The Defiant fighting off hordes of Pirate Ships

Faction Exofleet
Name Defiant
Class heavy Exocarrier
Status Destroyed (Rebuilt)
Weapons and Defense
Laser Cannons
Fusion Torpedoes
Ships and Crew

The Defiant (†) was a ship in the Exofleet of the Fleet Exocarrier class.


The Defiant was called into active duty in 2119 A.D. when the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans of Saturn. The Pirate Clans War was in response to Jonas Simbacca's Pirate Clan pillaging a civilian ore freighter, the Danube, which resulted in the death of one of its two crew members. In addition to the death of the Danube's crew member, an entire ExoFleet work crew was killed when a booby-trap left by the Pirates was accidentally triggered. The Defiant served in the Pirate Clan War and fought in the Battle of the Asteroid Belt.

In the first engagement of the brief conflict, the Exofleet was ambushed by the entire Pirate Fleet using their Cloaking Devices to give them an advantage over the more powerful yet slow maneuvering ExoFleet. Although their surprise was absolute, the ExoFleet was able to fight off hordes of Pirate Fighters and battle its way out of the ambush. The Defiant was destroyed as it was one of the most forward ExoCarriers in the Battlegroup. In addition to taking heavy fire, it was also hit by a rogue asteroid ultimately resulting in its destruction. It was the only ExoCarrier lost in the Battle of the Asteroid Belt. The Defiant was rebuilt after the war for the Second Drej War.

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