Camelot is King Arthur's Mythical Kingdom. The Round Table is located at the tower with a courtyard behind with the stonehenge and the magic stone. The Other tower is where Arthur's bedroom is located. Around the kingdom is a moat with a wooden gate with three black metal rings on it.

Role in the filmEdit

Quest for CamelotEdit

In the beginning, there was complete darkness with many people fighting, The Stonehenge and in the middle was the magic stone has Excalibur in it. Although with many people tried to pull it out but failed, that is until Arthur arrives and pulls it out easily since he is the rightful king. With Excalibur at his side he led all the people out of the darkness and built the kingdom called Camelot.

When the other knights come to Camelot for a meeting, Ruber who has gone mad and seeks riches to become king. But when the other knights refuses to do so, Ruber attacks (with Ruber striking Sir Lionel killing him in progress), but Arthur beats him back with Excalibur which leads Ruber to flee in exile.

After 10 years of Sir Lionel's death and Ruber's exile, Arthur and the other knights were having another meeting but The Griffin broke through the tower roof and grabbed Excalibur and wounded Arthur. However, Excalibur was dropped in the forbidden Forest, due to Ayden, Merlin's Wizardry pet. The Roof was being rebuilt by the Guards and Arthur's arm is now in the sling.

Later, Ruber (in disguise and has Excalibur fused to his arm) uses Lady Juliana to get himself into Camelot and occurs an attack as Ruber goes into the castle while his Henchmen block up the entrance and some setting a fire. The Fire had reached the stables which is near the tunnel leading to the Round Table.