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The planet Neptune

Neptune is the eighth planet and a gas giant in the Solar System. Neptune appears similar to Uranus. It is dark blue in color.


Beast Wars II cartoon[]

One of Neptune's moons was devoured by Nemesis on its way to Gaia.

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[]

Neptune has a moon named Triton, which was at one point the site of a Renegade base. Template:Storylink

Armada cartoon[]

The Magic School Bus[]

Neptune is the eighth and final planet from the sun (due to Pluto now considered a dwarf planet), and is where Ms. Frizzle's class fly past by in The Magic School Bus episode, Gets Lost in Space.

Neptune is also one of the solar system's planets that game players could choose to fly to and land on its moon, Triton, in the PC game, The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System.

After passing by Uranus, the class approach Neptune. As they fly towards the planet, Janet keeps on complaining trying to get Arnold who is strapped to her off her trying to convince the class they got to stop at Neptune, since it's her favorite planet. As they look at the planet, Tim sees it's another gas planet, and Phoebe adds it's blue. Janet complains even more since blue is her favorite color, but Dorothy Ann tells Janet to forget about it, as Ms. Frizzle can't see the stars from Neptune and then tells Wanda to keep going, causing Janet to complain even more as they leave Neptune and head to the next and final planet, Pluto.

The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System[]

Neptune could be one of the planets of the solar system that the players could click on to fly to and land on its moon, Triton. On Triton, the player controls Janet on Neptune while searching for the Ms. Frizzle token, which will give the player a clue of which planet or moon she's on. Janet also does her report on Neptune.

Sailor Moon[]

Neptune (海王星; Star of the Ocean's King) is the eighth planet from the Sun in this Solar System. It has 13 known moons, but the largest is Triton. It is grouped with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus as a planet of the outer Solar System.

In the Sailor Moon series, Neptune was protected by Sailor Neptune, even though in the present she resided on Earth with the other Sailor Guardians of the system. During the time of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Neptune remained there alone.

In the manga, Triton Castle orbited Neptune, and was the palace of Princess Neptune.

Space Battleship Yamato[]

On January 17, 2199, the Iscandarian ship Sheherazade, piloted by Sasha Iscandar, quickly flies through space near Neptune on its way to Mars to deliver a wave motion power core to a waiting human team ("Messenger of Iscandar").

Transformers: Universe[]

Neptune is the eighth planet and a gas giant in the Solar System.

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Neptune, also known as Poseidon in the Greek pantheon, was the god of water and the sea. He was the son of Saturn and Ops, and the brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Neptune was often associated with horses.


Neptune is associated with idealism, imagination, self-sacrifice, spirituality, creativity, sensitivity, and compassion.


  • It is the smallest of the 4 gas giants
  • It has the fastest winds in the Solar System
  • It has a "Great Dark Spot" similar to Jupiter's "Great Red Spot"
  • It has 13 moons, the biggest being Triton
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