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Map of Treasure Planet.jpg
Map of Treasure Planet
General information
Feature films Treasure Planet
Television programs
Video games Super INFINITY
Park attractions
Inspiration The map from Treasure Island
Background information
Other names
User(s) Jim Hawkins
Billy Bones
Marika Kato
Chiaki Kurihara
Purpose Show the location of Treasure Planet.
Operate as a control panel for the Portal.
Powers and abilities
Final Fate Destroyed with the planet.

The Map of Treasure Planet is a holographic projector in Treasure Planet.


It's a map that leads to Treasure Planet, it once belonged to Captain Flint, and given to Jim Hawkens by Billy Bones from John Silver.

It apparently could only be opened by someone possessing a certain quality, shared by Captain Nathaniel Flint and Jim Hawkins, as the latter had simply been fiddling with it and activated it by accident.

The Map displays the Bentenmaru's location leads to Treasure Planet through the Andromeda Galaxy via Marika's ID Ring. When John Silver tried to open it, he couldn't, forcing him to bring Jim along. The Map also turned out to be a key to the portal system Flint had used to pillage and raid ships and to the very center of Treasure Planet.