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The ID ring.

The Bentenmaru Captain's ID Ring is a special ring belonging to the Bentenmaru's captain (currently Marika Kato) that can be used to control all of the systems on the Bentenmaru.


The ring is composed of a silver-tinted metallic alloy that is enveloped by a brown band at the middle. The skull from the Bentenmaru's emblem indicates the ring's topside while a small oval across from it indicates the ring's underside. Moreover, the skull's eyes flash red when it is used.


The ring allows the user to control the Bentenmaru's systems. It also enables one to view a collection of secret files in the Captain's Room, and can be used to send the Bentenmaru's emblem to confirm the user's identity.


Sometime before the start of the series, Gonzaemon Kato gave Princess Gruier Serenity this ring.

Golden Ghost Ship Arc[]

During the Bentenmaru's raid on the Symphony Angel, Gruier used the ring to override the ship's security system and stow away onboard. After the Golden Ghost Ship was found, she gave the ring to Marika.

Hakuoh Pirates Arc[]

Marika used the ring to power up the Bentenmaru when she brought the yacht club to the ship to substitute for her crew who were stuck in quarantine.

Nebula Cup Arc (Anime-Only)[]

While waiting for the crew to be released from hospital, Marika made several trips to the Bentenmaru for cleaning, using the ring to lock and unlock the systems. However, during cleaning on the Odette II, she tripped and unknown to her, the ring fell out of her pocket. Fortunately, Grunhilde recovered it and after having Lynn look at it, brought it over to the Bentenmaru as the crew were looking for it.

Afterwards, Marika placed the ring down in the Captain's Room and discovered a collection of hidden files, including the Kato recipe for pot-au-feu.

During the Nebula Cup race, when the Bisque Company began firing on the dinghies not knowing which one Marika was in, Marika used to ring to send the Bentenmaru's emblem and reveal herself so they wouldn't target the racers.

Treasure Planet[]

In Treasure Planet, Marika used the ring on the Map to Treasure Planet to show the Bentenmaru's location all the way through the Andromeda Galaxy to find and reach Treasure Planet.