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The Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt is a field of rock and debris in the Solar System that floats in the orbital path between Mars and Jupiter.

Known asteroids[]



The Exofleet and the Pirate Clans are battling in the asteroid belt during the Pirate Clans War.

The Magic School Bus[]

Marvel Comics continuity[]

Cybertron entered the Solar System and was faced with destruction as it approached the asteroid belt. Aboard a huge spacecraft dubbed the Ark, Optimus Prime led a team of Autobots on a mission to clear a path through the asteroids.

Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity[]

The Headmasters cartoon[]

The Asteroid Belt in the Solar System between Mars and Jupiter

While travelling back to Earth, Scorponok made a pit stop at Pallas. The pursuing Autobots made a similar stop at Ceres. The two forces battled on Pallas, but Sixshot arranged for a personal duel with Chromedome on Juno; the duel ceased when Daniel Witwicky got between the two of them and Scorponok caused Juno to explode after taking off for Earth.

Victory cartoon[]

Deathsaurus's Decepticons had set the Thunder Arrow on an asteroid and set up a factory. With devices planted on the asteroid, they pulled in spaceships to use their crew as slaves and the ships for smelting to produce the energy alloy. Ship disappearances had become so frequent that the region was called the "Devil's Space Triangle". Star Saber, realizing that it was a Decepticon plot, disguised himself as a human spaceship to be abducted. Once on the asteroid, Star Saber destroyed the devices and drove off the Decepticons.

Aligned continuity family[]

Prime cartoon[]

The Decepticon space bridge—that was destroyed during Megatron's attempts to raise Cybertron—lay outside the asteroid belt.

Tales of the Beast Hunters[]

Bumblebee found a lead pointing to a derelict starship in the asteroid belt. He and Wheeljack located it, but were followed there by Megatron and Predaking. Optimus Prime soon joined in the battle by GroundBridging there and as the ship was destroyed by Lazerback's explosives, the Autobots managed to escape with some of the weapons. Megatron was not so lucky, and appeared to perish.

Transformers: Universe[]

The Asteroid Belt is a field of rock and debris in the Solar System that floats in the orbital path between Mars and Jupiter.


Foreign names[]

  • English: Meteorite Zone (Omni Productions dub)
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