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Faction Exofleet
Name Arnhem
Class Light Exocarrier
Status Active
Weapons and Defense
Laser Cannons
Ships and Crew
E-Frame Squadrons:
Jumptroop Companies:
Charlie Company

The Arnhem was a ship in the Exofleet of the Light Exocarrier class.


The Arnhem was commissioned in 2120 A.D. during the Neosapien War. It was built at the Io Base Dry Dock and is loosely classified as a light Exocarrier. The Arnhem was the first built in this new line of class with the ExoTechs, and presumably Professor Algernon, designing a ship to accommodate the new amphibious warfare that they were now forced to fight in the Neosapien War. The Arnhem was as fast as a light Exocarrier, such as the Coronado or Sovereign class, yet not as heavily armored but with complement almost that of a heavy exocarrier. This was an effective strategy to bring the front line to the enemy as Jumptroops would create the point of attack, with E-frames providing air support and the ExoFleet ships providing addition firepower to stationary targets. The Arnhem served in all engagements after its commission in the Second Neosapien War including the Blockade of Io, the Battle of Ceres, the Second Battle of Mercury, the Third Battle of Venus, and the Battle of Earth.

The Arnhem received notoriety in 2121 A.D. when its first mission was a "snatch-and-grab" mission to retrieve the Earth Resistance leaders for a summit on Io Moon Base. This mission demonstrated the Arnhem’s versatility as it not only showed its range but it showed that it was fully capable of accomplishing missions that all other larger ExoCarriers could. This was especially crucial prior to the Exofleet-Pirate Clans Alliance as ExoFleet ships were not equipped with cloaking devices yet. After the Exofleet-Pirate Clans Alliance was formed, Pirate ships such as the Cossack and Vorgon performed the “snatch-and-grab” missions previously tasked to the Arnhem. The Arnhem remained in service beyond the Neosapien War and the Second Drej War.