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Nemesis (ネメシス), also known as the Negamoon, is a planet that is composed of the Evil Black Crystal and home to Wiseman and the Black Moon Clan. It was thought to be tenth planet of the Solar System.

Nemesis was a dark place where very few flowers grew. The planet itself was made of the Evil Black Crystal, which was capable of absorbing light, much like a black hole. This would cause the planet to appear and disappear from the sensors tracking it in Crystal Tokyo, making its orbit seem erratic and difficult to trace.

For a long time, the planet remained cloaked in darkness, but some time in the 30th century, it began to emit large amounts of negative energy, indicating its presence. Soon after the creation of Crystal Tokyo, there was a challenge to the peace made by the Death Phantom. Because he was human, Neo-Queen Serenity did not want to kill him, so she banished him to the planet Nemesis and it became forbidden. Many years later, there was a another revolt on the Earth. After the battle, those who did not want to stay left Earth and ended up on Nemesis where they came under the influence of the Death Phantom.

At some point in time, the Death Phantom lost his physical body and his will became one with the planet. In the manga, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter were captured and held in the dungeon on Nemesis.

In Super INFINITY and Sailor Moon Crystal: The Game, Negamoon is a moon of Nemesis.


  • The planet Nemesis may have been named for a theoretical star credited for mass extinctions on Earth.
  • Nemesis was also the goddess of revenge and divine retribution in Greek mythology, and the word is now used to describe one's greatest rival or enemy.
  • Fans who create Otaku Senshi often like to invent a "Sailor Nemesis," as there was no mention of one given within the series.
  • In the anime, the planet Nemesis is only referred to as the Negamoon, or the dark moon of the Negaverse. As the Death Phantom (who goes by the name "Doom Phantom" in the anime, also known as Wiseman in both) seems to be behind most of the evil on the Negamoon, it is possible he has ties to the Negaverse, possibly to the Negaforce.