Galvatron points at the Autobot ship heading for Io

Io is a moon of Jupiter. In real life, it is notable for its sulphur volcanoes. In the Transformers universe, however, it is the home of psychotic alien bats that transform into missiles.


Cartoon continuityEdit

Blurr and Wheelie crashed on Io while delivering Metroplex's transformation cog to Earth, where they were attacked by the local wildlife. They were soon joined by Marissa Faireborne, courtesy of the locals' skills as kamekaze pilots. All three had to be rescued by the Autobots' current ride.

Chip and Dale Rescue RangersEdit

in Katy Meets the Aliens, Aliens W, X, Y and Z on Io, four aliens, are hungry and the only way to survive is to capture and eat creatures from other planets.


Io, the innermost of Jupiter's Galilean moons, served as temporary base for Admiral Winfield's Exofleet remnant in the first years of the Neosapien War. It became a critical base after the destruction of the Resolute and much of Exofleet during the Third Battle of Earth.

During the Blockade of Io, the Neosapien fleet placed Io under siege due to the belief that Winfield had a functioning GRAF Shield. When Typhonus learned that the shield was non-operational, he ordered a full scale attack. However, the Pirate Clans came to Exofleet's aid and inflicted heavy losses on his fleet.

Combined with the losses he had suffered from the aftermath of the Battle of Sinope, Typhonus chose to retreat. This allowed Exofleet to escape to Chaos. Although Io was later captured by Typhonus, it was never mentioned again as a vital location until in Titan A.E., the base was under attacked and finally destroyed by the Drej at the start of the Second Drej War.

Transformers: UniverseEdit



  • In real life, Io frankly doesn't need the missile-bats to be a bad place to crash. The most geologically active moon in the Solar System, it's basically a giant ball of sulfur, with over 400 active volcanoes which can spit plumes of gas and ash over 100 miles high, and massive lava lakes. Despite those, the average temperature on Io's surface is about -280 degrees Fahrenheit. What little atmosphere it has is sulfur dioxide, and does nothing to stop Jupiter from blasting it with radiation.
  • As such, Io is actually a mottled yellow-brown-green in color, not blue as depicted in the cartoon.
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