Natural Grandeur is a movie created by Odd Della Robbia. The three main stars are Odd, Romain, and Sissi. It is first shown in "Contact".

The film begins with a photo of Odd and other children cowering in the shadow of a giant Sissi. The scene then changes to Odd in the dorms warning everyone that "she" is coming. Jim (here played by Romain Le Goff) appears and asks Odd what's wrong and then attempts to escort him to the infirmary. Sissi then arrives (the camera making her seem gigantic) and says (in a monstrous voice) "Oh rats, I just broke a nail" and then advances on Odd and Jim. The film then stops as the real Sissi unplugs the projector in anger at Odd for portraying her as a mean monster while Ben laughs at her, much to her annoyance.

It is hinted by Ulrich in Cold War that Odd created a Natural Grandeur 2; whether it is a sequel or not is unknown, only fan-known it is not.