Paco, the King of Disco is a film that has an unknown creator, and it features Jim dancing to disco music. It was first shown in Straight to Heart when Odd found it through a search on the Internet.

It is unknown whether the film has a main storyline or if it is just an instructional video for disco. Either way after it was first discovered by Odd, Jim made him swear not to tell anyone. It was not until William Returns that the film was seen or mentioned again when Sissi overheard the team talking about the film and then drafted a story about it into the Kadic News which in turn made Jim insanely popular with the students and even gave a live performance in the Gym at the end of the episode. The film was again mentioned briefly in Wreck Room, however after that it was never mentioned again.

The film is mentioned in Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity where Jim remains secretive until the storyline catches on and Jim thanks Odd for spreading the news and also says that he would like to go on Broadway and teach Disco in school dance classes.