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Kyouko Takimoto

Kyouko Takimoto (滝本 恭子, Takimoto Kyouko) is one of the main supporting characters in the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas series and the best friend of Sakura Yamauchi. It is hinted at the end of the story that she might end up dating Issei Miyata.

In the live-action, Issei and Kyouko are getting married.


Kyouko has a slim, slightly petite build. She has short, brown hair that reaches until the bottom of her neck, with an uneven bang swept upward that covers part of her forehead and a thick, short lock of hair that frames the sides of her face. She has thin eyes with reddish-brown pupils and a small mole underneath her left eye. After Sakura's death, Kyouko's hair has grown noticeably longer, with her locks now reaching just below her chin.

Kyouko usually wears a serious or aggressive expression on her face.


Kyouko can be cold to people whom she may find suspicious or doesn’t trust altogether, which is shown when she is interacting with Haruki Shiga. She often warns Sakura that she shouldn’t be hanging out with Haruki, despite repeatedly being turned down by her.

Though she may appear cold and aggressive at first glance, Kyouko is known to be sweet towards close friends like Sakura, but this trait is only shown at the end of the film after Sakura’s death.


Kyouko is first seen walking in on Sakura and Haruki as they’re eating Yakiniku and Offal together. Assuming it’s a date, she scolds Sakura for dating Haruki, stating that there are better guys in her league. Sakura turns her down, stating that it isn’t a date.

Kyouko is next seen beating Issei Miyata for slacking off instead of mopping the floor of their classroom. Noticing Haruki, she shoots him an aggressive scowl.

Kyouko is next seen talking to Haruki on the balcony, asking him why he had gone on a trip with Sakura. Haruki doesn’t respond, so Kyouko hits his book out of his hand, causing it to fall off the balcony and get soaked with rain. She threatens to actually kill him if something were to happen to Sakura.

Kyouko then visits Sakura in the hospital, but unfortunately walks in on Haruki and Sakura as they’re hugging each other. Furious, she walks in, only to be intercepted by Sakura who buys Haruki time to escape by excitedly embracing her and barraging her with several questions.

During Sakura’s funeral, Kyouko and Sakura’s other friends are seen mourning for her loss.

Afterwards, Haruki invites Kyouko over to a café where he lets her read Sakura’s Living With Dying, causing her to burst into tears at the loss of her best friend. Afterwards, Haruki asks Kyouko to be his friend.


At the end of the film, Kyouko and Haruki have become friends and visit Sakura's grave together. Kyouko can be seen offering gum to Haruki, which hints that she she might have ended up with Miyata, who is often seen chewing gum or offering gum to peers. After paying there respects to Sakura, Kyouko and Haruki go to visit Sakura's home to see Sakura's family.


Sakura Yamauchi[]

Kyouko and Sakura are both very close friends, and both care very deeply for each other, explaining Kyouko’s devastation upon her death. Kyouko usually tried to protect Sakura, which explained her aggressive nature towards Haruki.

Haruki Shiga[]

Though the two initially had a bad relationship due to Kyouko’s aggressive actions towards him, the two seem to have eventually made up at the end of the series, and became friends. They are seen visiting Sakura's grave together and heading towards a visit to Sakura's family one year later.

Issei Miyata[]

Initially, the two appeared to have a love-hate relationship, with Kyouko usually beating him for slacking off or refusing to do work.