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Jafar's Lamp.jpg
Jafar's Lamp
General information
Feature films Aladdin
The Return of Jafar
Mickey's House of Villains
Television programs
Video games Aladdin
Kingdom Hearts series
Park attractions
Background information
Other names
User(s) Abis Mal (formerly)
Purpose To hold in Jafar
Location The desert
Success Seals up Jafar along with Iago (Aladdin)
Powers and abilities
Final Fate Thrown into a lava pit by Iago and melted away

Jafar's Lamp was the prison of Jafar and Iago at the end of the original Aladdin film.

Physical appearance[]

Jafar's lamp is identical to Genie's lamp in appearance. The only difference is, it has a black coloring and an upside down handle.



At the end of the film Aladdinthe title character tricked Jafar into wishing he was an all powerful genie. Aladdin knowing he will be sealed into a lamp for eternity to do a master's bidding, holds Jafar's black would-be prison that appears once the wish is granted by Genie and it sucks Jafar (while pulling Iago) inside. Genie then sent the lamp far into The Cave of Wonders for 10,000 years.

The Return of Jafar[]

"Aladdin: "We have to stop Jafar."
Jasmine: "But how? He's so powerful."
Genie: "His lamp. You destroy Jafar's lamp, you destroy Jafar."
Aladdin: "Then that's what we're going to do."
—Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie plot on how to get rid of Jafar

In The Return of Jafar, Iago managed to escape the lamp, but instead of releasing Jafar from it, he threw it down a nearby well, due to Iago having grown irritated that Jafar doesn't grant him credit when it is due, and instead used him (with Jafar also making the grave mistake of reminding Iago shouting "Polly Want a Cracker" at a Bazaar that finalized Iago's decision). Abis Mal then found the lamp at the well and rubbed it, releasing Jafar. At the end of the film, Aladdin and his friends tried to capture Jafar's lamp so they could destroy it, which would thus destroy Jafar. In the end, a wounded Iago, having fully turned against Jafar, kicked the lamp into a lava pit and it melted away, causing Jafar to implode into a cloud of dust, killing him.


Cameo appearances[]

Another black lamp exactly look-like Jafar's one is seen in the Aladdin series episode When Chaos Comes Calling as the Evil Genie's one.


  • Jafar was pulled into a lamp once again by Mickey Mouse at the end of Mickey's House of Villains, except this lamp looked like the one that belonged to Genie.
  • The Lamp (either Genie's or Jafar's) makes a cameo in the ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Upon finding it in the luggage, G2-9T will state that the Star Tours' non-smoking policy extends to luggage as well.
  • The lamp might be black to show Jafar's villainous personality.