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New Cybertron

New Cybertron is a city built by the Earth-stationed Decepticons to serve as their new headquarters. It is reconstructed from New York City per Scrapper's designs and meant to evoke the Cybertronian urbal landscape. It consists of a central spire that serves as the command center with numerous Cybertronian buildings around it. The central spire contains the control mechanisms for the city's remote controlled battle taxis and other defenses.

"It sickens me to say it, Reflector, but this one time I have to hand it to Megatron. The place is finally starting to feel like home!"
Starscream praises Megatron for his latest scheme. Say what?


The Transformers cartoon[]

On Megatron's orders, the Constructicons created a secret base beneath New York City from which they made preparations for New York City's urban renewal operation. Once everything was in place, they sunk the Empire State Building to begin its makeover. Of course, the disappearance of an entire building reached the news and tipped the Autobots off that something was amiss, so they set out for New York City. Megatron welcomed them by taking Optimus Prime hostage. As both Autobots and humans evacuated the city, Megatron had Optimus Prime taken apart, keeping the head as trophy and handing the Constructicons the rest. Ever the creative geniuses, they used the components to build an Alligaticon to protect the city's sewers and installed Optimus Prime's right arm and ion blaster atop New Cybertron's central spire.

Spike Witwicky advised the Autobots to infiltrate New Cybertron through the sewers. They encountered the Alligaticon, but escaped it and continued towards where Hound's scanners indicated Optimus Prime to be held. They got there without any effort, since the Decepticons were preoccupied with New Cybertron's construction. Optimus Prime's head explained his predicament, causing his soldiers to realize the Alligaticon from earlier was made from parts of their leader. Once they had retrieved them and put their leader largely back together, they went searching for his arm and found it on the central spire. By this time, the Decepticons had finished the primary constructions of New Cybertron and noticed the Autobots' presence. Megatron got Optimus Prime's arm to shoot at the Autobots, then sent out the battle taxis. At the same time, several of the Constructicons manned guntowers to attack the Autobots from.

While most of the Autobots busied themselves with not getting shot, Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide climbed the central spire to get back Optimus Prime's arm. Bumblebee and Spike took the interior route and had the controls for New Cybertron destroyed. With that influence out of the way, Optimus Prime could control his arm telepathically and used it to defeat the Decepticons. After the Decepticons had retreated, the Autobots restored New York City to its old, not-Cybertronian self.

Transformers: Universe[]

In Transformers: Universe, the similar city on New Cybertron and Galvatron dubbed this city New Kaon.