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Royal Racer

The Royal Racer was King Candy's race kart in Wreck-It Ralph. Though it initially belonged to Princess Vanellope von Schweetz, Turbo assumed ownership of the kart when he hijacked Sugar Rush and took it over as king. The kart is also used as King Candy's throne in the castle.

Toward the third act of the film, Ralph examines the Sugar Rush game cabinet from Niceland, he notices artwork of Vanellope driving the kart on the side of the console, which gives him the suspicion that King Candy had lied about her being a glitch. During the climax, the kart was presumably destroyed when it was eaten by a Cy-Bug along with Turbo. It was not seen again for the remainder of the film. During the epilogue, Vanellope is shown to still use her Candy Kart despite having regained her sovereign position.


  • The kart's power-up is "Sweet Seekers", which fires unavoidable missiles at three racers ahead of it.
  • A compartment in the kart is used to hold King Candy's cane.
  • The kart's name was never mentioned in the film, instead being confirmed by the Disney INFINITY game series.