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The seven Rainbow Gems

The Rainbow Gems were a enchanted gems.


The Rainbow Gems are a set of identically-shaped but differently-colored jewels created by the witch Mizrabel. When gathered, the Gems were the only way to create a bridge between her turret and the rest of the Castle of Illusion. As such, she had entrusted each to one of her Masters of Illusion as a defence against intruders.

Behind the scenes[]

The Rainbow Gems were the macguffin of the 1990 video game Castle of Illusion and its 2013 remake.

Sailor Moon Crystal: Adventures in FernGully[]

In Sailor Moon Crystal: Adventures in FernGully, the Rainbow Gems served as the quest items for Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians. They are the power source of the Ark.

The Rainbow Gems are guarded by Non-Disney Villains:


  • In HD remake, the models of the Rainbow Gems are actually reused Chaos Emeralds (major recurring items in the Sonic the Hedgehog series) models from Sonic Generations.