Hyper Tornado

The Hyper Tornado

The Hyper Tornado is a transformation of TailsTornado 2 biplane in Sonic X anime. Chuck Thorndyke secretly upgraded the plane for Tails as a farewell gift to him, the plane is somewhat faster than the X Tornado, but about the same size as it. As seen in its first appearance, when Tails was attacking the Grand Egg Imperial, the plane has lasers beside the cockpit, seven missile launchers in front of the cockpit and a plasma blast that is fired from the plane's nose.

However, in season 3, Tails allows Chris to pilot the plane since he rebuilt the X Tornado in yellow instead of white, but it's safe to assume that after the X Tornado blew up in episode 73 and after Chris left for his planet (Earth) that Tails resumed using the plane in battle.


Some statistics on the plane are that it has two air intakes that have two corresponding jet engines that propell the plane at speeds beyond Mach 3 at max speed, however the plane does not use its max speed in the series, but goes only in between Mach 1 and Mach 2. It has radar equipped that goes down to the ten thousandth's place (decimal) for the distance of an object in any measuring unit it's configured to detect. The Hyper Tornado also is equipped with a special weapons rack that allows for use of one of a kind weapons. The plane has a length of about 12.5 meters and a wingspan of about 7 meters, height is near 5 meters with landing the gear down.

The plane's cockpit is made from a special material that withstands almost any attack thrown at it, providing extra protection for Tails or whoever is flying the plane. It was nearly destroyed along with Tails by the Grand Egg Imperial's special homing missile, but the missile was destroyed by Super Sonic who proceeded to destroy the Grand Egg Imperial.

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