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The Kato House

The Kato House is a house located on the Sea of the Morning Star. It is the home of Marika Kato and Ririka Kato.


The house is an isolated structure approximately removed from the city. Its multi-level design and proximity to nature illustrates the degree of opulence it holds.

At its periphery are various land masses, an ambiguous body of water and amaranthine flora that are separated only by a single road that branches towards the house and directly leads to civilization.

A staircase leading to the lowest level and backyard of the house is found right outside.

Behind the house is a small field of grass that extends to a port and the aforementioned body of water.



The Kato House is a multi-story building erected on elevated ground. The house's exterior is comprised of a single entrance, multiple windows, a circumventing terrace and a garage.

Situated at the entrance are a canopy, a biometrics confirmation interface, and a reinforced door. The biometrics interface involves an iris scanner, followed by a fingerprint sensor and a virtual-code input device. It is then concluded with a voice print recognition system that will allow the resident to enter the house past the fortified, rotating-sliding door.

The Kato House also features a sophisticated security system, Marika Kato thought to be just the interest of Ririka Kato.


At the main floor, a staircase leading to the upper level is found upon entering the house. Directly past the staircase is a large area consisting of the kitchen/dining area and the living room. Beyond the living room is a door to the outside leading to the terrace that overlooks the water mass.

The kitchen/dining area is furnished with conventional objects befitting its atmosphere: a counter equipped with a sink and a stove complemented by preparation space for the food, a refrigerator right across from it, another counter adjacent to the refrigerator, and storage shelves located above. The dining area is the transition point from the kitchen to the living room, and it is composed of a medium-sized table containing four chairs.

In the living room is a hollowed space on the floor where an L-shaped sofa and a coffee table are situated. Directly between the sofa and the window is a decoration stand whereas facing the sofa is a mobile television screen able to be shifted from one end to another like a curtain.

The rooms and furnishings in both the upper level and the bottom level — aside from Marika's room — have not been disclosed.


Abyss of Hyperspace[]

Not long after Marika rescued Kanata Mugen from his pursuers and took him to the Serenity princesses' guest house, the Kato House was attacked by forces working for the Yggdrasil Group. Ririka defeated the attackers, but the house sustained heavy damage in the process.

Treasure Planet[]