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King William's Kingdom.jpg
King William's Kingdom
Background Information
Feature films The Swan Princess
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location United Kingdom
Ruler(s) King William
Inhabitants Rothbart (chancellor, formerly)
Princess Odette (princess)
Visitors Prince Derek
Queen Uberta
Final state

King William was an old king who lived in a large and mighty kingdom. In the first movie, he ruled his kingdom with wisdom, but he get sad as was growing old and he handed any child who'll take his place on the throne. But someday, a child was born a girl a princess, and named her Odette. He had now an heir to the throne. But Sir Rothbart a court enchanter with a dark soul, has other plans. During the movie, he kills William and kidnapped Odette when she was a young woman and transformed her into a swan. He asked her many night to be his husband, so he can rule her father's kingdom but she always refuses. Odette was growing up in the castle and every summer, she was force to marry a prince named Prince Derek. But soon they fall in love. 

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