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The Egg Giant-Makan

The Egg Giant-Makan is a vessel that in the Sonic X anime series. It was a powerful vessel built by Dr. Eggman and resembled an ancient sailing ship.


The Egg Giant-Makan came equipped with a powerful weapon that bathed its target area in red light before firing a devastating blast, and its "oars" doubled as laser cannons.


The Egg Giant-Makan was used by Eggman in his plot to uncover the ruins of the Lost Kingdom of Murasia and set off a global volcanic eruption. It engaged the X Tornado and the GUN Fort in battle, resulting in its destruction and that of the latter aircraft.


  • The Egg Giant-Makan was the only airship employed by Dr. Eggman in Season 1 of Sonic X that only lasted a single episode, and was also the only one not to reappear as part of the Grand Egg Imperial.