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Issei Miyata

Issei Miyata (いっせいみやた, Issei Miyata) is a supporting character in the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas series.


Miyata has messy dark, mustard yellow, curly hair and greyish brown pupils. He usually wears a laid-back expression on his face. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform in school and casual clothing outside of school.

Personality []

Miyata appears to be calm, cool-headed and laid-back, as well as incredibly lazy. His laziness is shown when he is doing classwork or completing tasks for school, which usually results in him being hit by Kyouko Takimoto. Miyata is generally a friendly person and has an obsession with gum, as he is always seen carrying a pack with him and offering gum to other people who happen to walk by him or talk to him, like Haruki Shiga.

Miyata can often be seen slacking off or joking around with his peers and classmates, usually with Haruki as seen in the film.

Story []

Miyata is first seen asking Haruki about his relationship with Sakura Yamauchi while he and his class are cleaning the classroom. While doing this, he offers Haruki some gum. Haruki denies this, and Kyouko eventually arrives and beats Miyata for slacking off.

Miyata is next seen sitting on a chair at home, when he notices Haruki walking past him. He chats with Haruki, assuming that he’s going out to meet Sakura. This proving true, he supports Haruki before being playfully surprised by his younger siblings.


The ending of the film shows Kyouko holding pack of gum and offering some to Haruki, hinting that she and Issei might end up together or start dating.

Relationships []

Love Interests[]

Kyouko Takimoto[]

The ending scene of the series has hinted that the two might end up together as Kyouko is seen offering Haruki gum. Initially, the two appear to have a love-hate relationship, as Kyouko constantly hits him for slacking off instead of doing his work.

Friends []

Haruki Shiga[]

The two can sometimes be seen talking to each other. Miyata is usually seen offering Haruki gum and seems highly interested in his relationship with Sakura.