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The Air Destroyer Goliath

The Goliath or Air Destroyer Goliath is a military airship utilized by the government in Laputa: Castle in the Sky to access Laputa. It possesses enormous firepower, greater than that of the cannons in Colonel Muska's fortressGoliath was damaged in forces of the Tornado 2, the X Tornado and the Hyper Tornado and later eventually destroyed by Laputian robots under the command of the renegade Colonel.  


Goliath is approximately 1,000 feet long. Although the inside is composed of numerous sections holding hydrogen or helium, a large array of propellers and rotors are needed to sustain and maneuver the craft. There is also a large selection of weapons present on Goliath such as turret-mounted cannons equipped with armor-piercing shells, smaller barbette-mounted cannons, and Maxim machine guns. Although the larger cannons were capable of destroying the robot that escaped Colonel Muska's fortress, they were no match against the power of Laputa. Goliath is also capable of carrying three Spy Planes on its underbelly. Finally, an entire battalion of government troops can be carried within Goliath.  


Goliath appeared in Laputa: Castle in the Sky where it ferried Colonel Muska and government troops to Laputa. It was first damaged by forces of Tails' Tornado 2, Téa's X Tornado and Chris' Hyper Tornado and later destroyed when the Colonel unleashed Laputian robots to cut away at the hull of Goliath until it exploded.