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Dysnomia is the only known Moon of the dwarf planet Eris. It was discovered in 2005 by Mike Brown.

Due its long distance from Earth and extremely far distance from the sun it will be extraordinarily difficult to terraform. Eris might not have an atmosphere, so we will have to naturally bring gases from Saturn. If we would mine the gases from Jupiter's atmosphere it would be a lot difficult. We will have to trap the gases from the mining that we brought from Saturn. Dysnomia will be a moon with minimum time of summer with current technology. Somehow we can manage to create a very small heating system below the surface of Dysnomia by digging a deep hole and putting heating devices to make a new core and rebuild the terrain to create a volcano so it can keep reheating the surface of Dysnomia. The gravity of Dysnomia will be a greater problem. It will have to be enough gravity to hold a atmosphere or we will have to paraterraform it. The dim natural sunlight that is provided for Dynomia will also be a great problem. Make contact with humans/robots in Dysnomia will take a long time due its great distance. Thanks to Uranus moons it will take a shorter time period. We could activate a satellite orbiting one of Uranus small moons like the moon Mab. After that happening Dysnomia will become a good colonization spot for humans if we want to mine/explore/colonize Kuiper Belt objects. Perhaps Mabs tidal forces could restart the internal dynamo, heating the core and creating a Magnetic field.


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