Ami's Home

Ami's Home

Ami's Home is a high-rise apartment in Tokyo. Due to her parents being divorced and her mother being a doctor, Ami spends a lot of time home alone.


Ami Mizuno lives in a high-rise apartment in Tokyo.


Ami's RoomEdit

Ami's Home

Ami's room in her home

Ami has a large bedroom to herself which has a large window against one wall with white curtains. Inside the room is a desk for studying that has various books on it, a bed with red covers, and a vanity with a mirror. The floor is covered with blue carpet. There is a small television used to watch a news report and a phone in her room as well.


The bathroom has a blue tiled floor and lower wall. There are a few plants seen in it and an end table next to the tub that has books stacked on it that Ami reads while bathing. The bathtub is a clawfoot tub in the manga, but in the anime special Ami's First Love, it is a green unit bathtub.

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