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Pluto, the dwarf planet

Pluto is a small, icy world first discovered in 1939, and recognized as the ninth planet in the Solar System until quite recently. Its orbit was tilted instead of level like the other planets orbiting the Sun. It is now considered a dwarf planet and many astronomers speculate and believe it is not part of the Solar System. To this day, there has been many conflicts whether it was a planet or not. It has one satellite named Charon.


The Transformers cartoon[]

The Earth Defense Command maintained Outpost One, a space station in orbit around Pluto, as well as a warp gate on the world's surface.

Marvel Generation 1 comics[]

After the Spacehikers hijacked Blast Off to travel into outer space, Allan Silver wanted to go to Pluto.

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[]

While Pluto is one of the rare planets in the universe not to have an oxygen atmosphere it's no biggie, and once humans are in spacesuits they can amble around it much like it's the Moon. It seems to be largely made of the element plutocide.

The Renegades Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher and Screw Head with their human allies Zebediah Braxis and Doctor Mobius arrived on Pluto to mine plutocide in order to power the latter's Inverta-ray. While it was easy to mine the element thanks to Screw Head's drill they were soon interrupted by the arrival of the Guardians' Command Center. The Renegades fired the ray at the ship, which nearly faded from existence until Mobius realised his son Danny was onboard and switched the weapon off. This infuriated the Renegades and the Guardians Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter and Scratch disembarked and a battle began on Pluto. However, despite Crasher being injured the Renegades were able to escape when they changed tack and used Mobius as a hostage, forcing the Guardians to let them leave.

The Magic School Bus[]

Pluto is the tiny dwarf planet planet from the sun, and is where Ms. Frizzle's class lands on and find her and Liz in The Magic School Bus episode, Gets Lost in Space.

Pluto is also one of the solar system's planets that game players could choose to fly to and land on in the PC game, The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System.

At the time of the production of the Magic School Bus, Pluto was still considered a planet. However, it was classified as a dwarf planet since 2006-present.

After flying passed Neptune, Wanda asks where do they go now. Since Ms. Frizzle and Liz aren't on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune, Janet then tells the class that means there's only one planet left. After Tim asks which one, Janet tells him she'll tell that class as soon as Arnold gets off of her, and Janet manages to push Arnold off her causing him to fly forward into the seat in front of him. Janet then tells the class that Ms. Frizzle is on the farthest planet from the sun, Pluto. The bus then approaches Pluto and flies over its surface. Noticing Pluto is cold and dark and they could see the stars, they realize Ms. Frizzle and Liz got to be here. After they land, the bus shines it's headlights around, then the class suddenly notice a figure. The bus shines it's headlights on the figure, and there was Ms. Frizzle and Liz, looking at the stars through a telescope. The class cheer as they come out of the bus and reunite with their teacher. Keesha sees they could sure see the stars from Pluto and wonders where the sun is. Ms. Frizzle shows Keesha a tiny yellow star and tells the class that's it. They then see why Pluto is so cold and dark, since the sun is so far away, and Phoebe realizes the colder they got, the warmer they got to finding Ms. Frizzle. The bus then arrives and it's door opens and a couple of rocks fell out, as Janet filled it up with a lot more rocks to bring back as "proof". Janet tells the class she's got enough stuff for all of them to prove they made to Pluto, but the class tell her there's no room in the bus since she's overloaded it. Janet then disgustedly walks back into the overloaded bus, and all the rocks, ice blocks, red dust from Mars and the bottle with some of Jupiter's red spot in it break out of the bus's backdoor and Janet flies out with all the items she collected. Janet then refuses to go back home without all her stuff, but Arnold refuses to go home without his cousin. Janet tells Arnold that no one would believe her without all of her "proof", Arnold then tells Janet he and his friends will believe her. Arnold then gets very mad and tells Janet if she wants "proof", he'll give her "proof", he grabs his space helmet and tells her here's proof of what will happen to her if she stays on Pluto with her stuff. Janet pleads Arnold not to, but he pulls his helmet off and he freezes in a block of ice. Janet gets terrified and the class quickly gets back on the bus and they quickly fly back to Earth. Back on Earth, Arnold gets a cold from what he did and thanks Janet, Janet thanks Arnold back telling him if it wasn't for him, she'd still be stranded on Pluto with all her stuff. Janet then tells the class she doesn't need to prove anything and that was the most amazing field trip ever and if Janet's class doesn't believe her, that's their problem. Ralphie then does a prank and makes the class think the principal is telling them scientists made their first contact with an alien from outer space, saying the alien from Pluto is complaining about a pile of litter that was dumped on his planet. But Liz then pushes a cardboard box out of the way showing the class it was just Ralphie pranking them and they all laughed.

The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System[]

Pluto could be one of the planets of the solar system that the players could click on to fly to and land on. On Pluto, the player controls Arnold on that planet while searching for the Ms. Frizzle token, which will give the player a clue of which planet or moon she's on. Arnold also does her report on Pluto.

Sailor Moon[]

Pluto (冥王星; Star of the Underworld's King) was the ninth planet of the Solar System within the Sailor Moon series. In reality, Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet" in August 2006, leaving only eight classical planets in the Solar System. Before the reclassifying of the planets, Pluto was grouped with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as a planet of the outer Solar System. It has three moons, named Charon, Nix, and Hydra, although Charon is currently also classified as the twin planet of Pluto.

Also in the Sailor Moon series, Pluto was protected by Sailor Pluto, even though she resided either on Earth with the other Sailor Senshi of the system, or was protecting the Space-Time Door.

In the manga, Charon Castle orbited Pluto, and was the palace of Princess Pluto.

Transformers: Universe[]

Pluto is the dwarf planet formerly the ninth planet.


Pluto, also known as Hades in the Greek pantheon, was the god of the underworld in Roman mythology. He was the son of Ops and Saturn, and the brother of Jupiter and Neptune.


Pluto can symbolize power, fearlessness, big business, wealth, and a strong, almost death-like transformation process that causes a radical change in personality. Pluto is associated with Tuesday.

Physical Characteristics[]

Currently, Pluto is one of the least understood objects in the Solar System due to its extreme distance from the Earth. It has a diameter of roughly 2300 km, making it smaller than the Moon by about 33%. Pluto's thin atmosphere is comprised primarily of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, the same substances that make up its icy surface. The surface temperature is approximately -230 degrees Celsius.


In the Cowboy Bebop universe, Pluto is the site of a maximum security penitentiary, which is fitting considering its desolate environment and remote distance from the other planets. A prison ship destined for Pluto Penitentiary filled with criminals, among them Udai Taxim, malfunctioned in Black Dog Serenade.

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