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Abel Bluefield

Abel Bluefield is a colonel of the British Army who has been focused on tracking down Fena, and one of the primary antagonists of Fena: Pirate Princess.


Abel is a tall man with slim features, blue eyes, and wavy pale blond hair.


Outwardly affable, calculating, and polite, Abel comes across as the consummate gentleman and man of duty. However, he harbors an interest in the capture of Fena Houtman, as he was in love with her mother, Helena, and bears an obsession with her even a decade after her death.

Abel is cold and ruthless without any loyalty to his associates or underlings should they displease him, discarding O'Malley and the rest of the crew of the Rumble Rose without a second thought after they broke their end of their deal by bringing harm to Fena by way of a cut to her throat. He is also a man of extreme passion, having ordered the captain of his ship to use an excessively powerful weapon, the Wellington cannon to destroy the Rumble Rose with a single explosive round of ammunition.


Abel finds Fena and Yukimaru and engages in a final battle against Yukimaru by dodging all of his shooting and slashing, and Yukimaru cuts Abel's right arm off upwards. After Yukimaru chops off Abel's shooting arm, a furious Abel tells him that he's stood in his way for the last time and stabs him in the chest.


Abel is a master combatant, possessing uncanny marksmanship, claiming that at a distance of ten paces to be able to shoot the wings off a fly with his triple-barreled pistol.

Additionally, Abel is a master portrait artist, having created an extremely realistic painting of Fena's mother Helena.