Ceres (also designated "1 Ceres") is the smallest dwarf planet in the Solar System and the only one located in the main Asteroid Belt.


The Headmasters cartoonEdit

When Scorponok was forced to stop on Pallas for repairs, the pursuing Battleship Maximus landed on Ceres while an Autobot force was sent to fight the Decepticons. When Scorponok headed for Earth, Maximus left Ceres and followed.


Ceres was the location of a Neosapien facility under the command of General Drusus. When Exofleet sent a Jumptroop unit to investigate, the resulting Battle of Ceres revealed the existence of the Neo Megas. After exposure to the Neo Megas, Ceres was abandoned by the Neosapiens.

Professor Algernon was en-route Ceres to examine the facility when Able Squad's report of the alien structure compelled him to divert to Mars. It is unknown if the Neo Megas were created at Ceres.

The Drej targeted Ceres once the destruction of the Titan during the Second Drej War.

Timeline of the Neosapien base on Ceres.

Sailor MoonEdit

Ceres is a dwarf planet within the Solar System's asteroid belt. In the real world, it was classified as such in August 2006, but previously, and in the Sailor Moon universe, it was the largest of the asteroids in the belt. It is named for the Roman goddess Ceres, who was the goddess of agriculture and motherly love.

In the Sailor Moon manga, Ceres was protected by Sailor Ceres, a member of the Sailor Quartet and one of Small Lady's protectors.

Transformers: UniverseEdit

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