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R.L.S. Legacy.jpg
R.L.S. Legacy
Feature films Treasure Planet
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Affiliation(s) Crescentia vessel
References The Legacy from Treasure Island
Maximum speed
Defenses 2 Plasma cannons
Crew Captain Amelia (captain)
Dr. Doppler
Mr. Arrow (first officer)
John Silver (the cook)

The R.L.S. Legacy is a solar galleon that appeared in the film Treasure Planet. She served as the exhibition vessel to Treasure Planet under the command of Captain Amelia.


Dr. Doppler hired the ship and its crew and remained in the docks of Crescentia Spaceport. (Little did Dr. Doppler know that the crew he hired were all in fact pirates.)

The Legacy took flight and began its journey to find Treasure Planet. On this journey, she was under the command of Captain Amelia with Mr. Arrow as first officer, John Silver as the cook, and Jim Hawkins as the cabin boy. Tragically, Mr. Arrow was lost when the ship encountered a Black Hole. However, she did make it to her destination.

After Jim became aware of John Silver's plan, the Pirates mutinied and raised their colours. Jim, Doppler, Morph and Amelia managed to escape to the planet's surface, but the Pirates took pursuit leaving Mr. Scroop in charge of the ship.

Since the Map was still on the ship, Jim, Marika, Morph and the robot B.E.N. sneaked back aboard and got it back. However, they encountered Scroop but managed to defeat him when Jim sent him out into empty space.

Amelia and Doppler regained control of the ship and tried to make their escape as the planet began to self-destruct. However, the ship suffered sever damage and their chance of escape with in debt. Jim managed to get the ship and crew out of danger by going through the portal and safely returned to Crescentia Spaceport just as Treasure Planet explodes.


  • R.L.S. is in fact short for Robert Louis Stevenson, the author who wrote Treasure Island.