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An example of a Letter of Marque

Letter of Marque (私掠船免状, Shiryakusen Menjō), also referred to as a Pirate License (海賊免許, Kaizoku Menkyo), is a legal document issued by various governments that allows pirates to operate legally as privateers rather than criminals.


During the War of Independence, the governments of the Colony Federation, inspired by the pirates of the Galactic Empire, issued letters of marque to various pirates to support their fleet. No new letters were given out after the war.

Terms and Conditions[]

These are the terms and conditions for Bentenmaru's Letter of Marque issued by Sea of the Morning Star as an example - other government bodies have different terms and conditions.

  • If the holder of a letter dies, only their direct descendant can inherit it.
  • If the holder doesn't commit an act of piracy for 50 days, the letter is revoked.
  • The letter is attached to one ship and cannot be transferred to another.

Example Ships and the Governing Planets[]


  • After the ending credits for each episode of Mouretsu Piratesa quote from the episode is shown in the style of the Letter of Marque.