Kurihara Yuki

Kurihara Yuki

Yuki is the female protagonist of the series. She's a second year and likes Shinya Momotsuki. After she confesses to him, she becomes his girlfriend. Her wish of dating her crush has finally been granted.


Yuki Kurihara is a cute young girl with short wavy light brown hair and brownish-red eyes. She's 152 centimeters, shorter than a few girls in her school. Just like Momotsuki, she is usually seen to be wearing her school uniform which consists of a white and green blouse with a green shirt underneath, a green bow, white and green skirt, long black socks and brown shoes. Just like Momo, she is often called cute by many others, but unlike him, she usually just smiles at the compliment.


  • Shinya Momotsuki

Yuki is Momo's girlfriend. She obsessed with him, that stalks him almost everyday, taking dozens of pictures of him, collect item that he touches.

  • Norika Mizuyama

Yuki is Norika's bestfriend. They're so close. Yuki is also a classmate of Norika. Yuki often gets advice from Norika

  • Rio Sakaki

Yuki and Rio became close after Rio tells Yuki about two type of potatoes. And became closer after Rio knows that Yuki secretly taking pictures of Momo, and became more closer at summer festival when Rio tells Yuki about her feeling.

  • Rihito Sawaguchi

Rihito often teases Yuki and Momo. Rihito also realize that Yuki is secretly taking pictures of Momo.

  • Shōta Shizuka
  • Yuzuki Shimada


"But, it's, like, his expressions. It's cute how his facial expression changes all the time. He must be a honest person."
—Yuki to Norika about Shinya


  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Her hobby is collecting Shinya's straws and taking Shinya's pictures.
  • Unlike a normal girls, Yuki is lacking a jealousy.