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A Hologram is a projected three-dimensional image of an object or person.

A hologram is an artificially created image using photons arranged in a manner to better display information...or trick people, depending on the situation at hand.


Generation One cartoon[]

The Autobot Hound often made use of holograms. While guarding Ravage with Mirage, Hound came up with the idea to use a hologram to trick the Decepticons and lead them into an ambush. Optimus Prime agreed, and Ravage was allowed to escape, believing he had learned of a military base with large amounts of rocket fuel. Megatron, however, saw through Ravage's escape, sending the Decepticons to the real base, while he went with a group of shoddy Decepticons to rub it in Prime's face. The hologram of the base worked just fine, though...

Shockwave was using a holographic projector to train with Sentinel drones when the Combaticons arrived and attacked them. Later, Shockwave and Starscream used the holographic projector to create various images of hostiles. This successfully distracted the Combaticons for some time, until Swindle discovered that their attackers were holograms. The Combaticons aren't really smart. That's why they let Onslaught do all the thinking.

IDW comics continuity[]

Recognizing that the Autobots' lack of drivers would attract attention, they used Holomatter avatars to avoid detection. However, security measures can be devised specifically to detect holomatter, showing that organizations such as the Machination already anticipated Cybertronian interference.

Beast Wars/Beast Machines[]

By the Beast Era, holograms were in more wide scale use, including such applications as entertainment and military use. The Axalon and the Darksyde both made extensive use of hologram technology to run simulations and observe events in real time. On Cybertron, there were holo-chips which allowed Transformers to interface with them and see things virtually—some of which were not always virtuous, if you get our meaning.

Unicron Trilogy[]

The Autobots used holographic drivers while on Earth. At one point, the US President's image is used by Six-Speed in order to avoid trouble with the police. The holograms are translucent, but human viewers don't seem to notice.


In Transformers Animated, Prowl will sometimes project a hologram of a mustached police officer riding him while in vehicle mode, as to remain inconspicuous. Nothing says "conspicuous" like a motorcycle without a rider. He's also fond of creating false images of himself, the better to ambush enemies who attack the wrong Prowl.


Holograms are a visual technology that is used for displaying images in three dimensions. Besides providing entertainment, they can be used for military use. Such as the Pirate Clans use them to conceal anti-infantry guns on Enceladus. Later use of technology for military use was developed by Algernon to create a decoy system for Kaz's E-frame.