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Quotation1.png The Leveler cut down the dead trees that were marked with a red spray. Quotation2.png
The Leveler.jpg
The Leveler
Feature films FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Sailor Moon Crystal: FernGully
Television programs
Video games Sailor Moon Crystal: Adventure in FernGully
Park attractions
Affiliation(s) Lumberjack
Registry Wood-Cutting Machine (subtitle)
Maximum speed
Defenses 2 chainsaws
Drivers Ralph and Tony
Sailor Mercury (briefly)
Fate Ripped apart by roots of a tree by Sailor Moon with help of the fairies

The Leveler is a powerful woodcutting device in FernGully: The Last Rainforest and the Sailor Moon Crystal crossover Sailor Moon Crystal: FernGully. It is considerably larger and more powerful than Maurice's Wood-Chopping Machine from Beauty and the Beast.


FernGully: The Last Rainforest/Sailor Moon Crystal: FernGully[]

At first, it was meant to cut down the woods that were marked with a red spray, according to Sailor Mercury, but things took a more serious turn when Hexxus fooled Ralph and Tony to head for FernGully. As the two of them finally made it there, Hexxus took over the machine after scaring the lumberjacks out of it. In the end, the Leveler is destroyed in a magnificent demonstration about the powers of nature and the power of the Silver Crystal combination, it gets ripped off it's seams by roots of a tree.


The Leveler appeared in Sailor Moon Crystal: Adventure in FernGully as the tutorial boss. It given the subtitle of: Wood-Cutting Machine.