Moe Suzuya (鈴矢 萌, Suzuya Moe) is a character in Koisuru Asteroid.


Suzu is a young girl with a long violet hair and wears two triangle blue hair pins.


Suzu is little perverted and easily gets excited about other cute girls. She would often turn innocent situations into a pervy thoughts. She is a good friend of Mira Konohata and really likes Mira's sister Misa. Usually she starts inspecting anyone who gets close to Mira and if its a boy, she will start to harass him to chase him away, but will not do so, if that person was a girl.


Suzu is an old friend of Mira, who was in previous schools with her. She used to come to her house so often, that she feels at home there and knows all of Mira's secrets and hidden items, like her romance book she made. She went in the same school and ended in the same class as Mira in the high school. At first she wanted to join the same club with Mira, but due to her family's bakery, she had to help out and decided to not join the club.




  • "Suzu" is the nickname Mira Konohata gave her, as she didn't like her real name.
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