, he's not going already?

Stump: He was a nice guy. He just needed wings.

Budgie: Crysta, you can unshrink Zak now.

Crysta: What was done, now undo. Return you to the form that's true. (Enlarges Zak back to his normal size)

Zak: (picks up a searchlight) Oh. Batty.

(Batty's electric channel turns on and he wakes up.)

Batty Koda: (gasps) I've shrunk! (flies away)

Sailor Jupiter: You're OK, Batty!

Sailor Moon: Zak, Budgie. I give you a medals. (she pulls out a medals that look like her old Transformation Brooch. She give them to Budgie and Zak. Sailor Mercury sets the camera timer. The Sailor Guardians, Zak, Budgie, Crysta, Pips, Batty and the fairies take a picture.)

Sailor Neptune: But just remember, Zak, you’ll never ever forget this place.

Sailor Uranus: Zak, leave the lumberjacks to the Outer Sailor Guardians. (The Outer Sailor Guardians fly to stop the lumberjacks.)

Pips: Maybe we could visit again?

Budgie: Oh, you have to.

Mr. Chuckles: Any time. You too, Batty.

Batty: I'm happy here, thank you. There are no surprises in Fern... (bumps into a tree) ...Gully. (everyone laughs)

Crysta: Good-bye, Zak. (Zak walks to Tony and Ralph.) Pips...

Budgie: Goodbye, Pips.

Pips: Goodbye, Budgie.

Tony: Zak!

Ralph: What happened here?

Zak: I will remember. (buries the seed in the soil) Guys, things have gotta change. (they leave the forest behind)

Magi Lune's Voice: Crysta, help it grow. (The seed sprouts new growth for FernGully.)

(Crysta follows Pips with Batty behind her.)

Batty Koda: Hey! Where are you going?

(Super Sailor Moon becomes Neo-Queen Serenity. She extends the long and thin Spiral Heart Moon Scepter and unleashes its mighty powers of healing and life, restoring the destroyed forest back the way was before.)

Sailor Venus: Neo-Queen Serenity made the forest beautiful.

Sailor Mars: The forest was back the way was before.

End Titles[]



(Song: Some Other World)

(The following photos are shown: Ami removes the wire from Batty, Crysta grows four baby trees planted by Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru, Pips and the Beetle Boys fly to the camping site to see Minako, Usagi and her friends visit a town amusement park to see Zak and Budgie, Tony and Ralph are part of the carnival's attractions, the poachers were sent to a prison, Zak helps Budgie practice for the clown act and Ami watches a slideshow of photos taken by Usagi and her friends during their adventure.)

You stare through a tunnel of
Solid wall that should be broken down
And you can't see the field of green
Has been turned into a raging battleground

And you'll live with the consequence
Tell me why don't you understand?
You'll destroy all the love that's been created
Be a miser with an empty hand

And it's all such a simple thing, changing everything
Listen to the one who brings all this love to you

Some other world, some other world, that's where you live
Some other world, some other world, that's where you live
Don't you care, stop and think about us and what you feel

I'll be there, don't you cut yourself off from what is real
Don't live in some other world
You don't live in some other world

There's a boat bound for paradise
If you hurry you can ride it back
'Cause once the bait hits the water
It don't take long 'till the sharks attack

Oh, but it's all such a simple thing, change is everything
Let me be the one who brings all this love to you
Some other world, some other world, that's where you live
Some other world, some other world, that's where you live
Don't you care, stop and think about us and what you feel

I'll be there, don't you cut yourself off from what is real
Don't live in some other world, in some other world
Oh you don't live in some other world, in some other world
Got to stop living in some other world

Let me help you with a change of mind
And it's all such a simple thing, changing everything
Listen to the one who brings all this love to you

This is our world, not some other world
You don't live in some other world
Live in our world, not some other world
You don't live in some other world

(Song: "In Love With The New Moon")