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Rumble Rose

The Rumble Rose (を率いる女船長, Ranbururōzu) is a group of pirates led by Grace and who are responsible for the attack on the ship ten years ago that claimed Fena's father's life. They act as enemies and rivals to Fena and her crew, and are the main antagonists of Fena: Pirate Princess.




The Rumble Rose was apparently blown to smithereens by one shot of a Wellington cannon, exploding it in fire. It remains to be seen if any of its crew survived. During the Final credits Charlotte Barry, Hannah Snell and Mary Read are seen Drinking in town as the only known surviving members.


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  • Possibly named after famous female pirates in history.
    • Except for Hannah Snell (who was actually a British soldier in real life.) and Alvida/Awilda (who is widely believe to have been a fictitious character instead of someone who actually existed).